STAR-CLUB   VINYL-LP   många titlar = sista exen   95:- / st


CHIP FISHER - Chipper at Sugar Bowl                      8040                     Great Teenbeat    Sugar Bowl Rock/ Oh-Ye Louise/ Teenage  

  blues/ I love your poni-tail/ Snow job/ Poor me/ Young heart / Tell me / Jinior High/ I´m in love/ No one/ I love your poni-tail


TEDDY HILL - That´s RnRoll       1980                       8010                     Back to Memphis/ Rockin´ Rose/ The old jukebox/ Mean

  Mama boogie/ Come al little girl/ Love me/Pity miss Kitty/ I wanna dance/ Teardrop valley/ Golden star/ Rockin´ Hill boogie


TAB HUNTER - King of Young Love                          8036                     Young love/ 99 ways/ You´re gonna change/ Black coat/

  Moonlight bay/ Red sails in the sunset/ Hey good lookin´/ There´s no fool like a young fool/ It´s the bottle talking/ Moon


THE IMPALAS - Sorry                                                   8035                     Sorry (I ran all the way home)/ Sandy went away/ Cupid/

  Fool,fool,fool/ Woodchuck song/ She belongs to me/ Too much to soon/ All but the memory of you/ The loves we share/ Chum


EDEN KANE - It´s Eden                                                  8044                     Well,I ask you/ Get lost/ Kiss me quick/ Boys cry/ Don’t

  come crying to me/ I´m telling you/ Forget me not/ House to let/ Shoppin´ around/ Hanging around/ My little Sue/ Tomorrow n.


DICKEY LEE - I saw Linda Yesterday                       8039                     Stay true baby/ Good lovin´/ Memories never grow old/

  Dreamy nights/ Hey heart/ Fool Fool Fool/ Life in a teenage world/ Tell Laura I love her/ Don´t wanna think about Paula/ She

  wants to be Bobby´s girl/ Travelin´man/ She´s walking away/ Party doll/ Ten million faces/ Patches/ Marie/ A girl I used to know


SAL MINEO - Make Believe Baby                               8029                     Start movin´/ Party time/ Blue eyed baby/ Cuttin´ in/ Little

  Pigeon/ Blue eyed baby/ You shouldn´t do that/ Seven steps to love/ A couple of crazy kids/ Young as we are/ Love affair


ROCK-RAGGE - Sweden Rocks Vol 2     50s              1010                     Teach you to rock/ Tear it up/ Ballroom baby/ Blue Jean

  Baby/ Cool it baby/ 20 flight rock/ Mean woman blues/ She´s neat/ Jumps,giggles n shout/ Hound dog/ Reet petite/ Makin´ love


KENNETH SWANSTRÖM - Pumpin´ Piano Rock  8015                      Gonna rockin´ tonight/ Beautiful Marilyn Monroe/ Holly

  wood nights/ Keep a knockin´/Golden mid 50s/ Sweet southern belle/ Wheel bone/ Are you lonesome tonight/ Hallo Jerry


KENNETH SWANSTRÖM / LONG JOHN SILVER - Let the Good Times Roll        All shook up/ Cayun Maggie/ Billy Joe/

  L J SILVER- Kära Mor/ She´s the one for me/ My baby´s gone away/ Black magic/ One small photograph/ I just want to be...


ALL AMERICAN ROCK Vol 2                                     8019                     FRANK TRIOLO-Ice cream baby/ Pretty little baby THE

  JOKERS-Red headed woman/ little mama  ROCKITS-Hey Oh HASIL ADKINS-She said DISCORDS-Everybody rocks GENE

  DAVIS-No Rockin´ and rollin´/  ROCKABEATS-Little Chickie BEN JOE ZEPPA-Topsy Turvy BRAD SUGGS-Charcoal suit


ALL AMERICAN ROCK Vol 4     Teenbeat                8027                     CARL PERKINS-Rockin´ record hop DICK LORY-Crazy

  litttle Daisy/ MEL TILLIS-Teeenage wedding  CRASH CRADDOCK-Lulu Lee  RICK TUCKER-Dont do me this way

  PAUL HAMPTON-Slam bam,thank ya ma´am/ Rockin´ doll/ Don´t be stuck up/ Classy babe/Play it cool/ Please love me


ROCK´N´ROLL CHRISTMAS AGAIN                       8043                     TERRY DENE-Jingle bell rock BENNY LEE-RnRollin

  Santa Claus SUGAR CHILE ROBINSON-Christmas boogie DEL REEVES-Twistin Santa DORA HALL-Rockin´ around the

  Xmas tree JIMMY JUSTICE-Little lonely one SUGAR CHILE ROBINSON-Christmas Boogie HEP STARS-Christmas today 

  HANK SNOW-Reindeer boogie SPOTNICKS-Tomten kommer snart   JOHNNY SVÄNGMAN-Skinnknuttarnas hjulafton


JUKEBOX FAVOURITES                                             Star-Club 8047   Blå vinyl men utan omslag    NO COVER                          20:-

  BOB KING-Rockin´ Jukebox DALE WAYNE-Jukebox HopBILL HALEY-Jukebox Cannonball SHORTY-Jukebox baby CASEY

  SIMMONS-Jukebx boogie LITTLE GERHARD-Jukebox baby GALE STORM-Love by the jukebox light JOHNNY PAYCHECK-

  Jukebox Charlie BOB KING-Rockin´ Jukebox JOE SOUTH-Jukebox PERRY COMO-Jukebox baby T HILL-The old jukebox


LILLE GERHARD - Den siste Mohikanen                 5013                     Petter och Frida/ Gubben i månen/ Iwan Iwanowitch/ Tre

  små fiskar/ Kär i din bild/ Klappa händer/ Liebestraum twist/ Lalaika/ Vi har en hönsfarm/ Beatrice Aurore/ Fru Mohikan



                                                                                                                              Andra LP.                                                                  95:- / st

TEENAGE THUNDER Vol 1                                         usa                        KANON RnRoll        Vol 2 = slut

  JOE LOMBARDIE-Let´s all RnRoll RODNEY SCOTT-Granny went rockin´ INVADERS-Pam Rock SAMMY GOWANS-

  Rockin´ by myself WAYNE CARROLL-Rockin´ chair mama JOHNNY BROWN-Mama rock JESSE JAMES-Red hot rockin´

  Blues BRUNO WHITE-RnR fever INVADERS-Pam Rock CURTIS HOBOCK-Tom Dooley RnRoll PALS-Baby likes to rock


TEENAGE THUNDER Vol 3                                         usa                        Samma klass men få ex

  JOHNNY SARDO-I wanna rock PLAYBOYS-Rock City RONNIE MOLEEN-Rockin´ up BOBBY SWANSON-Rockin´ little 

  eskimo JUMPIN´ JACKS-Let there be rockin´ PAT RICHMOND-Don´t stop the rockin´ LAWRENCE SHAUL-Tutti frutti rock