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Alla DVD i begränsad upplaga….först till kvarn!

THE FABULOUS 50s Vol 1                   DVD                                                                               (30)  125:-

JERRY LEE LEWIS-Great balls of fire (Jamboree)  BUDDY KNOX-Hula love  CHARLIE GRACIE-Cool

Baby  LEWIS LYMON-Your last chance  BLOCKBUSTERS-Play this RnRoll guitar  TERRY DENE-C´min

And be loved  JIM DALE-The train kept a´rollin  DON LANG-Boy meets girl  LONNIE DONEGAN-Jack´O

Diamonds  LITTLE RICHARD-Lucille  CLYDE McPHATTER-Rock and cry  TEDDY RANDAZZO-Next        


THE FABULOUS 50s Vol 2                   DVD                                                                               (30)  125:-

ADAM FAITH-Made you  DION&BELMONTS-A teenager in love  FATS DOMINO-Honey child  GARY

US BONDS-Seven days weekend  JOE TURNER-Jump children  GENE VINCENT-Spaceship to March

DEL SHANNON-Talkin´ about me  JERRY LEE LEWIS-No one,but me  ANITA RAY-Rock on Saturday

night  CHUCK BERRY-Maybelline  EVERLY BROTHERS-Bye bye love  PAUL ANKA-Lonely boy


THE FABULOUS  50s Vol 3                  DVD                                                                               (30)  125:-

JOE MAPHIS-Town hall boogie  RICKY NELSON-A little too much  CLIFF RICHARD-Living doll  PAT

BOONE-A wonderful time up there JO ANN CAMPBELL-Mama,can I go out tonight  GEORGE JONES-

Tall tall tree  Dr ROSS-Boogie disaese  JOHNNY CASH-I walk the line  OTTO BRANDENBURG-Hip bone

crack  SPOTNICKS-Rocket man  DUANE EDDY-Shazam  ANTHONY NEWLEY-Idla rock-a-boogie


THE FABOLOUS 50s Vol 4                   DVD                                                                               (30)  125:-

BILLY FORY-Play it cool  CHUCK BERRY-Little Queenie / Memphis,Tennessee  CADILLACS-Please Mr

Johnson  PAUL ANKA-Diana  TEDDY RANDAZZO-Kiddi o  HELEN SHAPIRO-Let´s talk about love

CHORDETTES-Lollipop  PAT BOONE-Love letters in the sand  CLIFF RICHARD-Move it  JERRY LEE
LEWIS-I´m on fire  FERLIN HUSKY-This moment of love  LITTLE RICHARD-Send me some lov


THE FABULOUS 50s Vol 5                   DVD                                                                               (30)  125:-

NEIL SEDAKA-Calender girl  MOON MULLICAN-RnRoll Mr Bullfrog  DANNY&Jrs-RnRoll is here to stay

CARL PERKINS-Blue suede shoes  BRENDA LEE-I´m sorry  EDDIE COCHRAN-C´mon everybody  DEL

SHANNON-Runaway  VINCE TAYLOR-20 flight rock  LaVERN BAKER-Jim Dandy   SAM BUTERA-

Chantilly lace  DION-The wanderer  PERRY COMO-Jukebox baby  MARCELS-Merry Twistmas baby


THE FABULOUS 50s Vol 6                   DVD                                                                               (30)  125:-

BUDDY HOLLY-That´ll be the day  EVERLY BROTHERS-Lucille  ELVIS PRESLEY-Hound dog  FATS

DOMINO-Let the 4 winds blow  GENE CHANDLER-Duke of earl  MARTY ROBBINS-Singin´ the blues

COLLIN KIDS-Catfish boogie  BOBBY DARIN-Dream lover BOBBY DAY-Rockin´ Robin  JACKIE WIL

SON-Lonely teardrops JERRY LEE LEWIS-Breathless  JIMMIE RODGERS-Honeycomb HARPTONES-


THE FABULOUS 50s Vol 7                   DVD                                                                               (31)  125:-

COLLIN KIDS-Let´s have a party  CONNIE FRANCIS-Who´s sorry now  ROY ORBISON-Oh,pretty wo

man  ANNETTE-Tall Paul  DANNY&Jrs-At the hop  VENTURES-Wipe out  DUANE EDDY-Rebel rouser

JOHNNY CARROLL-Crazy crazy loving  CLIFF RICHARD-I´m walkingMOONGLOWS-I knew from the

start  CHUCK BERRY-You can´t catch me  JOHNNY BURNETTE-Lonesome train  LaVERN BAKER-Tra


THE FABULOUS 50s Vol 8                   DVD                                                                               (30)  125:-

The comets-You´re never too old to Rock  FATS DOMINO-I´m gonna be a wheel someday  LINDA GAIL

LEWIS&CARL PERKINS-Daddy sang bass  SHADOWS-Shadoogie  RICKY NELSON-Milkcow blues

Boogie  CLARENCE FROGMAN HENRYAint got no home  SHAKIN´ STEVENS-Talahassie Lassie SHA

NA NA-Rama lama ding dong  MARTY ROBBINS-That´s allright mama  WILLIE&POORBOYS-Chicken


THE FABULOUS 50s Vol 9                   DVD                                                                               (30)  125:-

CARL PERKINS-Boppin´ the blues / put your cat clothes on  FATS&HIS CATS-Domino boogie  WHEAP-

Jump,jive& wail  SHA NA NA-Teenager in love  LITTLE RICHARD-Great gosh o´mighty  CRAZY CAVAN-

My little sister got a motorbike / Teddy Boy Boogie  BR 5-49-Gone gone gone  CLIFF RICHARD-Please don´t

tease  BO DIDDLEY-Hey Bo Diddley  FATS DOMINO-Whole lotta lovin  SHAKIN  STEVENS-Sweet little


THE FABULOUS 50s Vol 10                 DVD                                                                               (30)  125:-

JERRY LEE LEWIS-Mean woman blues(Shindig)  FREDDIE BELL-Giddy up a ding dong  VENTURES-Feel

so fine  ELVIS PRESLEY-Ready Teddy  CHUCK BERRY-Almost grown  GEORGE JONES-White lightning


CASH-Five feet high &rising  BIG BOPPER-Chantilly lace  DICK RICHARDS-Mona Lisa  CLYDE McPH.   


THE FABULOUIS 50s Vol 11               DVD                                                                               (30)  125:-

JOHN ASHLEY-Running lover  ALAN DALE-One of these days  EDDIE COCHRAN-Cottonåicker  JOEY

DEE-Mother goose twist  BOB LUMAN-This is the night  SPOTNICKS-Johnny Guitar  TOMMY SANDS-

Soda Pop Pop  GENE VINCENT-Baby blue  MAMIE VAN DOREN-Oh bala baby  LOUIS PRIMA-When

The Saints  FREDDY CANNON-Early in the morning  WINK MARTINDALE-All love broke lose  ART B.


THE FABULOUS 50s Vol 12                 DVD                                                                               (30)  125:-

Tommy sands-Sing boy sing / Crazy crazy  JOEY DEE-Peppermint twist  VENTURES-Walk don´t run  GENE

VINCENT-Be bop a lula  TOMMY STEELE-Elevator rock  EVERLY BROTHERS-Wake up little Suzie  JO

ANN CAMPBELL-Take me baby  CHAS McDEWITT-Freight train  JOHNNY O´KEEFE-Danny Boy  J LEE

LEWISGreat balls of fire(Bandstand 1964)  SPOTNICKS-My Bonnie  WANDA JACKSON-Let´s have a party


THE FABULOUS 50s Vol 13                 DVD                                                                               (30)  125:-

CONNIE FRANCIS-Let´s have a party / Looking for love  DEL REEVES-The belles of southern bell  MARTY

ROBBINS-Tennessee Toddy  LITTLE RICHARD-Ready Teddy  ELVIS PRESLEY-Got a lot of living to do 

JOHNNY OLENN-Ain´t gonna cry no more  TENNESSEE ERNIE-Rattlesnake daddy  ROY ORBISON-

Ooby dooby  EDDIE COCHRAN-20 flight rock  RIGHTEUS BROTHERS-Justine  BRENDA LEE-I´m learning


THE FABULOUS 50s Vol 14                 DVD                                                                               (30)  125:-

JOHNNY CARROLL-Rockin´ Maybelle COLLIN  KIDS-Just bacause / Hot rod  CARL PERKINS-Matchbox 

JOE MAPHIS-Tennessee fiddle swing  WANDA JACKSON-Cool love  EDDIE COCHRAN-Something else

TRENIERS-The house still rockin´ VENTURES-The cruel sea  EDDIE BOND-Hey Joe  JEANNIE MACK-

Dirty dishes  SKEETS McDONALD-In the jailhouse now  RICKY NELSON-Trying to get to you  CARL P.


THE FABULOUS 50s Vol 15                 DVD                                                                               (30)  125:-

Fabian-Tiger  SPARKLETONES-Black slacks  DEAN MARTIN-Memories are made of this  SAM COOKE-

You send me  CONNIE FRANCIS-Everybody´s somebody´s fool  BUDDY HOLLY-Oh boy  DICK DALE-

Swingin´ n surfin´ BOBBY HELMS-My special angel  GUY MITCHELL-Singin  the blues  RAYS-Silhouettes

PLATTERS-Only you  JOHNNY OTIS-Willie &Hand Jive  SHEB WOOLEY-Purple people eater  DAVID       


THE FABULOUS 50s Vol 16                 DVD                                                                               (30)  125:-

MIKE SANCHEZ-Flatfoot Sam  LITTLE RICHARD-Keep a knockin´  BOOTS RANDOLPH-Down yonder

BOBBY DARIN-Splish splash  CARL PERKINS-Restless  MICKEY GILLEY-Jerry Lee Medley  STRAY

CATS-Gene&Eddie  RONNIE HAWKINS-Wild little Willie  JERRY LEE LEWIS-Chantilly lace  CRAZY

CAVAN-Hot rock  RAY CAMPI-R-A-Billy Rebel  JOHNNY CASH-Luther played the boogie  EVERLY


THE FABULOUS 50s Vol 17                 DVD                                                                               (30)  125:-

FREDDY CANNON-Action  MAMIE Van DOREN-Hey Mama  JERRY LEE LEWIS-Whole lotta shaking

DEL VIKINGS-Come go with me  DON LANG-Red planet rock  JOHNNY&JACK-Move it on over  PAUL

ANKA-Lonely boy  SONNY JAMES-Young love  JAN&DEAN-Baby talk  TIELMAN BROTHERS-Black

Eyes rock  COLIN HICKS-Giddy up a ding dong  DEL REEVES-Girl on the Billboard  BRENDA LEE-Bill B


THE FABULOUS 50s Vol 18                 DVD                                                                               (30)  125:-

ROCCO&SAINTS-Record Hop tonight  FIVE KEYS-Ling ting tong  CONWAY TWITTY-Danny Boy  FIVE

SATINS-In the still of the night  COASTERS-Charlie Brown  TONY CROMBIE-Let´s you and I rock  MELLO

KINGS-Tonight,tonight  ART BAXTER-Rock you sinners  PATSY CLINE-Walkin´ after midnight  JOHNNY



                                                                 Finns nu även Vol 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 och 25


ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK           DVD              1956 film med bl a följande artister,Klassiker  145:-

Bill Haley&Comets/ Platters / Freddie Bell &Beel Boys/ Johnny Johnston/ Alan Freed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DON´T KNOCK THE ROCK               DVD              1956 film med bl a följande artister                  145:-

Bill Haley &Comets/ Little Richard / Treniers / Dave Apell / Applejacks /


GO,JOHNNY,GO                                   DVD              1957 film med bl a följande låtar                      145:-

EDDIE COCHRAN-Teenage heaven  CHUICK BERRY-Memphis,Tennessee/ Little Queenie  CADILLACS-

Please Mr Johnson  RITCHIE VALENS-Oh my head  FLAMINGOS-Jump children  JO ANN CAMPBELL-

Mama,can I go out  JIMMY CLANTON-Angel face/ Take a long time/ My love is strong/ Ship on stormy sea


JAMBOREE                                           DVD              1957 film med bl a följande låtar                      145:-

ROCCO/SAINTS-Record Hop tonight  CARL PERKINS-Glad all over  FRANKIE AVALON-Teacher´s pet

CHARLIE GRACIE-Cool baby  TEENCHORDS-Your last chance  JERRY LEE LEWIS-Great balls of fire

BUDDY KNOX-Hula love  JIMMY BOWEN-Cross over  FATS DOMINO-Wait and see  FOUR COINS-


Mr ROCK n ROLL                                DVD              1956 film med bl a följande låtar                      145:-

TEDDY RANDAZZO-Next stop paradise/ Kiddio  TEENAGERS-Love put me out…  MOONGLOWS-Barce

lona Rock  FERLIN HUSKY-This moment of love  CHUCK BERRY-Oh,baby doll  BROOK BENTON-If I

only had known LITTLE RICHARD-Lucille  CLYDE McPHATTER-You´ll be there  SHAYE COGAN-Get…


ROCK,ROCK,ROCK                            DVD              1956 film med bl a följande låtar                      125:-

JIMMY CAVELLO-Rock,Rock,Rock / The big beat  ALAN FREED-RnR Boogie  IVY SCHULMAN-Rock,

Pretty baby  CHUCK BERRY-You can´t catch me  JOHNNY BURNETTE-Lonesome train  LaVERN BAKER.

Tra la la  FRANKIE LYMON-I´m not a juvenile delinquent/ Baby,baby  Teddy RANDAZZO-We´re gonna rock


THE GIRL CAN´T HELP IT                 DVD              Bästa RnRoll filmen någonsin!    i färg               125:-

Med bl a E Cochran, F Domino, G Vincent, Little Richard, J Olenn, E Fontaine, Treniers, Jayne Mansfield             





IT´S CHRISTMAS TIME                     DVD              44 DooWop Performances                                 145:-






HILLBILLY ROCKABILLIES                                         från olika TV-Shower 1955- 57                                            (50)              175:-

  MARTY ROBBINS-That´s alright Mama/ Sugaree/ Singing the blues WEBB PIERCE-Teenage Boogie/ Love,love,love MOON

  MULLICAN-RnRoll Mr Bullfrog/ Blue tears HAWKSHAW HAWKINS-Car hoppin´ Mama FARON YOUNG-Live fast,love

  hard,die young ERNEST TUBB-So doggone lonesome CARL SMITH-Go boy go RAY PRICE-Crazy arms JIM REEVES-Mex

  Joe GORDON TERRY-Keep talking LITTLE JIMMY DICKENS-You betta not do that CHET ATKINS-Mr Sandman / Frankie


ROCKIN´ ON RANCH PARTY  1956-57  TV-inspelningar på DVD                                                       (42)    175:-

  CARL PERKINS-Matchbox/ Your true love/ Blue suede shoes BOBBY HELMS-Long gone daddy JOHNNY CASH-Train of

  love/ Next in line/ I walk the line COLLIN KIDS-Hoy Hoy/ Let´s have a party/ Rockaway Rock GEORGE JONES-You got to be

  my baby WANDA JACKSON-Cool love JEANNIE MACK-Dirty dishes PATSY CLINE-I´ve loved and lost again  JOHNNY 

  BOND-Hey Joe JOE MAPHIS-Town hall boogie MAC WISEMAN-Wabash Cannonball SKEETS McDONALD-Trouble in m


ROCK BABY ROCK IT                                            1956 film                                         175:-

  JOHNNY CARROLL-Wild wild woman/ Crazy crazy lovin´/ Rockin´ Maybelle/ Sugar baby

  ROSCOE GORDON-Bop it/ Chicken PRECHER SMITH-Roogie doogie/ Eat your heart out

  BELEW TWINS-Lonesome/ Love me baby CELL BLOCK SEVEN-The Saints come rockin


TWIST AROUND THE CLOCK                             1961 film                                         125:-

  CLAY COLE-Twist around the clock/ The Twist is here to stay DION-The Wanderer / Runar

  Sue/ The Majestic CHUBBY CHECKER-Twistin´ USA/ Twist along/ Your lips and mine

  VICKI SPENCER-Too many boyfriends ALL ACTORS-Twist around the clock


LEGENDS OF RnROLL                                           från TV 1957-62               (22)         95:-

  FATS DOMINO-Blueberry Hill/ It´s you I love CHARLIE GRACIE-Butterfly BILL HALEY-

  Rock around the clock JOHNNY OTIS-Willie n the hand jive RONNIE HAWKINS-I need

  Your lovin´BO DIDDLEY-Road runner BUDDY KNOX-Hula love/ Party Doll EVERLY Br-

  That´ll be the day CARL PERKINS-Matchbox JOHNNY CASH-I got stripes/ Five feet high


HITS FROM THE 50s & 60s                                   1955 - 66                            (42)      125:-


  I met you baby FRANKIE LYMON-Why do fools fall in love PAUL ANKA-Diana DION-

  Ruby baby MILLIE-My boy Lollipop FABIAN-Tiger NEIL SEDAKA-Calender girl  DEL

  SHANNON-Stranger in town ANGELS-My boyfriend´s back JOHNNY RIVERS-Memphis




LONNIE DONEGAN – The King of Skiffle          TV-Shows 1959-61                                                                                     (21)  150:-

  Mr Froggie/ I shall not be moved/ Tom Dooley / The battle of New Orleans / Puttin´ SKIFFLE BABIES-I´m in the mood for Skiffle


ELVIS PRESLEY – The Early Years                      50s TV-shower                                                                                            (22)    95:-


GENE VINCENT – The Screaming End                 från film + TV 1957-64                                                                              (24)  150:-

  ED SULLIVAN SHOW 1957-Dance to the bop HOT ROD GANG 1958-Movie trailer/Dance to the bop/ Dance in the street/ Baby

  Blue THE GIRL CAN´T HELP IT 1956 -Movie trailer/ Be Bop A Lula ITALY 1960-Blue jean bop/ Sexy ways BELGIUN 1963-

  Rocky road blues/ Long tall Sally GRANADA 1964-You are my sunshine LIVE IT UP 1964-Temptation baby IT´S TRAD DAD