Nya inspelningar



Nyinspelad RnRoll / Rockabilly         

BOPPIN´ STEVE and The Playboys – The Legacy                           Kallinge              A Tribute to Jerry Lee Lewis       (14)                      150:-

  Wild one/ Bonnie Bee/ Crazy arms/ Lewis boogie/ I´m on fire/ Honky tonk RnRoll piano man/ I´m ready/ Great balls of fire 


BLUE VALLEY BOYS – Let´s Go Boppin´    lones drifter               Torsby gäng                                                                (15)                      150:-

  Let´s go boppin´ tonight/ Gonna go crazy/ Be bopping baby/ Hey gang/ Baby I wish/ Crazy,crazy lovin´/ Rockin´ love/ Without


Mr BREATHLESS – Plays Crazy Cavan               Goofin´                Piano Rockare                                                            (6)                          95:-

  Alligator shoes/ Teddy boy boogie/ Rockabilly star/ Boogie woogie country girl/ Wildest cat in town/ Rockabilly rules OK


THE GO GETTERS – Hot Rod Roadeo                   Goofin´     Deras äldre CD på detta bolag bör finnas också           (12)                      150:-

  Welcome to my hell/ Stop the bop/ Ronnie D tribute/ Angel in blue jeans/ Slow down/ Rock it down to my house/ Blitzkrieg


HARMONICA SAM – Rocker # 1      Enviken         m Boppin´ Steve.  Svensk svängig R&Blues/ RnRoll                    (15)                      150:-

  I´m gonna catch you/ Honey hush/ Barefoot rock/ It´s me baby/ Up to date lover/ Wild cherry/ It´s all your fault/ Rocker # 1


LIL´ ESTHER & TINSTARS- Gone is my mind    Empire                Svängig RnRoll av Holländsk tjej                           (15)                      150:-

  Mr Sun/ Love that man/Confusin´ man/ True or false/ Rock till my baby comes home/ I´ve had enough/ It´s love/ Treat me kind/    


THE MOONSTOMPERS – Many miles away    Enviken                 också ett Torsby band (tror jag)                             (14)                      150:-

  Down on the farm/ Rockin´ all night/ Fire of love/ You don´t rock me/ Boomerang baby/ Hotter than a pepper/ Drinkin´/


RONNIE NIGHTINGALE & The Haydocks- Dutchrub                    Rebel Ted                                                                     (14)                      150:-

  My little witch/ Viking road/ Gibraltar rock/ It´s a Ted world/ Drapecoat boogie/ Gonna get ya/ Once upon a time/ It´s a sin


TRULY LOVER TRIO – Dig it, Baby, Dig it     Tw-tone                  US  band            Roy O stil                                        (15)                      150:-

  Let´s go out tonight/ Dig it/ Party baby/ It´s time/ Dreams come true/ Chains of love/ Don´t sweat it/ Breakin´ up is breakin´ my heart


The WHISTLE BAIT – Switchin´                           Goofin´                Finskt band    Mest egna original      Great!         (14)                      150:-

  Dance Franny Dance/ The little bitty things/ Don´t knock it/ Bedtime teacher/ Cheek flapper/ Kana kapila/ Talk about love


WILD ROOSTERS – Rockabilly Inferno             Old Rock             Teddy Boy Rockabilly   Mest egna original         (14)                      150:-

  One hand loose/ Rocked the universe/ Teddy girl/ Honey baby/ Baby BSA/ Come on cats/Werewolf/ Son of zombie/ R-A-Billy


HOT RODDERS CHOICE                                        Rhytm B              Hot Rod & Car Songs                                               (27)                      150:-

  EDDY& The BACKFIRES-I feel like rockin´/ Hot Rods IKE%The CAPERS-Love my Ford RAYBURN ANTHONY-Cool

  Cool car FIREBALL STEVEN-Hot Rod daddy WAILIN´ ELROYS-Studebaker boogie CHROME DADDIES-Cadillac


HOT RODDERS PARADISE                                   Rhytm B              Samma stil    Sista exen (är nu utgången)             (26)                      150:-

  HOPPED UP-Hot car girls KING LOUIE-Hot rod rumble CHROME DADDIES-Kid Cadillac/ Hot rod man  FIREBALL

  STEVEN-The Ride SPO-DEE-O-DEE-Thunderbirds ROY KAY TRIO-Cadillacin´ RAYBURN ANTHONY-My baby´s car


HIT AFTER HIT                                                          Rhytm B                                                                                                     (28)                      150:-

  SPO-DEE-O-DEE-Lovestruck baby CHARLIE GRACIE-Rock-A-Beatin´ boogie HUELYN DUVALL-Blue eyed Sally

  SHERRY CASINO-Huh baby EDDY& The BACKFIRES-Dansing doll CASH O´RILEY-I love RnRoll 45 RPM-Move..


RAMBLIN´ MAN                                                       Rhytm B              A Tribute to HANK WILLIAMS   (18)                      150:-

  JOHNNY KANSAS-I just don´t like this kind of living HANK RAY-Wedding bells CHROME DADDIES-Long gone daddy

  T NOLEN-My Hank Williams mood/ Ramblin´ man IKE& The CAPERS-Never again will I knock on your door/ No not now






                   ===  Svensk “Revival”  med mera ===

The FINAL WILD And WOOLY?   = Vol 3           Lonesome           Torsby-gäng                                                                (18)  150:-

MOONSTOMPERS-Tennessee RnRoll/ Voodo woman CAREN & STINA LEE CAROL-Crazy little baby HOT SHOTZ-Just

keep on going CYBER HILLBILLIES-Hillbilly Jive RED HOT RATS-Slap that bass RADICANES-Mama´s little baby BLUE

VALLEY BOYS-Game of love/ Cry Cry Cry HAILSTONE-Baby let´s play house TOP CATS-She´s the girl RED HOT FLAME


ANOTHER WILD and WOOLY Lonesome Drifter      Nyinspelat,Torsbygrupper m flera                                               (19)  150:-

BLUE VALLEY BOYS-Rock Ola Ruby RADICANES-One sided love affair SNAKEBITE-Lonesome baby blues CAREN &



ROCKIN´ RHYTM´S Vol 3               Enviken         Från tid Enviken CD och vinyl + några outgivna                           (26)                        95:-

  SONNY ROGERS-Rockin´ Rhytms HANK T MORRIS-My girl Josephine BLACK KNIGHTS-High school sweethearts

  JOHN LINDBERG TRIO-High speed daddy MOONSTOMPERS-Claudette LONESOME HANK-Lonely blue boy GENE



TEDS ´N´ ARSE Vol 1                        BF                                               Rare engelsk Revival 1968 – 1985                         (29)                      150:-

  ROCKIN´ REBELS-Western ALAN MILLS-Hucklebuck shoes MEMPHIS BEND-Ubangi stomp VERNON & GI´s-Jungle

  Rock RAY NEAL-Doin´ the boogie HOUSESHAKERS-Right behind you baby CADILLAC-Rockabilly Bop CHEVROLET-

  Big black Chevrolet  JOHN POTTER-Down the line STINGRAYS-Radiator Rock ALAN MILLS-Rockabilly´s back in town





                        MICKE  MUSTER

I´m Ready to RnRoll                                                            Star-Club               se STAR-CLUB sedan      Hans bästa CD                       (25)   140:-

A Rockin´ Party                                                                                                                        m T-CATS                                              (23)   140:-


I´m on Fire                                                                            Old Rock               återutgåva av CD från 1996                                             (19)   150:-

  R-a-Billy Queen/ Marie,Marie/ Mathilda/ I believe I´m falling/ Save the last dance for me/ Wear my ring/ Boogie woogie dream/ Chantilly lace


CHILLS AND FEVER                                                          Old Rock               återutgåva av CD från 199                                               (18)   150:-

  I call it RnRoll/ At the age of ´63/ Tulsa time/ The piano is doin´ boogie/ Promised land/ 17 miles to Stockholm/ When my blue moon turns to


ROCK´n´ROLL SUPER COLLECTION Vol 1                 Old Rock                                                                                                          (19)   150:-

  Lucille/ Memphis/ I call it RnRoll/ Tulsa time/ Don´t be cruel/ Roll over Beethoven/ Jailhouse rock/ The boogie bug/ Boogie woogie dream


ROCK´n´ROLL SUPER COLLECTION Vol 2                 Old Rock                                                                                                          (20)   150:-

  Rockin´ piano man/ Shake,rattle and roll/ Good golly miss Molly/ I can help/ I wanna rock/ Boogie nr 1/ My Bonnie/ Me and Bobby MvGee


MICKE MUSTER - Something For Everybody                Old Rock               Outgivet (+ några alt versioner)                                       (20)   150:-

  Chills n fever/ Memories of RoseMarie/ Still/ Every single time/ High school reunion dance/ Beauty queen/ They say.../ Matchbox/ Lord,I need

  your invoice/ Kisses of fire/ ´69 Ford/ Sweet sugar mama/ Loving You/ I´m sorry for breaking your heart/ Peter Gun/ The killer still rocks on


LIVE! AND KICKIN´ ASS                                                  Old Rock             Kompl insp från Norge 1992                                              (28)  150:-

  I´m on fire/ High School Confidential/ Lucille/ Rockin´ piano man/ Thank God for RnRoll/ Prmised land/ Crazy arms/ Me and Bobby McGee


MICKE MUSTER – The RnRoll Covers Vol 1   Old R                    Old time RnRoll/ Breathless/ Promised land                      (26)  150:-


MICKE MUSTER – The RnRoll Covers Vol 2   Old R                    Outgivet + Alternativa versioner                                       (23)  150:-

Roll over Beethoven/ Uptown/ Mess of blues/ Save the last dance for me/ C´est la vie/ Peter Gunn/ Judy/ Every little thing/ Lucille/


MICKE MUSTER – The RnRoll Covers Vol 3    Old R                   Outgivet + Alternativa versioner                                       (26)  150:-

Marie Marie/ Tulsa time/ It´s now or never/ Shake,rattle and roll/ My Bonnie/ Still/ Till I waltz again../ Chantilly Lace/ Lover please






THE A-BONES – Music Minus Five                                  Norton                    USA-band                                                                       (14)  150:-


THE BARNSHAKERS – A Honky Tonk Session             Goofin´                                                                                                           (15)  150:-

  She likes to bop/ Hot n spicy/ Rockin´ beauty/ Kissin´ in the carwash/ Fast Jivin´/ Choo choo train/ Who´s gonna be the next one honey/


THE BARNSHAKERS - 5 Minutes To Live                   Goofin´                                                                                                                      150:-

  Boppin´ in Roswell/ Two gun daddy/ Trouble bound/ Maybe little baby/ Nature´s goodness/ She´s a goodie/ Ghost memories


THE BARNSHAKERS – Singles Album                       Goofin´        Finsk R-A-Billy. Tid. utgivna på vinyl                                  (22)  150:-

  Big Sandy/ Complicated fool/ Wiggle like a worm/ Hocus pocus/ Gone A-Rockin´/ Boppin´ in Roswell/ Move on/ Desperate Santa


THE BEETLE CRUSHER – Introducing                            Goofin´                                                                                                            (16)   150:-

  Dynamite/ Jimmy s car & Johnny´s girl/ Let´s go drinkin´/ Darling Nelly Grey/ Hey there dolly/ Loretta/ Flick knife jive/ Beetle Crusher bop


THE BEETLE CRUSHERS – RRRiot !  Goofin   Nytt Finskt band                                                                                                  (14)  150:-

Hoodoo stomp/ Rosebud/ Gunslinger/Come back baby/ Chicken race/ Hot rock fever/ RnRoll Superstar/


BLACK KNIGHTS – Jack in The Box                           Old Rock                                                                                                         (16)   150:-

  Red Roose Tatoo/ Just for kicks/ Jesse James/ Rust bucket shuffle/ Midnight train/ Ugly and slouchy/ Revenge/ School of RnRoll


BLACK KNIGHTS – 20 Years of Highlights                   Enviken                                                                                                            (21)   150:-

  RnRoll party man/ Opel Olympia/ Town of RnRoll/ Greenback dollar/ Sea of heartbreak/ Austin 52/ Live fast die young/ Wild side of life/ Watch


THE BLUE CATS – The Blue Cats                                Rockhouse          UK RABilly inspelad på 70talet                                    (16)  150:-

  Just go wild over RnRoll/ Boogie up roar/ Teenage party/ Jumpin´ little mama/ Juke Joint Jem/ Sweet love on my mind/


THE BOPPERS – 25 Years,Still Boppin´                      2 CD                      1977 – 2002                                                                    (44)   125:-

  Who put the bomp/ At the hop/ Teenager in love/ Back to the hop/ Do that bopping jive/ Mr Bassman/ Dancing to the RnR music/

  Runaround Sue/16 candles/ Goodnight sweetheart/ Duke of Earl/ Guitar man/ Kissin´ in the moonlight/ Jeannie´s comin´ back/


Mr BREATHLESS – Time to Rock                                   Goofin´                 Finsk Piano-Rockare                                                         (12)  150:-

  Little sister/ Try me/ They call me Shorty/ Whatcha gonna do/ Lovin´ up a storm/ Cincinnati fireball/ Big blon baby/ Don´t let go/ Punkkua                                     


Mr BREATHLESS – Ooh Yeah Baby!    Goofin                               Bra Finsk pianorockare                                                       (12)  150:-

På Finska: Rokaten Tieni Meen (Rockin´ my life away)/ Elämän villimpi puoli (Wild side of life)/ Rock-Kuningas (King of RnRoll)/     

Wiggle on out/ Break up/ Ooh yeah baby/ Flip flop and fly/ Willa Mae/ The way I walk/ Spaceship to Mars/ Johnny B Goode/ My babe


MARTI BROM – Snake Ranch                                       Goofin´                 Texas tjej                                                                          (14)   150:-

  Blue tattoo/No good lover/ Lovesick clown/ Black Cadillac/ You put it there/ Love hound/ Now stop/ Kiss the baby goodnight


MARTI BROM – Wise to You                                          Goofin´                                                                                                            (16)   150:-

  That crazy beat/ Why are you saving your kisses/ Firecracker/ You´re the boss/ Voodoo Voodoo/  Whole lotta lonesome/ Fallin´


MARTI BROM – Heartache Numbers                           Goofin´                                                                                                            (13)   150:-

  1 way ticket to the blues/ A table for 2/ 3 hearts later/ 4 walls/ 5 fingers/ 6 years old/ 7 lonely days/ 8 weeks in a barroom/ apartment 9/


HANK C BURNETTE - My Name is Hank                     Star-Club              se STAR-CLUB sidorna        Bästa CDn                     (26)   150:-

                                    - A Touch of Memphis                                                                                  Sun-låtar av Hank                   (28)   150:-


ROCKY BURNETTE – Wampus Cat                      El Toro                Nyinspelat i Spanien      Son of RnRoll                               (14)  150:-

Wampus Cat/ Please don´t leave me/ Riding on a rocket/ Crazy time/ I love you so/ Lonesome tears in my eyes/ Rock Therapy


CRAZY CAVAN &Rhytm Rockers – The Way It Was     Crazy                                                                                                               (21)   150:-

  Teddy Boy RnRoll/ Caterpillar/ Bop pretty baby/ Teddy boy boogie/ Rockin´ by myself/ Big blon baby/ Boogie woogie country girl/ Monkey and


CRAZY CAVAN &Rhytm Rockers –Wildest Cats in Town                          Best of                                                                                (28)   150:-

  Stompin´ shoes/ R-A-Billy rules OK/ Boppin´ n shakin´/ Teddy boy boogie/ Teddy jive/ Sadie/ Bop pretty baby/ Oakie boogie/ R-A-Billy star


CROSSFIRE – Hail of Bullets                                           Old R                     Tom Powder Vokal&Gitarr                                              (12)   150:-

  Forty-rod Whiskey/ Don´t knock upon my door/ Stranger than fiction/ RnRoll power/ Southern belle/ Wild little kitten/ Some like it got 


DALTON – Wanted                                                                              Old Rock             Svenskt Rockabilly band                       (16)  150:-

To the Rockabilly beat/ Cat Jump/ Be Bob Baby/ Hot doll dynamite/ You don´t love me anymore/ Let´s get together/ Poorboy/


The DOMESTIC BUMBLEBEES – Let´s Play A Little   Tail                                                                                                                   (14)   150:-

  BumbleBee Boogie/Too drunk to rock/ El Paso Rock/ Gotta get up/ RnRoll Ball/ The mud cruiser/ Pretty baby/ She likes to boogie real low 


DOMESTIC BUMBLEBEES – Break Up Bop     Enviken               Svenskt Rockabilly band                         (13)  150:-

Let´s RnRoll/ Tender little Lucy/ No loving queen/ High school confidential/ Sahke it/Fine bottle blues/ Give me back my wig/ Road


HUELYN DUVALL With WILDFIRE WILLIE – Get Carried Away  Goofin´     Great RnRoll från 2007                    (13)   150:-

  Hillbilly Rock/ Feel like Rockin´/ Cradle baby/ All fogged up/ You got me shook/ Start all over/ No other baby/ If tear…

                                                                                     Med bl a Jyrki Juvonen, Per-Erik Jonsson, Phil Trigwell m fl      


JOHNNY EARLE – Elvis in Paris                                       JEM                    Bra Elvis-kopia. 14 egna original                                      (27)  165:-

  The girl I adore/ Private Elvis/ Blind date/ Queen of the night/ Going home to the USA/ Santa´s party/ I tried/ You´re in the army/ G I RnRoll/

   Born to rock/ Darling wait for me///// Don´t/ A fool such as I/ Soldier boy/ Paralyzed/ Doin´ the best I can/ Is it so strange/ Faithful n true/ Girl

   of my best friend/ Suspicion          m Scotty Moore, DJ Fontana,The Jordanires å Carl Perkins   (+ 7 min Elvis video fr Paris 1959 +GI Blues)


JOHNNY EARLE – Skiff-A-Billy                                     SKCD                    + andra sångare                                  (20)   150:-

  Skiff-A-Billy line dance/ Have a drink on me/ Just one night/Putting on the style/ Rock-A-Hula baby/ Hillbilly Rock/ Pick a bale of cotton/          


JACK EARLS – Live Gävle 2000                                    Navajo                  m Sleazy Rustic Boys    (Bra ljud)    få ex                   (19)   150:-


ELLIS And THE ANGRY TEENS – RnRoll Saturday Night                         Goofin´                                                                              (13)   150:-

  RnRoll dreamer/ Hot n cold blues/ Little pretty one/ Braggin´ about my baby/ Turn my back on you/ The one to rock me/ You keep rockin´


ELLIS And THE ANGRY TEENS - Can You Hear The Sound                    Goofin´                                                                                       150- 

  South´s gonna rise again/ Rev it up,Johnny/ Rockin´ to the top/ A girl and a Hot Rod/ Baby burns me up/ Why do you Voo Doo


FANCY DAN & The Highshouters –Don´t Try This at Home                 Tail                                                                                    (14)   150:-

  George Nelson/ Rocket room/ Moon dawg/ Spinning the wax/ Muscle of 54/ Blue swingin´ mama/ Flowerpopt baby/RnRoll guitar/


FIREBALL STEVEN & Hale Bops - Eternity                BNT                      Bra Autentisk RABilly                                                   (17)   150-

  Hot Rod Daddy/ Rock-Ola Ruby/ Red headed baby/ I´m in love/ Gonna love my baby/ Four tired car/ Midnight flyer/ Down


FIREBALL STEVEN – Rockabilly done right        f-ball                            Liknande                                           (16)   150:-

  Restless boy/ She´s cool/ Endless road/ Rhytm Bop/ Hot rod daddy/ Have I told you lately/ Why worry/ Annie/ Tease me squeese me                                  


THE GO GETTERS – Motormouth                                   Goofin´                                                                                                            (15)   150:-

  Brand new Cadillac/ The devil made me do it/ She´s a motormouth/ Junkyard dog/ Lonesome tears in my eyes/ I wanna ROCK/ Tainted love

  2 hot 2 handle/ Black magic woman/ Sinner not a Saint/ It´s rainin´/ Teenage kicks/ Summertime/ Slide-O-rama/ I fawt the law


Dessa bör också finnas, fråga per telefon!                           

         THE GO GETTERS - Hotter Than A Pepper                                         (14)   150:-

                                          - RnRoll is Everywhere                                          (16)   150:-                                                                        

                                          - Welcome to Sin City                                           (12)   150:-

                                          - Brand new Cadillac               3 spår CD             (  3)     45:-


HELLCATS – I´ve Got A Devil Inside                   Rebel                   Utmärkt Teddy Boy RnRoll/ R-A-Billy                              (14)   150:-

  Bertha Lou/ Pretty Teddy girl/ Washmachine boogie/ Flip flop and fly/ (Rebel ride) back home/ Rock´n´Roll will never die


DARREL HIGHAM – High Class Baby                          Goofin´                 m  The Barnshakers                                                       (15)   150:-

  High class baby/ Rocket trip/ Connie Lou/ Bless my soul/ Gimme that drink/ Fancy Dan/ Time to stomp/ Boogie in the barn


HIGH NOON – Stranger Things                                     Goofin´                                                                                                            (15)   150:-

  Slow down baby/ Call  of the honky-tonk/ Fishin´hole boogie/ Bluebonnet boogie/ Mixed signal mama/  Doggone that cat


HIGH NOON - What Are You Waiting For                   Goofin´                                                                                                                      150-

  Let´s go Daddy-O/ Bayou beauty/ Railroad crossing/ Yard dog/ Kiss and tell baby/ Gotta lotta that/ Comanche moon/ It´s the beat


THE HOUSEWRECKERS - Wrecker´s Party              Goofin´                                                                                                                      150:-

  Rebel Queen/ Blue Moon hotel/ I never lie to you/ For your day/ You gotta try again/ Lonesome town/ In the game again/ Gone


THE HUB CAPS – Full Throttle                            Old Rock             Svenskt Rockabilly band                                                    (18)  150:-

Honey do/ Steady date/ Blue ribbon baby/ Bring along your lovin´/ Bangalore bop/ Sparkplug Betty/ Real gone party/ Tennessee border


JESSE JAMES and his Gang – Ready,w…..to RnRoll Old R                                                                                                               (13)   150:-

  She´s mean/ You never can tell/ Stay in your rockin´ mood/ Make like a RnRoll/ Wild side of life/ Half out/ Feel like rocking again


SLEEPY LaBEEF – Good Rockin´ Boogie                      Star-Club              70-tals inspelningar.   Se Star-Club sidorna           (30)   150:-


JOHN LINDBERG ROCKABILLY  TRIO -                  Enviken                                                                                                           (17)   150:-

  Every Saturday night/ Ain´t I´m a dog/ Break up/ Ready to rock/ Rocket 88/ Generation rumble/ Fame and fortune/ Rockin´ shoes


JOHN LINDBERG TRIO – Win Or Lose            Enviken               Svenskt Rockabilly band                                                      (16)  150:-

Last station/ Living to fast/ Tigerfeet/ Trouble bound/ Win or lose/ Gold digger/ Sinners and Saints/ I´m leaving/ Bad hangover/ Stop..


LITTLE RACHEL – Miss Rhytm in Town             El Toro              Inspelad I Spanien                                                                (15)  150:-

Bartender baby/ Bull ridin´ mama/ Panic attack/ Please quit me baby/ It´s a blonde/ Keep on movin´/ New miss Rhytm in town/


LITTLE RACHEL - ´Cause I Feel Good                                             Bra Texas tjej                                                                     (14)  150:-

Ooh, he´s fine/Back to Kansas City/ Uh, uh, baby/ Don´t jump (rock the boat)/ Tough lover/ I wanna boogie




CARL MANN – In Rockabilly Country                          R-house                                                                                                          (28)   150:-

  Knocking on the backside/ Rockin´ the boat of love/ Judy/ Bull of the woods/ Rockin´ love/ Mona Lisa/ Till I waltz again with you


Miss MARY ANN – Mad  Mama                                      Goofin´                                                                                                            (15)   150:-

  Rockin´ n Rollin´/ Rockin´ in a wooden shack/ I´m having a party/ Watcha doing/ Hoy Hoy/ Flipsville/ Mama´s here/Hello baby


MISS T-BONES – Voodoo Doll                              Enviken               Svensk Rockabilly tjej                                                             (12)  150:-

Midnight train/ Voodoo doll/ Rainy night/ Lowdown dirty shame/ Why are you putting me down/ I kinda like it/ Brand new love/ Lonely


MATCHBOX – I´m Comin´ Home                                   New                      Hitsen                                                                               (28)   150:-

  Rockabilly Rebel/ Midnight dynamos/ Buzz Buzz a diddle it/Babes in the wood/ C´mon let´s go/ Don´t break the party/ Hurricane


HANK T MORRIS & Buffalo Brothers - Seven Nights to Rock                                                                                                       (14)   150-

  My girl Josephine/ Crazy blues/ Rock this house/ Hipshakin´/ Buffalos from outer space/ Oh,what a thrill/ Ripped off big time


LYNDON NEEDS – Cool School Days                            Magnum                                                                                                         (12)   150:-

  Lovin´ my baby/ Swingin´daddy/ School days/ Naggin´ woman/ RnRoll coat/ Bop off/ Never gonna work again/ Goodbye you devil


NOSEY JOE & The Pool Kings – Nosey Joe                Enviken               Swing-R&Blues-RnRoll Mixture                                (13)   150:- 

  Ballroom King/ Ella Mae/ Chattanoga Choo Choo/ Birth of the boogie/ Breakin´ up the house/ Gonna sell my soul/ Club Jump


HAL PETERS and his Trio – Fireball Mail                   Goofin´                                                                                                            (27)   150:-

  Rock me up/ Baby I´m ready/ Doggone it/ Rock,Roll, Jump n Jive/ Tennessee/ If you can´t rock me/ Perkins wiggle/ Blue blue day


CURLY PHILLIPS – So Many Days                                Tail                                                                                                                   (17)   150:-

  I need your lovin´ kiss/ Love is my business/ Wait a little baby/ Wild streak/ Let the strings ring/ Don´t come back/ Playmates/ Julia


DAVE PHILLIPS & Hot Rod Gang – Wild Youth   Rockhouse         UK RABilly insp på 70talet                                                 (14)  150:-

  Tainted love/ Flea brain/ Baby blue/ Wow/ She will come back/ 56 Boys/ On the move/ Should I ever love again/ Baby blue


REBELS REVENGE – Wild Bunch Boogie                    Old Rock              Teddy Boy RnRoll / R-A-Billy                                      (15)   150:-

  That´s RnRoll/ Bad Teddy boy/ True Marie/ Hey Mr John/ TeddyBoy/ Hula Baby Rockin´/ RnRoll is my kind of music/ Town hall


REBELS REVENGE  - The First Album                 Old Rock             nyinspelningar fr deras 1 sta CD fr 2002 +                       (15)  150:-

  Egghead/ Ripper Jack/ Dreamgirl/ Caddy ´58/ Red hot RnRoll/ Oldsmobile Rocket ´88/ Party last night/ Lena/ Marianne/


TEDDY REDELL - Young and Still Young                       Collector                32 låtar från 1952/53 och framåt.Mycke från 2000-01               150:-

  Going to California bye bye Sue/ Hang out that front door key/ El Paso Boogie/My old Kentucky home/ Memphis Tennessee/ Hot spot of town


RED ROOSTERS – The Coolest kind                        enviken                  RnRoll / R-A-Billy                                                           (16)  150:-

  Love n passion/ Finger poppin´ time/ One bad stud/ Give up that honey/ That´s t way I feel/ Watcha gonna do/ Sadie´s back in town


ROCKIN´ 8-BALLS – Like It Like That             Goofin´                Finskt Rockabilly band                                                        (15)  150:-

My big babe/ Sittin´ on the top of the world/ Shirley Ann/ Speed limit/ Low down dog/ Whatcha gonna do/ I´m a man/ Blue street/


RYNO ROCKERS – Still Rocking                                 Enviken                                                                                                           (16)   150:-

  You´re the one that done it/ Teenage boogie/ The great Snowman/ Pink pedal pusher/ You can get him-Frankenstein/ I´ll try



The SILVER BULLETS – Out at Least                          Goofin´                 Rockig early 60s Teen sound                                      (14)   150:-

  Crazy little Daisy/ Litle lonely summer girl/ Saturday night/ Pretend/ Dream lover/ Bundle of love/ Baby Lee/ There goes my gal


SNAKEBITE - Hot Hard And Wild                                  Old Rock                                                                                                         (16)   150:-

  Crazy little Teddy Girl/ Hot rockin´ Rockabilly star/ R-A-B rumble/ Jitterbop baby/ Teddy Rock/ Give me some RnRoll/ Rockin´...


SNAKEBITE –Ready to Rock                                           old rock                                                                                                           (12)   150:-

  Lonesome baby blues/ Start movin´ your feet/ Teddy Boys/ Rebel daddy/ Jungle rock/ Hurricane/ RnRoll nights/ Can´t stop rockin´


SNAKEBITE – Gone in a Flash          Raucous                                                                                                                                        (14)  150:-

  Snakebite Teddys/ Cruisin´ / R-A-Billy flash/Tennessee/ Hep Cat/ Rebel Rolf/ Rockin´ at the barnyard/ 20 year boogie


GENE SUMMERS – Do Right Daddy                               Enviken                inspelat Enviken 2002                                                  (15)   150:- 

  Be Bop City/ Hot rod baby/Boogie rock/ Shake it around/ Little Lu Ann/ Look at me/ Crazy cat corner/ She bops a lot/ It´s love baby


KENNETH SWANSTRÖM – Gonna Rockin´ Tonight                              se STAR-CLUB sidorna                                                 (26)   150:-


DAVE TAYLOR RnR Orch - Hooked on jive                Piano-rockare (5 instr) 20 non-stop jiving greats     Dans RnRoll    (20)   125:-

  All she wants to do is rock/ Jive with me/ Dave´s boogie/ Rockhouse/ Jumpin´ at the woodside/ MonaLisa/ Jivin with Elise


MISS T-BONES – Voodoo Doll                                       Enviken              Svensk Rockabilly tjej                                                    (12)  150:-

Midnight train/ Voodoo doll/ Rainy night/ Lowdown dirty shame/ Why are you putting me down/ I kinda like it/ Brand new love/ Lonely


T-CATS – Rock With T-Cats                                             Star-Club               se STAR-CLUB sidorna                                                    (28)   150:-


DAVE TRAVIS - Jukebox Cadillac                                    Goofin´                                                                                                                      150:-

  Bop A Lena/ Blue Levi jeans/ Bip Bop Boom/ Jitterbop baby/ Sarah Lee/ All change/ Buddy´s song/ I ain´t gonna rock tonight/ Everybody´s 

  movin´/ Let´s flat get it/ Don´t tear me up/ Tear it up/ Rock it right/ Keep playin´ that music/ Tweedle Dee/ Lead me on/ Too much R´n Roll


The UNKOOL HILLBILLIES – Unkool And Proud         Unkool                                                                                                             (14)   150:-

  You´re the one/ Matchbox/ Love me if you want/ One bad Stud/ Hold me, hug me, rock me/ Rap is crap/ Wear my ring/ Rooster shakin´ boogie/


WASHBOARD WILMA & Unkool Hillbillies - Toe Tappin´ Tunes      (som upplysning, Kenneth $ dotter)                           (11)     95-

  Toe tappin´ song/ Gold digging mama/ Swingtime cowgirl/ Country music time/ Shim sham shimmy/ Shanty town/ Flat top boogie


THE WHISTLE BAIT – Girl Next Door                          Bluelight            Finskt band                                                                      (16)  150:-

  Ready for love/ How long forever/ You only live twice/ Little white lies/ Walking with my angel/ SoLong baby,goodbye/ Sand


WILD ROOSTERS – Riot                                                 old rock               Bra nyinspelad RnR/RABilly  (m piano)                              (14)   150:-

  RnRoll Pill/ Rockabilly life/ Stompin´ with the Wildcats/ Rockabilly music/ South´s gonna rise again   (mest egna original)