THAT´LL FLAT ...GIT IT Vol  1    RCA                          Joe Clay/ J Martin/ Lee Denson/ M Allen/ Frankie Dee/ Tommy Blake        

                                               2    Decca                             J Carroll/ Don Woody/ Jackie Lee Cochran/ W Pierce/ Johnny Bell             

                                               3    Capitol                          Skeets McDonald/ Rose Maddox/ Charlie Bop Trio/ Rudy Grayzell             

                                               4    Festival                         Billy Barry/ Charlie Starr/ Ronnie Dio/ Billy Balls/ Otis Blackwell                  

                                               5    Dot                                 L Copas/ The Phantom/ B J Tucker/ D Lory/ R Campi/ Billy Adams   

                                               6    Decca                             Roy Hall/ Lou Graham/ Rex Allen/ Jerry Engler/ Wayne Raney/ A Duff      

                                               7    MGM                              Andy Starr/ Buck Griffin/ Cecil Campbell/ Berry Kids/ Billy J Wills    

                                               8    Fabor/Radio                Bobby L Trammell/ Tom Tall/ Dorsey Burnette/ Alvadean Cooker               

                                               9    Decca                             Billy the Kid/ Ray Dogget/ Matys Brothers/ Chuck Sims/ Carl Belew

                                              10   Chess                             G L Crochett/ Mel Robbins/ Jerry Adams/ Bobby Dean/ Billy Barric 

                                              11   Mercury                        Sleepy LaBeef/ Jimmy Edwards/ B Wallace/ R Grayzell/ Royce Porter         

                                              12   Imperial                        Burnette Br/ Sammy Gowans/ D Herrold/ J Garner/ Strikes/ Bill Allen

                                              13   ABC                               J Scott/ J Janis/ Clint Miller/ George Hamilton IV/ Bill Hayes/ Dusters

                                              14   Sun                                 Glen Honeycut/ J Haggett/ Jimmy Pritchett/ D Penner/ Jesse L Turner              

                                              15   Lin/Kliff                         David Ray/ Jerry Fuller/ The Atmospheres/ Don Terry/ Steve Wright/       

                                              16   Sun                                 T Blake/ H Jenkins/ G Simmons/ T Reidel/ Gene Ross/ Macy Skipper

                                              17   Sun                                 Ray Harris/ Ray Scott/ G Simmons/ Jerry Arnold/ Joe Lewis/ J Bernero      

                                              18   Sarg                               Jeff Stone/ Eddie Dugosh/ DFagan/ Glenn Bland/ Downbeats/ C Moore    

                                              19   D / Dart                         Johnny&Jammers/ Sonny Hall/ Les Cole/ Hardrock Gunter/ Jim Heap         

                                              20   Event                             Scotty McKay/ R Coyne/ Curtis Johnson/ Dick Curless/ Danny Harrison

                                              21   Atlantic                         D Gates/ Barb GreeneT Redell/ Hal Willis/ Sonny West/ Jr Thompson             

                                              22   Columbia                       J Horton/ Sid King/ R Self/ Bobby Lord/ Jimmy Murphy/ M Robbins

                                              23    Columbia                      R Self/ Leon Smith/ Billy Brown/ Jay Cee Hill/ Mel Tillis/ Billy Walker

                                              24    Roulette                        Roc LaRue/ Joe Tate/ Jimmy Lloyd/ Bob Davis/ Jimmy Isle/ Bob Davis          

                                              25   Columbia                       Collin Kids/ W Fairburn/ Lefty Frizell/ Carl Perkins/ Maddox Brothers

                                              26    4 Star                             Sammy  Masters/ Wayland Chandler/ J Wolford/ Ch Ryan/ Jack King/


THAT´LL  FLAT GIT IT Vol 21                             Bear F                  från skivbolaget ATLANTIC                                     (29)  165:-

  HAL WILLIS-My pink Cadillac/ Bop-A-Dee DAVID GATES-Swingin´ baby doll AL HENDERSON-Ding dong dandy PAT&

  SATELLITES-Jupiter C TEDDY REDELL-Judy/ Can´t you see GLENN REEVES-Rockin´ country style/ Drinkin´ wine spo

  BOBBY BRANT-Piano Nellie BUDDY THOMPSON-This is the night DEAN BEARD-Rakin´ and scrapin´/ Party, Party MAD

  MAN TAYLOR-Rumble tumble  JIMMY SIMMONS-Too hot to handle RAY & LINDY-Big Betty BARBARA GREENE-

  Long tall Sally/ Slippin´ and slidin´ SONNY WEST-Rave on BRACEY EVERETTE-Lover´s curse CASTLE KINGS-Jeanette


THAT´LL FLAT…GIT IT Vol 22                            Bear F                  fr Columbia                                                                 (30)  165:-

COLLIN KIDS-Hoy,Hoy/ Hop,skip n jump/ Party LITTLE JIM DICKENS-Hole in my pocket JOHNNY HORTON-I´m coming

home/ Honky tonk hardwood floor/ Honky tonk minds CLIFF JOHNSON-Go away hound dog JIMMY MURPHY- 16 tons

RnRoll/ Baboon boogie FREDDIE HART-Dig boy,dig BOBBY LORD-Everybody´s rockin´ but me/ No more SID KING-Let

´er roll/ Sag,drag n fall ONIE WHEELER-Going back to the city MARTY ROBBINS-That´s allr. RONNIE SELF-Bop A Lena


THAT´LL FLAT… GIT IT Vol 25                           Bear F                  fr Columbia                                                                 (30)  165:-

COLLIN KIDS-In my teens/ Rock boppin´ baby B CRASH CRADDOCK-Ah,poor little baby SID KING-Ooby Dooby/ Gonna

Shake this chack tonight BILLY BROWN-Did we have a party FREDDIE HART-Snatch it WERLY FAIRBURN-Everybody´s

rockin´ LITTLE JIMMY DICKENS-Rockin´ with Red LEFTY FRIZELL-You´re humbuggin´ me BOBBY LORD-Beautiful baby/

So doggone lonesome CARL PERKINS-Pink pedal pusher MADDOX BROS&ROSE-Ugly and slouchy/ The death of RnRoll


THAT´LL  FLAT GIT IT Vol 26                             Bear F                  från skivbolaget  4 STAR                                          (30)   165:-

  SAMMY MASTERS-Pink Cadillac/ Some likes it hot/Whop-T-Bop/ 2-Rock-A-4/ Flat feet JACK KING-I just learned to rock

  WAYLAND CHANDLER-Playboy/ Little lover ARKIE SHIBLEY-Hot rod race CARL BELEW-No love tonight/ 24 hour n.

  TOMMY SCOTT-Cat music/ Dig me little mama/ Dance with her Henry FRANK SIMON-Sugar plum boogie JIMMY WOL

  FORD-Teenie weenie man/ My name is Jimmy JACK KING-Two ruby lips MILLER BROTHERS-Hey, pretty baby/ Loo..

  SLIM WILLET-Sundown JACK TUCKER-Big door TEXAS TYLER-Shake ´em up rock CHARLIE RYAN-Hot rod lincoln


ARIZONA ROCKABILLY-Rockin´ and Boppin´ In The dezert               BCD  16230                                                           (30)  165:-

  JOE MONTGOMERY-Planetary Run AL CASEY-If I told you BOBBY BOSTON-Lazy Daisy  BENNY BANTA-Cry little girlie

  BENNY BARNETT-Romp and stomp DON COLE-Stop THE TADS-Mixed up Mama JACK LANE-King Fool JIMMY DELL-

  Teenie Weenie JIMMY JOHNSON-Cat Daddy LEONARD BROTHERS-Boppin´ blue jeans GENE MALTAIS-The Bug JOE  D

  JOHNSON-Rattlesnake Daddy DOUG HARDEN-Dig that Ford JIMMY GRAY-Chicksville USA ALVIE SELF-Let´s go wild


ROCKIN´ AND BOPPIN´ IN THE DESERT- Arizona Rockabilly Vol 2   Bear F                                  (30)                      165:-

  GARY LEMEL-Rockin´ in the halls JIMMY DELL-The message JIMMY BENNETT-Whole lotta shakin´ JERRY DEMAR-

  Lover man EASY DEAL WILSON-Gotta have you NIKI SULLIVAN-I told everybody DAL PERKINS-Kiss me goodnight

  DICK TERRY-Mean Bean REX ALLEN-Knock knock rattle AL MARION-Kay BARRY LANE-Geronimo W JENNINGS-


SHAKIN´ UP NORTH - Canadian Rockabilly Vol 1    BCD 16289                                                             (30)                                  165:-

  GUIDO D´AMICO-Jimmy boy BARRY BOYD-Goin´ home to Memphis REG SMITH-RnRoll lullaby BOB&LUCILLE-Eeny M

  miney Moe ROCK A TUNES-Woman fever BILLY GUITAR-Here comes the night TED DAIGLE-Mary Lou BOB KING-Rockin´

  Jukebox R DEAN TAYLOR-At the high school dance DICKIE DAMRON-Gonna have a party/ Rockin´ baby WES DAKUS-El

  Ringo JACK BAILEY-Oh,what love is JOE KOZAK-Hillbilly Rock STOLZ BROTHERS-RnR Riot RHYTM JESTERS-Rock


GONNA SHAKE THIS SHACK TONIGHT         Bear F                  Rätt bra 50s uptempo country. Flera nästan RnRoll                       (30)  165:-

CHARLENE ARTHUR-Burn that candle/ Honey Bun TERRY FELL-Truck driving man MELVIN ENDSLEY-I like your kind of love/ Keep

a lovin me baby JOHNNIE L WILLS-Blackberry boogie HAWKSHAW HAWKINS-Ling Ting tong EDDY ARNOLD-Hep cat baby JACK

TURNER-Hound  Dog LAWTON WILLIAMS-Moon Joe LEE BELL-Beatin´ out the boogie HANK PENNY-Hadicillin Boogie LEE BELL


BONANZA                                                                Bear F                  från ´berömda´ TV-serien (med flera)                                                 (25)  165:-

LORNE GREENE-Bonanza/ Saga of the Ponderosa MICHAEL LANDON-Gimme a little kiss/ Be patient with me/ Linda is lonesome/ With

out you  JOHNNY CASH-Bonanza/ Shifting whisp sands AL CAIOLA-Bonanza DAVID ROSE-Bonanza (signaturen)/ Ponderosa/ Hoss 

Bear Family har också  givit ut en 4CD box med LORNE GREEN + några låtar med PERNELL ROBERTS, DAN BLOCKER

(country med Bonanza anknytning). Dock ej i lager men tas hem på begäran!


ROCKABILLY RARITIES Vol 1                                     Yeaah                   Great snabb Rockabilly / RnRoll                               (32)   150:-


  Night club RnRoll JESS HOOPER-All messed up DICKIE DAMRON-Gonna have a party BILLY ADAMS-Rock pretty mama NA

  STEPHENSON-Boogie woogie country girl JACK KITCHEN-Hot rod boogie DAZZLERS-Something baby HENDER SAUL-Aint

  gonna rockin´ tonight GLEN GLENN-Everybody´s movin W BROWN-Jelly roll rock JIM PIKE-Shaken and a shudder J MIKEL-


GREAT ROCKABILLY Vol 2 – Just As Good As it´s Gets  2CD                              Great 50s Klassiker                                  (68)  165:-


  Feel like rockin´ CORKY JONES-Hot dog JACKIE L COCHRAN-Hip shakin´mama GEORGE &EARL-  Done gone  EDDIE BOND-

  Rockin´ daddy ROY ORBISON-Domino SLEEPY LaBEEF-I´m through BUZZ BUSBY-RnR   Fever WAYNE WILLIAMS-Red hot


  Ducktail RAY PARKS-You´re gonna have to bawl     + många fler                        


GREAT ROCKABILLY – As Good As It Gets   Smith 2CD    Great 1955-56 R-A-Billy sammansatt av Dave Travis   (64)  165:-

  JOHNNY BURNETTE-Tear it up JOE CLAY-Ducktail/ Sizteen chicks  JACK EARLS-Slow down CHARLIE FEATHERS-One hand

  loose/ Bottle to the baby CURTIS GORDON-Draggin´ EDDIE BOND-Boppin´ Bonnie/ Flip flop Mama GENE VINCENT-Woman

  love DON WOODY-Barking up the wrong tree/ Bird dog MARTY ROBBINS-Maybelline BILLY LEE RILEY-Rock with me baby

  MAC CURTIS-Grandaddy´s rockin THUMPER JONES-Heartbreak Hotel/ How come it CARL PERKINS-Boppin´ the blues ROY

  HALL-All by myself SONNY WEST-Rock-Ola Ruby SLEEPY LaBEEF-All the time BUDDY HOLLY-Midnight shift  + många fler





LAST GREAT ROCKABILLY SATURDAY NIGHT Vol  1                      KANON      mest Memphis                                             (36)   150:-

  DON WILLIS-Boppin´ high school baby EDDIE CASH-Doin´ allright HOYT JOHNSON-Eenie meenie minie moe JIMMY

  EVANS-The Joint´s really jumpin´ MERDEL FLOYD-Jukebox Mama JOHNNY CARROLL-Be Bop A Lula is back on the scene

  CHARLIE FEATHERS-Wild wild party EDDIE BOND-Here comes that train RAY SCOTT-Boppin´ WigWam Willie  MACY

  SKIPPER-Quicksand love THOMAS INGLE-Rockin´ at the Y  REX ELLIS-Bop hop jamboree SHELBY SMITH-Rockin´ mama   


LAST GREAT ROCKABILLY SATURDAY NIGHT Vol  2                      Samma stil                                                                       (35)   150:-

  GENE CRISS-Hep cat baby JEFF DANIELS-Switch blade Sam THOMAS WAYNE-You´re the one that done it DON RADER-

  RnRoll Grandpa SONNY BURGESS-We wanna boogie BUZZ BUSBY-RnRoll fever ROY ALDEN-Crazy meories  WALLY

  JEFFREY-Oh Yeah JIMMY EVANS-Pink Cadillac JIM SHAW-Rockin´ Boppin´ Teenager RONNIE BURTON-Somebody´s b..


MEMPHIS ROCKABILLIES, HILLBILLIES & HONKY TONKERS Vol 1   och   Vol 2   kan finnas. Fråga per telefon!.


MEMPHIS ROCKABILLIES,HILLBILLIES & HONKY TONKERS Vol 3                      Stomper                                                 (34)   150-

  DOUG McLURE-Rockin´ Daddy/ Blue suede shoes  SHELBY SMITH-Rockin´ Mama/ Rosalie/ Jim Dandy-handy man/ North

  to Alaska PARKER CUNNINGHAM-Dry run JIMMY EVANS-Dudley do-rite JOHNNY SEALS-My babe FOUR JACKS-Becky 

  Ann BOBBY DAVIS-Troubles,troublesJOHNNY SEALS-You´re the one BRENDA KAYE RILEY-Country life/ The big hurt

  fr Memphis-bolagen REBEL och REBEL ACE                                                            


MEMPHIS ROCKABILLIES,Hillbillies & Honky Tonkers Vol 4          Memphis 1959 – 66                                                       (36)   150:-

  JIM SHAW-Rockin´ Boppin´ Teenager/ Boogie Beat  THOMAS INGLE-Rockin´ at the ´Y´ EDDIE BOND-Here comes the train

  CHARLIE FEATHERS-Wild wild party LLOYD ARNOLD-Sugaree LE SABRES-Mercury twist REBEL ROUSERS-Rockin´ on

  Union JIM CANNON-Highway fever DOYLE NELSON-Sweet little girl of mine RAMON MAUPIN-Hey Rena BOBBY DAVIS-


MEMPHIS ROCKABILLIES, HILLBILLIES & HONKY TONKERS Vol 5    Stomper                      Glolite-Memphis insp   (36)  150:-

ROY ALDEN-Crazy memories JIMMY EVANS-Pink Cadillac/ American sound stomp/ 706 Union breakdown JAY HADLEY-Dance,baby

Dance/ Cottonland jump MARCUS VAN STORY-Get with it PAUL LITTLE-Hollywood MALCOLM YELVINGTON-Goodbye Marie


HOT ROCKIN´ MUSIC FROM TENNESSEE         Stomper Time    fr skivbolaget JAXON i Jackson,Tenn                              (27)  150-

LARRY BRINKLEY-Jackson dog CARL MANN-Gonna RnRoll tonight/ Old lonesome time JIMMIE MARTIN-Rock the bop

0KENNY PARCHMAN-Treat me right EDDIE STARR-Long black weil RAMSEY KEARNEY-Red bobby sox EDDIE BUSH-


NASHVILLE ROCKABILLY                                           Stomper                                                                                                          (35)   150:-

  WALLY JEFFREY-Oh yeah / Lonely heart  CLIFF NASH-Tell me baby HOUSTON TURNER-Best dressed begger CURTIS


  Rockin´ little Eskimo CHUCK WILEY-I wanna dance all night REDD STEWART-Rocky road rock twist MALCOM PARKER-


NASHVILLE ROCK n ROLL                                           stomper                Great RnRoll (mest)                                                      (35)   150:-

  MEL ROBBINS-Save it / Are you with me / Joyride / Foghorn / Fidgety CHUCK WILEY-Tear it up / Come back baby / Shake up 

  the dance CLIFF NASH-Bandstand / Explosion / Jenny Lou HERBIE SMITH-Baby moon CURTIS HOBOCK-Lonely weekends /

  I wanna shake it /What a dream JIMMY HURT-You know darling LITTLE W BROWN-Gonna make it THE IMPS-That´ll get it


FERNWOOD ROCKABILLIES                                       Stomper                Memphis label                                                                 (35)   150:-

  RAMON MAUPIN-Rockin´ Rufus DOUG CLAYTON-Sally Ann/ Saturday night twist  BUFORD PEEK-Knock down JIMMY 

  &JAMES-The moon will shine BILL REEDER-You´re my baby TRAVIS WAMMACK-RnRoll blues/ I´m gonnna rock PAUL 

  SULLIVAN-Juke Joint boogie BUZZ BUSBY-RnRoll fever WILLIE PHELPS-DJs jamboree EDDIE COLLINS-Patiebce baby


FERNWOOD ROCK´N´ROLL  (Memphis label)         Stomper                Blandad RnR (flera Teen ´Elvisly´)                            (35)   150:-

  JIMMY HUFTON-Cool Cats SUNDOWNERS-Snake eyed woman THOMAS WAYNE-Girl next doo/ Targedy/ Gonna be waitin/

  This time/ Saturday date O´HENRY-Wanna Jean GLENN HONEYCUTT-Right gal,Right place,r../ Campus love/ Tom Big Bee

  Queen VERNON LYNN-Moon Rocket JOE LEE-Ethel Mae/ Jo´s Mix EDDIE CARROL-Golden door night club/ Arkansas twist



TEXAS GOLD Vol 1                                                          Great 50s Texas Rockabilly       Begränsad upplaga                            (30)   150:-

  RUDY GRAYZELL-Ducktail/ Let´s get wild LINK DAVIS-Trucker from Tennessee/ 16 chicks/ Grasshopper rock SLEEPY La

  BEEF-all the time ROCKY BILL FORD-Mad dog in town LATTIE MOORE-Too hot to handle EDDIE SKELTON-Gotta keep

  it swinging GLENN BARBER-Atom bomb BENNY BARNES-You gotta pay LONNIE IRWING-Gooseball Brown RUDY GADD


TEXAS GOLD Vol 2                                                          Lika bra                                         Begränsad upplaga                            (30)   150:-

  SONNY FISHER-Rockin´ daddy/ Pink and black/ Hey mama/ Rockin´ n rollin´ SLEEPY LaBEEF-Little bit more/ I´m through/

  FRUITT FORSE-Chicken bop/ Doggone dame GLENN BARBER-Ice water COUSIN ARNOLD-Sweet talkin´ baby SONNY

  BURNS-A real cool cat BILL FLOYD-Hey boy CLIFF BLAKLEY-High steppin´ LARRY NOLAN-King of the ducktail cats


CHICKEN ROCK – Rockin´ Around the Mountain    Eagle        mycke ståbas   många demos/ outgivna/acetater                  (29)   150:-

  NEVILLE HAWKS-Make it like RnRoll/ I got a baby KINGBEATS-I tell my mama on you JIMMY EVANS-Pink Cadillac RED

  HADLEY-She knows how to rock JOHN KLINE-Rockabilly baby DICKEY LEE-She wears my ring TOMMY TUCKER-RnRoll 

  Mama WAYNE McGINNIS-RnRoll rhytm CARL PERKINS-Put your cat clothes on MALCOLM YELVINGTON-It´s me baby


BOSTON  ROCKABILLY Vol 3                                     Eagle                     Bra RABilly /RnR      få ex av Vol 1, 2 finns               (33)   150-

  BRENTON HERLY-Reform school baby JIMMY RHODES-I wanna go BARRY DARVELL-Geronimo stomp BLUE ECHOES-

  It´s whitchcraft JOHNNY BELL-3rd degree RUSS KENDALL-Boston baby UNIQUES-Rock´n Rudolph ARTIE HOLMES-

  Hey,little Cindy RHYTM MASTERS-Janie Janie JOE THERRIEN Jr-Rockabilly Boogie TERRY & PIRATES-Shorts Shorts

  PAUL CHAPLIN-Nicotine DUSTERS-She´s mine BOB RILEY-Midnight line SMOKEY STOVER-Let´s have a ball STEVE C.


MERCURY ROCK´n´ROLL   big tone                                              Bra RnRoll från skivbolaget MERCURY               (32)   150:-

  CONWAY TWITTY-I need your lovin´ JIMMY EDWARDS-Honey lovin/ Golden Ruby blue JAPE RICHARDSON-Crazy

  blues EDDY BELL-Knock,knock ROY PERKINS-Drop top JERRY L LEWIS-I´m on fire JOHNNY COPELAND-RnRoll



MERCURY ROCKABILLY Vol 1    big tone                                    också utmärkt                                                             (31)   150:-

  GEORGE JONES-Maybe little baby JOHNNY JAY-Sugar doll TOMMY MITCHELL-Little mama THOMAS WAYNE-

  You´re the one that done it EDDIE BOND-Flip flop mama DAVE DIDDLE DAY-Blue moon baby BILLY WALLACE-

  Mean mistreatin´ baby CONNIE DYCUS-Rock-A-Bye Baby ROY MOSS-You´re my big baby SLEEPY LaBEEF-All the


CBS ROCKABILLY CLASSICS Vol 1  och  Vol 2     big tone      Några ex i lager                                        per st      (30)   150:-


MCA  ROCKABILLIES Vol 1,   2,   3   OCH   4         big tone                                                             per st                     (30)   150:-


RCA VICTOR ROCKABILLIES Vol 1   och   2         big tone                                                             per st                     (30)   150:-



  BEST OF SUN RECORDS – 50 Original Recordings   2CD           Rockabilly och Rhytm&Blues                                                              (50) 125:-

ELVIS PRESLEY-That´s allright/ Blue mon of Kentucky/ Good rockin´ tonight/ Mystery train CARL PERKINS-Blue suede shoes/ Honey

don´t/ Boppin´ the blues JOHNNY CASH-I walk the line/ Folsom prison blues/ Get rhytm JERRY LEE LEWIS-Crazy arms BARBARA

PITMAN-I need a man ROY ORBISON-Ooby dooby/ GoGoGo LITTLE JUNIORs Blue Flames-Mystery train/ Feelin´ good RUFUS

THOMAS-Bear cat/ Tiger man WILLIE NIX-Baker shop boogie LITTLE MILTON-Beggin´ my baby/ If you love me BILLY ´THE KID´

EMERSON-Red Hot/ When it rain it really pours WILLIE NIX-Baker shop boogie PRISONAIRES-What´ll will you do next JOHNNY L


ROCKABILLY Vol 1                                                         emi                                                                                                                   (28)   125:-


  made a Hit MALCOLM YELVINGTON-Rockin´ with my baby SLIM RHODES-Do what I do CHARLIE FEATHERS-Peepin´ 

  eyes EDDIE BOND-Rockin´ daddy MACK SELF-Vibrate RUDY GRAYZELL-Judy W SMITH-Miss Froggie CARL MANN-




SKIFFLE – As Good As It Gets        2CD                        disky                                                                                                               (61)   125:-

  LONNIE DONEGAN-Jesse James/ Midnight special/ I´m Alabamy bound JOHNNY DUNCAN-Rockabilly Baby/ Ella Speed/Get 

  along home,Cindy/ Doin´ my time JIMMY JACKSON ROCK n SKIFFLE-California Zephyr/ River line/ This little light of mine

  CHAS McDEWITT-Freight train/ Greenback dollar DON LANG-Ramchackle daddy/ 6-5 special CHRIS BARBER-Bearcat crawl/

  Lowland blues LES HOBEAUX SKIFFLE-Hey hey daddy blues/ Oh,Mary don´t you weep ORIGINAL BARNSTOMPERS-Bill

  Bailey/ Runnin´ wild/ Sugartime/ Stormin´ the barn JOHNNIE PARKER WASHBOARD-Canine stomp VIPERS-Pick a bale of c..


SKIFFLE Vol 2 – As Good As It Gets    2 CD                 Disky                                                                                                               (60)   125:-

  LONNIE DONEGAN-Stewball/ Worried man blues/ Dead or alive/ Shorty George CHAS McDEWITT-Badman stack o lee/ Sport

  Life/ My old man JIMMY MILLER-Sizzling hot/ Free wheeling baby JOHNNY PARKER WASHBOARD-Up there/ Mr Freddy

  Blues/ Hold that thing JIMMY JACKSON ROCK n SKIFFLE-Swing down sweet Chariot/  Midnight train JOHNNY DUNCAN-

  Yonder comes a sucker/ Press on SADDLEMEN SKIFFLE GROUP-Pick a bale of cotton/ I know the Lord LORRAE DESMOND

  Kansas City special DON LANG-Roll the cotton down/ This train/ Roving Gambler CHRIS BARBER/ VIPERS/ LES HOBEAUX