S H A D E S   O F   T H E   S P O T N I C K S

SHADES OF The Spotnicks    (insp 1979-2000)         Triola/Star-Club      Great instr.Första gången på CD. 9 outgivna     (25)   140- 

  THE TIGERS-Old spinning wheel-Amapole-Last date #  TEENBEATS-Teenbeat Guitar LENNY CLERWALL-Entry of the Glad

  iators #  FLYING EAGLES-Gotländsk sommarnatt GOLDFINGERS-Thundernest #  TRICKTONES-My old Kentucky home # 

  T-CATS -Gamle Svarten #  NIGHTRUNNERS-Igelkottaskinnet GUNSLINGERS-Köp hjärtan EL HALCONS-Poetry in motion #  

  TWANG GANG-Walk on by #  CARETAKERS-Lemhovda City MIKE & MOONBEAMS-Chariot  WOLFMEN-Hjärtats röst star

  TOM ROCKER BAND-Pony Express #  STEELMEN-Lillemor BLUE KNIGHTS-My home town HAZZE ONE LINE-Sentimen

  tal Guitar #  ROBBIE & RIDERS-Sway SPACEMEN-Fastest guitar in the west GUESTS-Du gamla du fria      outgivna #       



THE SPOTNICKS - Top Twenty                                                           Solna                                                                    95:-

  Orange blossom special/Last date/Amapola/Ghostriders/Old Faithful/Happy Guitar/Drina/Cape Kennedy/Old spinning wheel/

  Johnny Guitar/Karelia/Moonshot/Old clock at home/Spanish gipsy dance/Space walk/Busted/I remeber you/Spotnicks theme


THE SPOTNICKS – Top Twenty Vol 2                           Solna                                                                                                                         95:-

  Rocket man/ Just listen to my heart/ Havah Nagila(m stråkar)/ Lovesick blues/ Joey´s song/ In the mood/ Dark eyes/ Habanera from

  Carmen/ Last space train/ Diamonds/ Hot Toddy/ Comme ci comme ca/ Alabamy bound/ Hang on/ Button n bows/ Anna/ Valentina


THE SPOTNICKS - The EP Collection                           Riverside 2CD                                                                                                 (53)   165:-

  Old spinning wheel/ Ghostriders/ Theme/ Or blossom special/ Old Clock/ Endless walk/ Rocket man/ Galloping Gtrs/ My old Kentucky home

  Home on the range/ Ol´ man river/ Swing low,,/ High flying Scotsman/ Thundernest/ Moonshot/ H Henrics polka/ Havah Nagila/ Midnight    

  special/ My Bonny/ Johnny Gtr/ Spanish Gipsy Dance/ She she little Sheila/ Git it/ Deep in the heart of Texas/ Western gtr/ Trambone/ Dark

  eyes/ Hot Toddy/ Drina/ Pick a bale../ Bach goes to sea/ If you wanna be happy/ Take 5/ Windy and warm/ Bye bye blues/ Be bop a lula/ Haba

  nera/ Hang on/ Space party/ Space creatures/ Sabeline/ Lovesick blues/ Endless sleep/ Merry Elephant/ Cape Kennedy/ Papa oom mow mow/

  Pense a moi    THE SHY ONES-La Route/ Bye Bye irdie/ Swedish polka gig/ Susanna/        Telstar/ Carry me back


THE SPOTNICKS - Rare Collection                                Riverside 2CD                                                                                                 (42)   165:-

  Kontiki/ Theme from Leningrad/ Old spinning wheel/ Two Guitars/ Ajomies/ Sekvens 007/ Watermelon man/ Husky/ Drum Diddley/Ach du

  lieber Agustin/ Stagger Lee/ C´mon everybody/ What a fool I wa/ You dont have to be pretty/ I´m gonna make you love me/ Manxman island/

  Jupiter special/ Romance d´amour/ High noon/ Tapiola/ Diamonds/ Lumpy gravy/ Gentle on my mind/ I´m gonna knock on your door/ I got a

  baby/ Namenlos/Memphis/ Big boss man/ Great balls of fire/ Shine/ Allright/ Ku´damm promenade/ Hootenanny Express/ Shamus O´Toole /


THE SPOTNICKS – 40 Vocals     2CD                     Solna                    Vokala inspelningar   (mest 60s)                                             (40)  165:-

  Hey good lookin´/ Be Bp A Luöa/ Pick a bale of cotton/ Blue blue day/ Say Mama/ Your cheating heart/ I´m going home/ Who cares/

  Great balls of fire/ One has my name/ Hong Kong blues/All right/ Tijuana Jail/ Memphis T/ Git it/ I gotta bay/ Old man river/ For what ..

  Doctor Feelgood/ Git it/ Blue blue day/ Gentle on my mind/ Take a letter Maria/ Happy silence/ She she little Sheila/ I´m coming home



AROUND THE WORLD / IN ACAPULCO                   Riverside              Två LP från 1966-67 på CD                                         (28)   150:-

  Sentimental gtr/ Recado/ Geisha girl/ Worryin´ kind/ Casting my spell/ Gr eyes/ Mood of Asia/ Turista / Steel gitr rag/ Plättlaggen      

  Tinta verde/ Suspicion/ Extasy/ Wham/ Louisiana Man/ El Toro Bravo/ Come on home/ Moscow/ no la hagas sufrir/ Little things


TODAY / FEELINGS                                                          Solna                    Två LP från 1973-76 på CD                                         (24)   150:-

  Spanish Lady/ Garden party/ Jämtländsk brudmarch/ Persuaders /// West Virginia/ Norbert/ Ne Tokaido line/ Goodbye boogie Gtr


BACK IN RACE/ SOMETHING LIKE COUNTRY  Solna                         2 LP från 1970 / 71 på CD                                           (24)   150:-

  Wildwood flower/ Pussy wiggle stomp/ Lodi/ Te dans me Karlstadtösera/ Putti Putti/// Jolie Blonde/ Don´t think twice/ Mexican w


In the Groove / By Request                                                Solna                    2 LP från 1968     CD  (vokala exp.)                     (24)   150:-


 SPOTNICKS 1997                                                            Riverside              Amapola/ Ghostrider/Last date/ Highway Boogie    (16)   150:-


THE SPOTNICKS   Angel/ Hopeful/ The otherside     Riverside             Utgiven för flyktinghjälp 1999                                      (3)     45:-




RAINBOW         Lennart Clerwall-lead guitar på alla           Några i begränsad upplaga

LENNART CLERWALL – In The Shade Of The Shadows                                                                                                                  (22)   150:-

  Black horse/ Flickan I dalen/ My boots/ Santa Anna/ Deans theme/ Pasadena/ She´s gone/Ambush at Buffalo Creek/ All the stars


SHAZAM – Shazam                                                                                                                                                                                    (17)   150:-

  The Boys/ Cry of the wild goose/ Back to the sea/ Cindy oh Cindy/ Red River Rock/ Bandido/ Manhunt/ Lonely heart/ Bungy jump


THE SPACEMEN – Cosmic Guitar                                                                                                                                                          (17)   150:-

  Lauras theme/ Indian brave/ Nightrun/ Nature boy/ Midnight in Moscow/ Junihitoe/ Last st. west/ Masakos marriage/ Space drums

THE SPACEMEN – Back Home in Sweden                                                                                                                                            (17)   150:-

  Gärdebylåten/ Min älskling/ Pippi Långstrump/ Kullerullvisan/ Rosenkyssar/ Lyckovägen/ Telefonsvararen/ Ett litet rött paket

THE SPACEMEN – In London                                                                                                                                                                   (16)   150:-

  Pomp and citrcumstance/ Big Ben/A walk in Hyde Park/ Piccadilly Circus/ London Brdge/ England swings/ Mrs Brown/ At the Pub

THE SPACEMEN – In a Christmas Mood                                                                                                                                               (14)   150:-

  Son of Betlehem/ Jingle bells/ Russian Christmas/ Happy snowflakes/ Santa´s back in town/ Nu tändas 1000 juleljus/ Silent night




NORDIC GUITARS Vol 6                                         Bra gtr instrumental. (Vol 1-5 utgångna =not available)                                       (20)   150:-

  TWANG GANG-O store Gud/ Jag har hört om en stad/Gyllene morgon/ Monia EL HALCONS-Fröken Johansson å jag/ Spring is nearly here/

  Lillemor HAZZE ONE LINE-Bandido/ Theme from missing/ Konvaljens avsked MIDNIGHT-Breaking through/ Flyder and the spy/ The third

  man RESOUNDS-Find me a golden street/ Durango/ Shadoogie HASSE KLIPPARE-Don´t be cruel/ Raggies boogie/ James blues


NORDIC GUITARS Vol 7                                         Samma stil                                                                                                              (20)   150:-

  HAZZE ONE LINE-Return to Alamo/ Walk don´t run/ The breeze and I  SANDOR HAJOSI-Där björkarna susa SOUND OF FENDERS-

  Diamonds/ Liebestwist/ Morgen THE ReSOUNDS-Yellow jacket/ Santa Ana/ Petite Fleur ELLERT NORDMARK-Happy go lucky/ Mattmar

  by night/ Mona-Lisa EL HALCONS-South of the border/ Old Faithful/ Tennessee Waltz MIDNIGHT-Shazam/ Pony Express/ A place in the


HAZZE ONE LINE – Guitar Fantasy                        Nice gtr instrumental                                                                                              (19)   150:-

  Guitar Fantasy/ Bike street in Gbg/ Bluebird/ Fångad av en stormvind/ Ikaros/ Ghostriders/ It doesn´t matter anymore/ Konvaljens avsked/




Mera SCANDINAVIA instrumental

Pekka Tiilikainen& BEATMAKERS- Mountain tale Dimlights/ Troll twist/ Heaven´s crying/ Mr Salanow theme                        150:-

THE GOLDFINGERS – Lord of the strings                   movi                      Rune´s theme/ Karelia/ Last date/ Space shuttle/ Moonshot     150:-

HUSKY & The Sandmen - Ridin the Wild Surf            Goofin                  Diamond eye/ Riproarin´Holiday/ Shadowland/ Juicy                 150:-

JÖRGEN INGMANN- Apache/ Many Guitars               2 LP på CD         Pepe/ Echo boogie/Bonanza/ Cherokee/ Violetta/ Amorada      150:-

THE MUSTANGS – In Amsterdam                                 Rarity                    Studio+ live   Ajoen/ Track-tor/ Stoogie/ Cider stomp/               150:-

THE SLEEPWALKERS – Twisted Fate                         Goofin                  Theme/ Twistin´ tango/ Twisted faith/ Kvantingen/ Gunfight    150:-

NONO SÖDERBERG - Hot Wires                                  Goofin´                 Silver boots/ Säkkijärvi stomp/ 3rd man/ Oldtimer/ Tricky           150:-

                                     - Twisting Standards                                               Giant steps/ Twistin´ Tunisia/ 7 come 11/ Zig Zag                       150:-

THE WANGLERS - Black Horse                                    Goofin´                 Moonshine/ Space Twist/ Romantic breeze/ Karelia                   150:-

                               - Glass Radio                                      Goofin´                 Kyoto doll/ Twit/ Höstdrömmar/ Cat call/ 13th ride                       150:-

                                                                                                                              Se även TRIOLA avdelningen                                             




R  A  R  I  T  Y     L  A  B  E  L          Nyinspelad Gtr-instr (Holland)

 OBS detta skivbolag har upphört. Många titlar är slut och ska ej ompressas                              

         med  vokala inslag                                                                                                                               alla är sista exen.   per st  150:-


GUITAR MANIA Vol 23                                           Rarity                  Gtr instr    Några av tidigare volymer kan finns           (27) 

PIPELINE ´61-Cry for a Shadow/ The Storm/ Telstar JUMPING FIVE-Keep searching/ J idol/ Explosion Express/Woman casino

DEFENDERS-TeaBreak/ The Kid/ Armchair PV&HEARTBEATS-Heisser sand/ Heart rack/ Black eyes rock/ Black swan DAY

DREAM-Moonflower/ Hurricane beat MAGIC STRANGERS-Albatross ADVENTURE-Flyder n the spy ADVENTURE-San A


GUITAR MANIA Vol 22                                                    Rarity                    Finntwang                                                                       (26)

  THE SAINTS-Million songs/ Romantica ROCKETS-Summer love ´59/ Kaipaan REGENTS-All day/ Toska RAMI HAMMAR&

  THE RIDERS-The waves are callin/ Girls YOUNGERS-Snake shake KORSUORKESTERI-I won´t loos this flower/ Say that I´ll

  Be back HALF &HALF-It´s time KING DRAPES-Emma KAAPO & ZETOR-Lo Hi wiped out/ My heart will go on WEBASTO-


GUITAR MANIA Vol 21                                                    Rarity                                                                                                              (26)          

  BURT BLANCA-Easy rider/ Amapola/ Big guitar/ Ghost riders/ 500 miles SHABBLERS-Theme/ Strolling/ 1963 ADVENTURE- 

  Surd rider/ Bluebird/ Guitar boogie # 2  OF COURCE-The lonely road/ Johnny guitar/ Midnight PIPELINE ´61-Greensleeves/

  Driftin´/ Dakota/ In the mood/ Round and round THE JUMPING FIVE-Quick run/ Loneliness/ Have a alook back/ Complaining


GUITAR MANIA Vol 20                                                    Rarity                                                                                                              (26)  

  THE DEFUSERS-Wrong planet/ Lonely bull/ Lucha libre SURPHONICS-The munsters/ Six million dollar man/ Psycho HEART

  BEATS-Ginchy/ April in Paris/ Sarie Marijs KANGOROOS-MonaLisa/ Perfidia/ Lady of Spain KORSAKOW COWBOYS-Pipe

  Line/ Miserlou BLUE STARS-That´s life/ Dream of the west/ Nice n easy RHYTM STRINGS-The hucklebuck/ Mambo Jambo 2


GUITAR MANIA Vol 19                                                    Rarity                                                                                                              (25)  

  DIE SPUTNICKS-Theme/ Arena/ Nordlicht/ Gitarren twist BOOZIN´ BUNCH-Geronimo/Sari Nande MOCHA BAND-Dry surf/

  Midnight dreaming ADVENTURE-Ventures medley/ Red top/ Bumble Bee twist BEATNUTS-Dance on/ Sinun Omasi/ Apache

  BLUE COMETS-Quartermaster´s stores/ Ostentation/ Beyond the reef/ Rise n fall of flingel bunt RARITY STRINGS-Gtr blues


                                                                                                                              Någon tidigare volym kan finnas. . Fråga per telefon





Övriga instrumentala   några med vokala inslag

JEAN-PIERRE BERTRAND –(Solo) Boogie Woogie Piano           d south               piano-boogies                                (21)  150:-

Train to Holland/ Speed up boogie/ Dancing with the boogie/ Shaking the keys/ Hymn to Republic/ Killer Boogie Woogie/


B BUMBLE & The Stingers – Golden Classics  Nut Rocker/ Bumble boogie/ In the mood/ Boogie woogie/ Near    (16)  125:-           


BOB MOORE – Mexico                                            South of the border/ La Paloma/ Mexicali rose/ Hot spot/ Vaya      (18)  150:-           


PAUL WURGES – Rhytm is our business            Bear F                  rätt bra gtr instr 1962-64 (+ några vokala)        (22)  165:-

Twist around the clock/ Das alte spinrad/ Immer wieder twist/ Night ride/ Olympic nights/ Crazy mmod/ Twistin´ Hillbilly/

Come on let´s rock again/ Thunderbirds/ Eden Saloon/ Twistin´ Safari    (han spelade gtr m L Gerhards band 1958-59)                    


THE SURFARIS – Surfers Rule / Gone With The Wave     BGO 2CD  2 LP på CD. Great US gtr (surf) instr             (40)  175:-

Wipe out/ Boss barracuda/ Wax boord and woodle/ Murphie the Surfie/ Take a trip to the islands/ My buddy seat/ Point panic/ 

My little bike/Surf scene/ Surfer Joe/ Somethin´ else/ Hot rod graveyard/ Scatter shields/ Dune buggy/ Karen/ Surfing drums/

Några fler instrumentala CD

STRICTLY INSTRUMENTAL Vol 1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  7,  8,  9,  10      10 olika CD med 30 US rockiga instrumentala per CD


MOTORCYCLES USA                       ATM             60s US vokala / instrumentala. Flera med motorcykel ljud. Sista exen.  (32) 165:-

  The Ventures/ Strangers/ Risers/ Marketts/ Paul Hampton/ Gants/ Hornets/ Earl Palmer/


GREAT ROCK´n´ROLL INSTRUMENTALS – Just  As Good As It´s Gets!                  2CD    50tals-insp (mest gtr)          (63)  165:-

  CHUCK BERRY-In-Go/ Blue feeling FLOYD CRAMER-Flip, flop n bop SCOTTY MOORE-Have guitar will travel ARTHUR SMITH-Guitar Boogie

  RITCHIE VALENS-Big baby blues SONNY BURGESS-Thunderbird BILL JUSTIS-Raunchy DUANE EDDY-Cannonball AL CASEY-Ramrod FATS

  DOMINO-Swanee river hop BILL HALEY-Goofin´ around DAVE APPELL-Dinner with Drac CHET ATKINS-Dance with me Henry    m flera












THE EAGLES – Smash hits                                       Bristol Express/ Johnny´s tune/ Desperados/ Oliver Twist/ Lonely bull/ John Peel/ andorra  m fl

THE HUNTERS – The Hunters                                 Teen Scene/ Santa Monica flyer/ The storm/ How´s ´m chicks/ Tally Ho/ All shook up/   m flera

THE OUTLAWS – Back to The West                       Indian brave/ Fort Knox/Ku-pow/ Valley of the Sioux/ The Outlaws/ Keep-a-knockin´/   m flera                                                                                                              Vi har många fler instrumentala CD. Fråga per telefon!





JERRY COLE And Spacemen - Surf Age                         Martian Surf / Movin´ Surf / Racing Waves / Stinger / Roadster Run /           (31)   150:-

DENVERMEN / AVENGER VI - Let´s Go Surfside          Surf City Stomp / On The Beach / Mystery Wave / Back Rip / Surf Patrol (22)     150:-

DUANE EDDY – The Rebel Rouser                                   Moovin n groovin/ Shazam/ Peter Gunn/ Because they´re young/ Gtr man (20)      125:-

JOHNNY& The Hurricanes - Big Sound                         Like rock/ Beatnik fly/ Teensville tonight/ Ten little indians/ Sheba/ Traffic (28)    150:-

THE JOY BOYS – Shazam                Australia                 Midnight surfer/ Murphy the Surfie/ Highway 69/ Memphis stomp             (30)   150:-

BILL JUSTIS – Raunchy                                                     College man/ Bop train/ Wild rice/ Flip flop n bop/ The stranger/ Cloud 9     (19)   125:-

LENNY & THE THUNDERTONES -  Lenny                   Hot Ice / Jungle Fever / Street Beat / Thunder Express / On The Loose         (27)   150:-

SANTO & JOHNNY - Santo & Johnny                         Sleepwalk/ Twistin´ bells/ Bullseye/ All night diner/ Raunchy/ Teardrop/   150:-

THE SHADOWS – Hits                                                      Några olika CD. Fråga per telefon!

THE SUPER STOCKS - Thunder Road                           T Roadster / Ballad of Bonneville / 427 Super Stock / Wheel Stands / Surf Rout     150:-

BILLY VAUGHN - The Best of                                         Sail along silvry moon/ Raunchy/ La Paloma/ Blue Hawaii/                  (20)   125:-

THE VENTURES – Orig instrumental hits                      Walk don´t run/ Wipe out/The cruel sea/ Ram bunk shush/ Apache               (20)   125:-

                          - In the Vaults Vol 1                      In the Vaults Vol 2           In the Vaults Vol 3     kan RESTas                    per st    175:-                            

THE VIRTUES – Guitars in Orbit                                   Guitar boogie shuffle/ Guitar twist/ Guitar on fire/ Honky Tonk/          (22)   150:-




SURF GUITARS RUMBLE                                               Surf                       Great US surf instr.    Mest gtr  (+ lite sax)               (36)   150:-

  STRINGMAN-Pow Wow  RUMBLERS-Waikiki Rumbler  VELMARS-Surfin´ bells  VESTELS-Long ride  PYRAMIDS-Pyramid

  Stomp  STATESMEN-Teen theme  SPORTSMEN-Sand storm  VIBRASONICS-Drag race/ Thunderstorm  TELSTARS-Topless


SURF GUITAR RUMBLE Vol 2                                       Surf                       samma stil                                                                        (32)   150:-


  Bustin´ surfboard CATALINAS-Banzai washout TREASURES-Minor chaos VENTURAS-Ram charger THUNDER HEADS-Thunder


SURF GUITAR RUMBLE Vol 3                               Surf                                                                                                                           (30)  150:-

The EMBERS-I´m goin´ surfin´ NOVAS-Take 7 JAGUARS-Supersonic twist SAFARIS-Kick out/ Lonely surf guitar RIC-A-CHAYS-Turn

On/ Groovy THE RANGER-Mogul monster JESTERS-Drag bike boogie NOBLES-Black widow/ Jaguar ROAD RUNNERS-Quasimoto



WILD GUITAR ROCKERS                                      Coll 4514             mest Great Rocking UG gtr-instr (m lite sax)                     (30) 150:-                             :-

JAGUARS-Dog Catcher CORVAIRS-Something wild PALADINS-Party time NOCTURNALS-Twister´s stomp CORNELLS-Beachbound

CRUSADERS-Moving out STARLITES-Starlite rock TRIUMPHS-Draggin´ waggin´ TEEN KINGS-Hep Cat  LANCERS.Dr Casey Twist /

Loch Lomond rock EWEN BROTHERS-Nashville FOUR SHADES-Beetle boogie COASHMEN-Confusion HOLLYWOODS-Scramble