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                        och annat som hör 50-och 60-talet till     20 - 30 låtar / CD   (om inte annat anges)    Uppdaterad  sept 2008

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Beskrivning: Beskrivning: HasilAdkins Beskrivning: Beskrivning: anetteBeachParty 


HASIL ADKINS - Chicken Walk                                      Dee-Jay                                                                                                                      150:-

   She Said / Chicken Walk / She´s  Mine / Big Fat Mama / Donnie Boogie / Jenny Lou / Rock The Blues / RnRoll Tonight / Miami Kiss / Hunch


ANDY ANDERSON – Tought Tough Tough              Bb 161                                                                                                            (27)   150:-

  You shake me up/ Johnny Valentine/ I got me a woman/ I love you/ Gimme lock a yo hair/ Promise me/ Chop Sue/ Rock-Medley


PAUL ANKA - Remember Diana                                      B-Biter                   50s & 60s      ABC + RCA                                                           125:-

   Diana / I Love You Baby / That´s Love / Adam and Eve /Late Last Night / Lonely Boy / Love Me Warm And Tender / A Steel Guitar And A Gl


ANNETTE - Ultimate Collection                                        Marg                                                                                                                          150:-

   Dance Anette/ Surfin´ Luau / The Perfect Boy / Tall Paul / Lonely Guitar / Train Of Love / Dream Boy / Bikini Beach Party / Surfer Boy / Talk


ANN-MARGRET - Hits And Rarities                               Marg.                     Fever / Slowlly /Jim Dandy / Heartbreak Hotel / I Just d..          150:-


JERRY ARNOLD - Pleasant Jamboree                            Eagle                                                                                                                          150:-

   Race For Time / High Class Baby / Let´s Take A Ride / Eloise /  Need Your Love / Blue Moon / Blonds,Brunettes or Redheads / Wild girl / All


LLOYD ARNOLD – Red Coat,Green Pants                Star-Club               se Star-Club sidorna                                                                   140:-


THE ASTRONAUTS - Rarities                                          BCD                      RnRoll & Surf                                                                              165:-

   Come along Baby / Tryin´ To Get To You / Surf Party / Hot Doggin´/ Surfer Girl / Ride The Wild Surf / Firewater / Scotch And Guitar/Go


THE ASTRONAUTS - Surfin´ With / Competition Coupe       BCD           2 LP på en CD   Baja/ 55 Bird/ 56 Stingray/ Kuk/ Surfin´          165:-


FRANKIE AVALON - Best                                                Teacher´s pet/ DeDe Dinah/ Ginger bread/ Venus/ Why/ Two fools/ Bobby sox  150:-







Beskrivning: Beskrivning: BennyBarnes Beskrivning: Beskrivning: TommyBlake  Beskrivning: Beskrivning: johnnyburnetteTrio  Beskrivning: Beskrivning: Johnny B Rocks  Beskrivning: Beskrivning: johnny&DorseyBurnette


LAVERN BAKER -  LaVern Baker                              LaVern                                                                                                          (28)   150-

  Jim Dandy/ Tra la la/ I cant love you enough/ Thats all I need/ Bop-ting-a-ling/ Tweedle Dee/  Voodoo/ Hey Memphis/ St Louis

  Blues/ Jim Dandy got married/ Humpty dumpty heart/ Dix-a-billy/ Itty bitty girl/ Shake a hand/ Oh Johnny,oh Johnny/ Saved


BENNY BARNES – Poor Man´s Riches              Bear F    complete 50s recordings, ca 10 ej på Star-Club CDn                  (33)  165:-

You gotta pay/ No fault of mine/ Last message/ I got it made/ Penalty/ King for a day/ Poor old me                        Great George Jones stil country


THE BEACH BOYS - Hits                                                                                                                                                                                     125:-

   Surfin´ Safari / Surfin´ USA / Be True to Your School / Shut Down / Girls On The Beach / Catch A Wave / The Warmth of The Sun / I Get Ar.


THE BEACH BOYS - Spirit of Hawaii                        b-biter                                                                                                             (18)   125:-

  Spirit of America/ Why do fools fall in love/ Keep an eye on summer/ Car crazy cutie/ Cherry,cherry coupe/ No-Go showboat/ our

  car club/ Custom machine/ In the parking lot/ This car of mine/ South bay surfer/ Little Honda/ Hawaii/ Your summer dream/ All


THE BEACH BOYS - Surfer´s Moon                           b-biter                                                                                                             (18)   125:-

  Dance,dance/ Do you wanna dance/ Then I kissed her/  Surfer´s rule/ Hushabye/ Little girl(Miss America)/ Summertime blues/ Ten

  little indians/ 409/ Surfin´/ Louie,Louie/ Kis me baby/ When I grew up/ Good to me baby/ Please let me wonder/ The little girl I..


THE BEAU-MARKS – Hits & Rarities                             Spark                     Group RnRoll                                                                    (32)   150:-

  Clap your hands/ Clap your hands once again/ Moonligt party/ Rockin´ blues/ Billy went a walking/ Little miss Twist/ Oh Joan/ Classmate/ Stay

  With me/ For me and my gal/ I´m movin´ on/ Have I told you lately…/ Daddy said/ So fine/ Be Bop A Lula/ Tender years/ RnRoll has got a beat


FREDDIE BELL -  Rockin´ Is Our Business                   BCD                                                                                                                           165:-

   Giddy Up A Ding Dong / Hound Dog / Hucklebuck / Teach You To Rock / Stay Loose Mother Goose/All Right,OK,You Win/Move Me Baby


BOYD BENNETT – Tennessee RnRoll                             King                       Bill Haley stil (mest)                                                          (24)   150:-

  SeventeenThe Most/ Hit that Jive,Jack/ High school hop/ Right around the corner/ My boy flat top/ Cool Disc jockey/ Boogie at midnight


JOE BENNETT & SPARKLETONES - The Sparkletones                   Great Group-RnR    1957-59                                                 150-

  Black slacks/ Boppin´ rock boogie/ Penny loafers n bobby socks/ Rocket/ I dig you baby/ Cotton pickin´rocker/ Late again/ Maybe 

  baby/ Let´s go RnRoll/ Nr one on my love list/ Little turtle/ We´ve had it/ Do the stop/ Run rabbit run/ The King is coming back    


CHUCK  BERRY - Roll Over Beethoven                          Hits                         (finns även andra CD med Chuck t olika priser)                        125:-


                             - The London Sessions                          chess                      1972 insp   Let´s bogie/ My ding-a-ling/ I love you            (8)     95:-


BIG BOPPER – Best of                                                        Chantilly Lace/ Big Bopper´s Wedding/ Pink petticoats/ Teenage moon/ Crazy bl.   150:-


TOMMY BLAKE – Kool it                                    Bear  F                The Sun Years +R-A-Billy mm   intressant story               (29)  165:-

  Kool it/ Flat foot Sam/ Shake around/ I dig you baby/ Sweetie Pie/ F-olding money/Lordy Hoody/ The hanging judge/ Mr Hoody/ If  I´m..


MARCIE BLANE - Together w TRACEY DEE        Miss                      några ex i lager igen                                                     (25)   150:-

  Bobby´s girl/ Bobby did/  Little miss Fool/ I told you so/ What does a girl do/ You gave my nr to Billy/ She´ll break the string/

  TRACEY-Teenage Cleopatra/ Jerry/ Hangin´ on to.../ Who´s that/ Go away/ Gonna get along/ Any kind of love/ Once in a blue..


JULES BLATTNER – Teen Town                                Hydra                   50s / 60s inspelningar                                                  (29)   150:-

  Rock and Roll blues/ Teen town/ Lover doll/ Heartbeat/ Slip n slide/ Gamblin´ man/ One more time/ No money down/ Red top 


TOOTER BOATMAN - Rockin´                                        Collector                                                                                                                     150:-

   Thunder & Lightning / The Will Of Love / Life Begins At 4 O´Clock / Tooter´s Boogie /Rock It Up / Teenage Hangout / I´m With You /  Gonna


BOB & LUCILLE - The Canadian Sweethearts              hydra                                                                                                                          150:-

  Teenage boogie/ Eeny Meeny Miney Moe/ The big kiss/ Highland Lassie/ Colinda/ Dont let the stars get in your eyes/ Demon lover/ Love


EDDIE BOND – Memphis Rock-A-Billy king                  stomper                  1956-87                                                                             (40)   150:-

   Rockin´ Daddy/ Double Duty Lovin´ / I Got A Woman / Flip,Flop Mama / Boppin´ Bonnie / Slip,Slip,Slippin´ In / Juke Joint Johnnie/ Tore up


JOHNNY BOND – Put Me To Bed                                    Bear F                    Gonna Shake This Schack Tonight                                    (30)   165:-

  Alabama boogie boy/ Wildcat Boogie/ Barrel house boogie/ The little RnRoll/ Louisiana swing/ Honky tonk fever/ Livin´ it up/    = Country


PAT BOONE – A Wonderful Time Up There                   Love letters in the sand/ Bernardine/ Sp Gonzales/ Johnny will/ Tutti frutti               125:-


DAVID BOX - The David Box Story                            Roll                       B Holly inspirerat                                                          (32)   175:-

  Don´t cha know/ Some sweet day/ Some sweet day/ Valley of tears/ Slippin n slidin/ Little lonely summer girl/ Dream girl/ Apache


FRANKIE BRENT – Put on Your Rockin´ Shoes           Hydra                    fr Freddie Bells band     50-70s insp                                 (29)   150:-

   Cold as ice/ Playing the field/ Hound dog/ Rockin´ shoes/ Rompin´n stompin´/ Lovers lane/ No Rockin´ n Rollin´/ Ding Dong/ Teach you to rock


DONNIE BROOKS – Greatest Hits                              Bertha Lou/ Sway and move/ Hollywood party/ Doll house/ Memphis/ Flo  165:-


RUTH BROWN – Rockin´ Miss Rhytm                       rmr                                                                                                                   (31)   150-

  Lucky lips/ Wild wild young men/ Daddy, Daddy/ Teardrops from my eyes/ Mama, he treats your…/ This little girl´s gone rockin´/


THE BUDDIES – Go with The Buddies                       Speed                   Hondells-stil       Vokal+ instr                                     (33)   150:-

  Skateboard USA/ Ski jump/ Wanda on her Honda/ Sidewalk surfin´ scene/ Little BSA/ Yamaha/ Skaterdater rock/ Speedway/ GTO                                                                                                 


SONNY BURGESS – Arkansas Wild Man                      Charly                    50s Sun / Phillips Int.                                                         (25)   150:-

   We Wanna Boogie / Red Headed Woman / Restless / Aint Got A Thing / Fannie Brown / Sadie´s Back In Town / One night / Sweet Misery  /


DORSEY  BURNETTE - Great Shakin´ Fever                BCD                                                                                                                           165:-

   Don´t Let Go / Rainin´ In My Heart / Feminine Touch / Dying Ember / Sad Boy / Biggest Lover In Town / It´s No Sin / Good Good Lovin´ /Full


HANK C BURNETTE - My Name Is Hank    ///   A Touch of Memphis     Se STAR-CLUB sedan                                              per st          140:-


JOHNNY BURNETTE - Rockabilly Boogie                     BCD                      50s RnROLL TRIO Insp                                                              165:-

   Lonesome Train / Train Kept A -Rollin´ / Blues Stay Away From Me / Tear It Up / Eager Beaver Baby / Tear It Up/Oh Baby Babe/Rock Therapy


JOHNNY BURNETTE – Rocks     Bear F           1956 – 60 m 44 sidigt häfte        från Boxen                                                   (36)   165:-

  Train kept a-rollin´/ Rock-a-billy boogie/ Oh baby babe/ Honey hush/ Rock therapy/ Eager beaver baby/ Boppin´ Rosalie/ Come

  on baby/ Sweet baby doll/ We´re gonna rock it/ Kiss me/ Me and the bear/ Bertha Lou/ Wampus cat/ Lizzy D/ Cincinnati fireball


JOHNNY BURNETTE - 25 Greatest Hits                         emi                         Hitsen  mm                                                                                    95:-

  Dreamin´/ You´re 16/ Little boy sad/ Girls/ Moody river/ MonaLisa/ Dream lover/ The fool/ Sweet Susie/ Girl of my best friend/ All week long


JOHNNY & DORSEY BURNETTE -  Rock And Roll Tonight                   Hydra      udda insp + 10tal outgivna     30sid häfte                   140:-

  DORSEY-Jungle magic/ Lets fall in love/ Devils queen/ Bertha Lou/ Til the law says stop  JOHNNY-We´re having a party/ Hey Sue/ It dont

  take much/ What a summer day/ Fountain of love  TEXANS-Green grass of Texas/ Bloody river/ Rockin´ Johnny home  KIDS FROM TEXAS -

  Long legged Linda/ I´m so lonely/ Shoo bop slide  OUTGIVNA: Candle of love/ One eyed jacks/ Blue school days/ Just a memory/ B Moronie








Beskrivning: Beskrivning: buzzClifford Beskrivning: Beskrivning: AlmaCogan 

JO-ANN CAMPBELL - All The Hits                                 BAR                                                                                                                           150:-

   Aint Got No Steady Date / You-Ooh / Wassa Matter With You Baby / Sheila / Eddie My Love / A Kookie Little Paradise / Teenage Idol / Duane


RAY CAMPI – Road to Rockabilly                                   Enviken                 1951-58                                                                             (19)   150:-

  Caterpillar / Play It Cool / Give That Love Me / My screamin´ screamin´ Mimi / It ain´t me/ Toe tapped rhytm/ Long tall Sally/ Johnny´s jive


FREDDY CANNON - Greatest Hits                                  Point                                                                                                                 (32)   150:-

  Tallahassie Lassie/ Way down yonder / For me and my gal/ Transister sister/ Indiana/ If you were a RnR record/ Okefenooke/ Buzz buzz a d..


THE CARAVELLES - You Don´t Have To Be A Baby To Cry                   Marg                                                                                  (25)   150:-


JOHNNY CARROLL - Rock Baby Rock It                                                   Rockabilly klassiker                                                           (32)   165-

   Hot Rock / RnR Ruby / Crazy Crazy Lovin´/ Corrine, Corrina / The Swing / Bandstand Doll / Sugar / Rockin´ Maybelle / Crazy Little Mama /


JOHNNY CASH – 50s Hits      Sun-inspelningar                I walk the line/ Get rhytm/ Mean eyed cat                                                                 125:-


                            -  60s         Columbia-insp                        Ring of fire/ I got stripes/ Rebel- J Yuma/ Tenn flat-top box/ Alamo                        125:-


JOEY CASTLE - Rock&Roll Daddy-O                            BCD                      = Cliff Rivers                                                                     (16)   165:-

   True Lips / Dont Knock It / Please Love Me / Wild Love / Cathy / Lucy Ann / Come A Little Closer Baby / Shake Hands With A Fool / Phantom


CHUBBY CHECKER - Mr Twister                                  B-Biter                   Lets Twist Again/ The Twist/ The Class/ The Fly  mm               125:-


KENNY CHANDLER – Saturday Night  lite DION stil   Gift of love/ The magic ring/ Tears at a party/ Sweet on Susie/ Sunshine        (33)   150:-                                                                                               


JAY CHEVALIER – Rocking Country Sides                  Hydra                    50-60s Louisiana RnR-Country                                         (30)   150:-

  Castro Rock/ Mona/ RnRoll angel/ Billy Cannon/ High school hop/ Khruschew and the devil/ South to Louisiana/ Jolie Blonde/ Back to Louisiana


LOU CHRISTIE - Lou Christie / Strikes again         Collect                  2 LP på CD                                                                      (24)   150:-

  Two faces have I/ The gipsy cried/ How many teardrops/ Stay/ When you dane/ Tears on my pillow/ Mr Tenor man/ All that glitter

  isn´t gold/ Back track/ Pot of gold/ A teenager in love/ Too many miles/ If wishes could be kisses/ Crying on my knees/ Big time


DAVE CLARK FIVE – Glad all over/ Return/ American Tour                    3 LP fr 1964 på CD)                                                                   150:-

  Do you love me/ Bits and pieces/ Stay/ She´s all mine/ Zip a dee doo dah          Detta =Vol 1.  finns 6 vol till med olika LP på CD. Fråga per tel.


SANFORD CLARK - The Fool                                          BCD                                                                                                                           165-

   Lonesome For A Letter / Lou-Be-Dou / Modern Romance / Swanee River Rock / Still As The Night / Son Of A Gun / Usta Be My Baby/A Cheat


JOE CLAY - Ducktail                                                         BCD                      16 Chicks/ Crackerjack/ Doggone it/ Jelly Bean                (11)   165:-


BUZZ CLIFFORD - More Than Just Baby Sittin´                                  Complete recordings 1958-67                                    (28)   150:-

  Golly gosh og gee/ 14 carat fool/ Pididdle/ For always/ Baby sittin´ boogie/ Ebb tide/ Shake,rattle,,/ Blue lagoon/ I´m in love again

  Loneliness/ Ttrue love/ long t Sally/ Driftwood/ 3 little fishes/ I´ll never forget/ Moving day/ Magic circle/ Forever/ Until then/


PATSY CLINE  Gonna Shake This Schack Tonight   Bear                       Hennes bästa uptempo countrylåtar (å rocklåtar)              (31)   165:-

  I don´t wanta/ Stop,look and listen/ Stop the world/ Honky tonk merry go round/ I love you honey/ Gotta lot of rhytm in my   soul/ Walkin´

  after midnight/ Crazy dreams/ Love me,love me honey do/ Moving along/ For rent/ Side by side/ Stupid Cupid    m flera


EDDIE COCHRAN -    Hits                                               20 flight rock/ Summertime blues/ C´mon everybody/3 steps to heaven                    125:-

                                                                                                                              + några andra CD


JACKIE LEE COCHRAN - Jackie Lee Cochran            Hydra                    Hip shakin´ mama/ Riverside jump/ Buy a car/ Ruby Pearl (29) 150:-


ALMA COGAN - Alma Cogan                                          emi                                                                                                                   (22)   125:-

  Tennessee Waltz/ The birds and the bees/ Hello baby/ Just couldn´t resist her w her pocket transister/ Snakes,snails n p../ Train of love/ Tell h


THE COLLINS KIDS - The Rockinest                             BCD                                                                                                                 (22)   165:-

   Hop Skip And Jump / Hoy Hoy / In My Teens / Rock Boppin´ Baby / The Rockaway Rock / Hush Money / Shortnin´ Bread Rock / Make Him


PERRY COMO – Jukebox Baby     50s      Bear               Kewpie doll/ Caterina/Hot diggety/ Hubba Hubba/ Catch a falling star            (30)   165:-


BOBBY COMSTOCK – Hits and Rarities                        Teen                       Mycke populär här                                                            (24)   150:-

  Tenneaaee Waltz/ Jealous fool/ Sweet talk/ Zig Zag/ Susie baby/ Do that little thing/ Bonie Moronie/ Your boyfriend´s back/ Cant judge a book


CAROL CONNORS – 1960-65                                          Teen                       = Teenage Girls Vol 2        US early 60s tjej                     (32)   150:-

  Go Go GTO/ My special boy/ Swinging summer/ Dear one/ Johnny oh Johnny/ Big big love/ Angel my angel/ My diary/ Listen to the beat


SAM COOKE – Portrait of a Legend                                 abcko                       Kanonsångare. Insp 1951 – 64       Greatest Hits           (30)  175:-

 You send me/ Only 16/ For sentimental reasons/ You were made for me/ Sad mood/ Cupid/ What a wonderful world/ Chain gang/ Bring it on

  home to me/ Summertime/ Twistin´ the night away/ Shake/ Tennessee Waltz/ Another Saturday night/ Having a party/ (Aint that) good…


EDDIE COOLEY – Fever      1956 – 61                           Hydra                      Nice svart Teen/Teenbeat  mm                                          (27)  150:-

  Priscilla/ Hey you/ Got a little woman/ A spark met a flame/ Juicy fruit/ The wildest time/ Leona/ Fever/  Be my steady (Clementine)/ Play it

  OTIS BLACKWELL-All shook up/ Music and fire WINFIELD SCOTT-Tweddle Dee OLLIE JONES-Send for me/ Come on BILLY DAWN


COWBOY COPAS – Gonna Shake This Schack Tonight  Bear   Hans uptempo country + någon rocklåt                                          (34)   165:-

  Circle Rock/ South Pacific shore/New Filipino baby/ Wont you ride in my little red wagon/ Jamboree/ Crazy over you/ Roly   Poly/ Tragic

  romance/ Hangman´s boogie/ Texas Red/ Tennessee flat guitar/ Peaches and cream/ Tennessee Senorita/     m flera                   


RICKY COYNE Meets ANDY DIO                                  Eagle                                                                                                                (24)  150:-

  Rollin´Pim Mim/ Little Darleen/ Short fat Fanny/ Angel from heaven////Daisy Belle/ Rough n bold/ You are my sunshine/ Hey little bluebird


BILLY ´CRASH´ CRADDOCK - Boom Boom Baby      BCD                      RnRoll / Teenbeat                                                               (21)   165:-

   Sweetie Pie / Lulu Lee / Ah,Poor Little Baby / Well,Don´t You Know / One Last Kiss / Letter of Love / School Day Dream / I Want That /All..


CRAZY CAVAN & RHYTM ROCKERS – Wildest Cats in Town            även några andra CD                                                                 150:-

  R-A-Billy Rules / Teddy boy boogie/ Knock knock/ Sadie/ Bop pretty baby/ My little sister´s got a motorbike/ Get yourself a band/ Old bl Joe


THE CRICKETS – Still in Style                                         Bear                       Efter Buddy Holly                                                              (23)   150:-

  Someone,someone/ I fought the law/ When you ask about love/ Ting-A-Ling/ Great balls of fire/ Baby my heart/ More than I can say/ Deborah


HOWARD CROCKETT – Out of Bounds          Bear F    Great J Horton stil 50s country (några nästan RnRoll)            (36)  165:-

  Break away Billy Boy/ Tell me why/ Steamboat Bill/ Thunder road/ Honky tonk man/ I got stripes/ All grown up/ That old jukebox/


THE CRYSTALS - He´s A Rebel                                       Mar                        Then he kissed me/ Da doo ron ron/ Uptown/ Uptown/ (29)      150:-


THE CUES – Why                             Bear F           en av 50talets stora doa-grupper med sina egna inspelningar                 (28)    165:-

  Crackerjack/ Burn that candle/ Crazy,crazy party/ RnRoll Mr Oriole/ Yes Sir/ Killer diller/ Hot rotten soda pop/ Warm spot/


MAC CURTIS – Blue Jean Heart                                      King                       Klassisk Rock-A-Billy                                                         (19)   150:-

  Grandaddy´s Rockin´/ If I had me a woman/ That ain´t nothin´ but right/ Little miss Linda/ Blue Jean heart/ What you want/ Missy Ann/ Say so


JOHNNY CYMBAL - Mr Bass Man                                 sp-tone                                                                                                             (32)   150:-

   Bachelor Man/ Teenage Heaven/ Tijuana/ True Lovin´/ Little Miss Lonely/ Cinderella Baby/ Connie/ Pack Of Lies/ Bunny/ It´ll be me/ Cheat,..








Beskrivning: Beskrivning: danny&Juniors Beskrivning: Beskrivning: leeDenson Beskrivning: Beskrivning: johnnydevlin Beskrivning: Beskrivning: terryDene  Beskrivning: Beskrivning: Patty Duke  


TED DAIGLE - Teenage Time With                            Coll 4459             Mest 50s / 60s                                                                 (31)   150:-

  Mary Lou/ Mind your own business/ Rnr Ruby/ So doggone lonesome/ Cut across Shorty/ No one else/ Tennessee/ Walk the floor


THE DANLEERS - One Summer Night                           BCD                      My flaming heart/ Wheelin´n dealin´/                                (25)   165:-


DANNY & Jrs - Rockin´ With                                           Point                                                                                                                 (30)   150:-   

   At The Hop / RnRoll Is Here To Stay / Dottie / Crazy Cave / Playin´ Hard To Get / Twistin´ All Night/Sassy Fran / Back To The Hop/Some Kind

   of Nut / I Feel So Lonely / Twistin´ USA / Daydreamer / Pony Express / School Boy Romance / In The Meantime / Talahassie Lassie/ When The


BOBBY DARIN – Rocks                                        Bear        Decca, Atco,Brunswick å Capitol insp. 50s&60s                         (36)   165:-

  Splish Splash/ Mighty mighty man/ Judy don´t be moody/ I want you with me/ Pertty Betty/ Early in the morning/ Bullmoose/

  Plain Jane/ Queen of the hop/I ain´t sharin´ Sharon/ Wear my ring/ Pity miss Kitty/ I found a million ¤ baby/ Dream lover/ Now

  we´re one/ Oo-ee train/ Multiplication/ Sorrow tomorrow/ Ruby baby/ Since you´ve been gone/ Silly Willie/ Clementine/ So m..


BOBBY DAY - Rockin´ With Robin                                 Rockin´ Robin/ Over n over/ Little bitty pretty one/ Bluebird,buzzard n oriole          150:-


DORIS DAY – Hits                                                              Que Sera, Sera/ Move over darling/ Everybody loves a lover/ Pillow talk/ A guy     125:-


THE DEEJAYS – Baby Talk                                              Dum Dum/ Long tall Shorty/ Farmer John/ Dimples/ Zip a dee doo dah/                    95:-


DEL VIKINGS - The Big Beat                                           Sparkle                                                                                                                       150:-

   The Woodo Man / Friendly Loan / String Along / Pretty Little Thing Called Girls / The Bells / Jitterbug Mary / You Cheated / Snowbound / I´m


TERRY  DENE – Decca Singles Collection                Vocalion               UK 1957 – 59  RnRoll                                                   (26)  150:-

  A white sport coat/ The man in the ´phone´ boat/ Green corn/ Start movin´/ Teenage dream/ Come and get it/ Lucky,lucky Bobby/ 

  Baby,she´s gone/ T golden age/ The stairway of love/ C´min and be loved/ Pretty little Pearly/ Who,Baby,Who/ I´ve got a good thing


LEE DENSON – The South´s Gonna Rise Again            Hydra                    några med Eddie Cochran                                                          150:-

  Red Hot rockin´ blues/High school hop/ New shoes/Heart of a fool/ Rock daddy rock/ Red hot rockin´ ralley/ Teenage world/ Love twister


JACKIE DE SHANNON – The Early Years                    Miss                                                                                                                 (33)   150:-

  Buddy/ Trouble/ Needles and pins/ When you walk in the room/ Just like in the movies/ Oh Boy/ Dancing silhouettes/ Faded love/ Be good baby


JOHNNY DEVLIN - The Prestige Years 1958-59     spin 2CD              Great RnRoll fr Australien/ Nya Zealand                 (44)   175:-

  Lawdy miss Clawdy/ Straight skirt/ You´re gone baby/ Hand Jive/ The watch/ Crazy crazy baby/ How would ya be/ Leroy/ Queen of

  the hop/ Big green car/ When my blue moon../ Rock with the devils/ I´m grateful/ Gotta lotta that/Matador baby/ High heel shoes


JOHNNY DEVLIN - Whole lotta shakin´ goin´ on    spin                       Great RnRoll + några bra Teeners                            (31)   150-

  Lawdy miss Clawdy/ Straight skirt/ Rocket in my pocket/ the watch/ 20 flight rock/ Wild one/ Doreen/ I gotta be true/ Tiger/

  Turn the lights out Johnny/ Koala Bear/ Got a zack in the back/ Stayin´ up late/ Do it right/ Wicked wicked woman/ Please teach


BARRY DeVORZON and THE TAMERLANES - Hits And Rarities        Bra TEEN och vit DooWop                                               (32)   150:-

  I wonder what she´s doin´ tonight/ Cora Lee/ Baby Doll/  Barbara Jean/ False love/ Honey Bunny/ Betty/ Hey little darlin´/ A date w Judy /


BO DIDDLEY – The Essential                                           Bo Diddley/ I´m a man/ Cadillac/ You can´t judge a book by the cover      (20)  125:-


DION & THE BELMONTS – Hits                                     A teenager in love/ Runaround Sue/ Lovers who wonder/ Rosalie/                 (30)   125:-


CARL DOBKINS Jr - My Heart Is An Open Book         My heart is an open book/ Love is everything/ If you don’t want my lovin´ (30)      165:-


JOHNNY DOLLAR - Mr Action Packed                          Roll                        Texas RnRoll                                                                                175:-

  Slim Jim Baby/ Car coat beat/ Action packed/ My gal Friday/ Green-eyed cat/ Rockin´ bones/ Honey bee love/ RnR war dance/ It´s my day/


FATS DOMINO – Hits   (även andra CD)                          Blueberry Hill/ My blue heaven/ I´m ready/ Aint that a shame/ I´m in love ag.         125:-


                       - The Paramount Years      60s                       Fats on fire/ Gotta get a job/ Fats shuffle/ I´m a fool to care/ Red sails..          (24)   125:-                                                                                               


LONNIE DONEGAN – King of Skiffle                             Rock Island line/ Don´t you rock me Daddy-O/ Chewing gum/ T Dooley   (19)   95:-


RAL DONNER – You don´t Know What You´ve Got    COL                                                                                                                 (18)   150:-

  The girl of my best friend/ I didn´t figure on him/ Little miss heartbreak/ Creampuff/ She´s everything/ Will you love me in heaven/ I didn´t fig..


RAL DONNER - 27 Rockin´ Hits                                      Can                        nytt å gammalt                                                                             150:-

  Run little Linda/  I got burned/ So much lovin´/ Rip it up/ Dont leave me lonely/  Good lovin´/ Beyond the hearbreak/ Lovin´ place/ Wedding


DORIS – Did You Give the World Some Love Today     Mama didn´t lie/ Wouldn´t it be groovy/ Go back to daddy/   Swed girl 1966-70    95:-


JOE DOWELL – Wooden Heart                                        BCD                                                                                                                 (32)   165:-

  Little Bo Beep/ Our school days/ Bobby Blue loves Linda Lu/ Dancing Doll/ Lili Marleen/ Bridge of love/ Poor little Cupid/ Morgen


BIG AL DOWNING - Rockin´ Down The Farm              Eagle                                                                                                                (24)   150:-

  Georgia Slop / Miss Lucy / When My Blue Moon.../ Yes,I´m Loving Yoy / Please Come Home / Just Around The Corner / Oh Babe / So Many


PATTY DUKE – Patty                                           Tenn                    US 60s tjej                                                                              (27)   150:-

  Don´t just stand there/ One kiss away/ Everything but love/ Downtown/ Sure gonna miss him/ Save your heart for me/ Ribbons






VINCE EAGER – The Complete Vince               Pink & Black 2CD                         UK RnRoll   (från hela hans karriär)    (62) 165:-

Yeah Yeah/ Gum drop/ No more/ Soda pop pop/ Lend me your comb/ This should go on forever/ Why/ El Paso/ It´s only make believe/

Primrose lane/ No love have I/ Heavenly/ It´s late/ Blue ribbon baby/ All shook up/ Say mama/ Dream lover/ Shake it baby/ Days of RnR


THE EARLS – 25 Original Recordings (Best of)     COL                Remember then/ Never/ Eyes/ Life is but a dream/ Kissing     (25)   150:- 


TIBBY EDWARDS – Play It Cool Man              Bear F                 50s H Williams stil country, några nästan R-A-Billy      (34)  165:-

Flip,flop and fly/ Long time gone/ I´d come running/ Walkin´ and crying/ Big Mamou/ Teenage troubles/ Mine forever/ Shift gears/ Teen..


ESQUERITA - Rockin´ The Joint                                                               L Richard stil RnRoll                                                    (28)   150:-

  Hey miss Lucy/ I´m battie over Hattie/ Crazy crazy feeling/ Maybe baby/ Hole in my heart/ Baby come back/ Katie Mae/ Sarah Lee/


THE EVERLY BROTHERS -  Till I Kissed You   Hits   B-Biter                   Bye bye love/ Wake up l Susie/ Bird dog/ Hey,doll baby           125:-







Beskrivning: Beskrivning: shaneFenton Beskrivning: Beskrivning: larryFinnegan 


FABIAN – Hits                                                                     Tiger/ Turn me loose/ I´m a man/ Hound dog man/ Steady date/ Lilly Lou                125:-


THE FANTOMS – Lost Chance..an other Hits    Vol 2   Hot Wax                11 vokala-7 instr    GREAT     inspelat 1982-83                (18)   150:-

  Cadillac/ Don´t knock on my door/ No fancie car/ Satelliite/ Fantom jump/ Three cool cats/ Never mind/ True love will come to you/ Midnight

                                                                                                                              Även några ex av Vol 1 finns. Samma GREAT stil                  :-


CHARLIE FEATHERS - Wild Wild Party                       South                     klassisk Rockabilly                                                            (31)   150:-

   Bottle To The Baby / Today And Tomorrow / Cant Hardly Stand It /  Jungle Fever / Everybody´s Lovin´ My Baby/Get Whit It /Tongue Tied Jill

  One hand loose/ Nobody´s woman/ All messed up/ Why don´t you/ Defrost your heart/ Wedding gown of white/ Can´t hardly stand it/ Sleepy t… 


NARVEL FELTS - Did You Tell Me                                 BCD                                                                                                                 (34)   165:-

   My Babe / Foolish Thoughts / Kiss A Me Baby / A Teen´s  Way / Lonely River / Vada Lou / Dream World / Rocket Ride / Cutie Baby /  Tony /


THE FENDERMEN - Mule Skinner Blues                       DeeJay                                                                                                             (18)   150:-

   Beach Party / Bertha Lou / Dont You Just Know It / Heartbreakin´  Special / Honky Tong / Jack of Diamonds / Torture / High Noon / Caravan  /


LARRY FINNEGAN - Greatest Hits                                 RIB                                                                                                                  (29)   150:-

  Dear One/ Candy lips/ Pretty Suzy sunshine/ I like it like that/ Bound for Huoston/ Seven days/ Pick up the pieces/ Good morning tears / Pretty

  Suzy sunshine/ Lucinda/ Say hello to Mama/ Hickory Hill/ Oh lonesome me/ Call me the joker/ My happiness/ The biggest hurt of all/ Lah dee


EDDIE FONTAINE - Cool it Baby                               Musidisc                                                                                                                   150:-

  Nothin´ shakin´/ Hey Marie! Dance with me/ RnRoll baby/ Who´s Eddie/ Honky tonk man/ One and only/ Tryin´ to get to you/ Fun


EMILE FORD - The Best Of                                              What do you want to make those eyes../ Still/ Heavenly/ Move along             (15)     60:-


Tennessee ERNIE FORD – Best                                         16 tons/ Blackberry boogie/ Shotgun boogie/ Mr and Missisippi/ Cry of wild g         95:-


THE FOUR LOVERS - The Four Lovers                         BCD                      50s    Shake A Hand/ Honey Love/ White Christmas        (31)   165:-


FRANKIE VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS  - The Fantastic First Years    Under andra namn    Great GroupSound                                   150:-

   Four Lovers-Pucker Up  Frankie Tyler-I Go Apy / If You Care   The Travellers-Forgive And Forget   The Romans-Somebody Else   Billy Dixon-

   Trance / Lost Lullaby   Johnny Halo-Betty Jean   The Rays-Bright Brown Eyes  Van Trevor-A Fling of The Past  Four Seasons-Better With Coke


CONNIE FRANCIS – Connie Rocks   (Hits)                   Bear F                    Även flera  andra CD                                                        (33)   165:-

  Stupid Cupid/ Lipstick on your collar/ E-body somebody ´s fool/ Who´s sorry now/ Robot man/ Eighteen/ Plenty good lovin´/ Too many rules/


STAN FREBERG – Very Best                                            COL                      Heartbreak hotel/ Sh-Boom/ Rock island line/ John&M    (21)   150:-


LEFTY FRIZELL – Steppin´ Out Bear F                                                  Bra 50s Country (inkl några Rockabilly)                  (35)   165:-

  Steppin´ out/ Shine,shave,shower/ Heaven´s plan/ Run ´em off/ Sick,sober and sorry/ Always late/ Cigarettes and coffee blues







Beskrivning: Beskrivning: mickeyGilleys 


GEORGIA GIBBS - Great Balls of Fire                             Gold                      Silent Lips/ Hula Hoop Song/ 7 Lonely Days/ Rock right 150:-


DON GIBSON - A Legend In My Time                             BCD                                                                                                                 (26)   165:-

   Blue Blue Day / Oh,Lonesome Me / I Can´t Stop Loving You / If You Don´t Know It / Bad,Bad Day / Sweet Sweet Girl / Give Myself A Party


MICKEY GILLEY - Rockin´ Rollin´ Piano                      Spark                     J Lee-stil (kusin)                                                                (32)   150:-

   Tell Me Why / Ooh Wee Baby / Whole Lotta Shaking / Come On Baby / Call Me Shorty / Drive In Movie / End of The Road / My Babe/L Egypt


GLEN GLENN -  Rocks                                                      BCD                      50s Rock-A-Billy      inkl  alternative insp.                         (25)   175:-

  Everybody´s Movin´ / If I Had Me A Woman / One Cup of Coffee / Blue Jeans And A Boy´s Shirt /Kathaleen / Kitty Kat / Laurie Ann / Baby

  let´s play house/ Would ya/ I´m glad my baby´s gone away/ Goofin´ around/ That´s allright/ Kathaleen             Med 68sidigt häfte


GLEN GLENN – Dim Lights, Thick Smoke                     Bear                       Många outgivna                                                                 (36)   165:-

  It rains/ Let me talk to you/ Hey Ma,hey Pa/ One more time/ Treat me nice/ Jailhouse rock/ Baby I don´t care/ I never stop loving you/ Crazy


CURTIS GORDON - Play The Music Louder                  BCD                                                                                                                 (34)   165:-

   Rompin´ n Stompin´ / Draggin´ / Mobile,Alabama/ I´m Sittin´ On The Top of The World / Sixteen/ Rocky Road of Love/ You Crazy,Crazy Moon


CHARLIE GRACIE - It´s Fabulous                                 Cotton T                1951--58                                                                            (32)   150:-

   Butterfly/ Cool baby/ Wanderin´ eyes/ A Heart Like A Rock / 99 Ways / Wildwood Boogie / Rockin´ Rollin´ / Rock the Joint/  Guitar Boogie


RUDY GRAYZELL – Ducktail                                         Let´s get wild/ You´re gone/ Judy/ F B I Story/ Jig ga lee ga/ I think of you (28)  150:-








Beskrivning: Beskrivning: paulHamton Beskrivning: Beskrivning: DaleHawkins  Beskrivning: Beskrivning: thehepstars_Cadillac Beskrivning: Beskrivning: eddieHodges Beskrivning: Beskrivning: Screamin Jay H Rocks              


RONNIE HAIG – Rockin´ with Rhytm                         Redita                                                                                                             (25)   150:-

  Rockin´ with Rhytm&Blues/ Money is a thing/ Don´t you hear me calling/ Hey little baby R-A-Billy woman  STUDENTS-Every day


BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS - Rock The Joint    Roll                      Essex-inspelningar 1951-54                                                  175:-

  Rocket 88/ Green tree boogie/ Jukebox cannonball/ Rock the joint/ Dance with a doll/ Real rock drive/ Live/ 10 little indians


BILL HALEY – Original Hits      Bästa      Rock ar the clock/Crazy man crazy/ See your later alligator/ R O C K/ R-A-Beatin´ boogie/ (20) 125:-


BILL HALEY – 50 Years of ´Rock Around The Clock´  Hydra 2CD                                                                                   (60)  195:-

  En CD med 30 versioner av ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK med Bill Haley. Andra CDn 30 versioner  med andra artister.


BILL HALEY´S COMETS – We´re Gonna Party           Hydra  1991 Concert                                                              (16)  150:-         


Bill Haley´s Orig. COMETS – Live in Concert                             Hydra DVD       Svängig RnR insp 2003   (+ intervju)                    (20)  150:-

  Shake,rattle n roll/ Well,now dig this/ Crazy man crazy/ The house is rockin´/ The Saints RnRoll/ R O C K/ Rock around the clock


LARRY HALL – Sandy                                        Lovin´ tree/ Rebel heart/ Sweet lips/ A girl like you/ I´ll stay single/ Knick knack        (18)   150:-


ROY HALL – Roy Rocks                                        BCD                    50s Pianorockare  Digipack m 56 sidig häfte                  (27)   165:-

  Whole lotta shakin´ goin´ on (som han skrev)/ Diggin´ the boogie/ 3 alley cats/ See you later alligator/ Dirty boogie/ Blue suede shoes/

  Christine/ She sure can rock me/ Flood of love/ One monkey can´t stop the show/ Bed Spring Motel/ Luscious/ Dig everybody dig…


JACK HAMMER - The Best Of                                         BAR                      The Twistin´ King                                                              (30)   150:-

   Kissin´ Twist /  Boogie Woogie Twist / Twist Talk / Crazy Twist / Choo Choo Twist / The Wiggle/ Wiggling Fool/ Mealncholy Baby / Juliette


PAUL HAMPTON – Rockin´ Doll                                     Car                         Kanon Teenbeat RnRoll (mest)                                          (24)   150:-

  Slam bam thank ya Ma´am/ Love/ Don´t be stuck up/ Classy babe/ Play it cool/ Live a life of love/ I´m in love with a bunny/ Don´t pretend


THURSTON HARRIS - Little Bitty Pretty One               Plaza                      Complete early recordings                                                (35)   150:-

   Over And Over / Hey Baba Leba / Do What You Did / Runk Bunk / One Scotch,One Buorbon../ Dance On Little Girl / Smokey Joe´s /Purple


DALE HAWKINS – Dale Rocks                            Bear F                 Klassisk RnRoll                                                                                                (34)  165:-

Susie-Q/ See you soon Baboon/Little pig/ Teenage dolly/ Sweetie pie/ Baby, baby/ Tornado/ Don´t treat me this way/ La-do-da-da/ My b..


HAWKSHAW HAWKINS – Gonna Shake This Schack Tonight  Bear   Country, boogies å Honky Tonk                                                         (33)   165:-

  Car Hoppin´ Mama/ Pan American/ Dog house boogie/ Shotgun boogie/ Rattlesnakin´ daddy/ Ling ting tong/ I gotta have you/ Waitin´ for my baby                          


RONNIE HAWKINS – Rocks  Bear                    Klassisk artist   Great RnRoll     snyggt häfte                                                 (32)   165:-

  Thirty days/ Forty days/ Ruby baby/ Horace/ Wild little Willy/ One of these days/ Watcha gonna do/ Mary Lou/ My gal is red   Hot/

  Need your lovin´/ Dizzy miss Lizzy/ Hay ride/ Southern love/ Hey Boba Lou/ Odessa/ Who do you love/ Bo Diddley    m flera


SCREAMIN´ JAY HAWKINS – Rocks                         Bear           udda 50s (å några 60s)                                                          (31)   165:-

  I put a spell on you/ Little demon/ Baptize me in wine/ Alligator wine/ I is/ $ 10.000 Lincoln Continental/ You ain´t foolin´ me


MICKEY HAWKS – Bip Bop Boom                                 Star-Club               se Star-Club sidorna                                                                   150:-


LEE HAZLEWOOD - The Cowboy & The Ladies          ihi          m N Sinatra/ S J Hokom/ Ann-Kr Hedmark/ N Lizell/ Ann-Margret/          150:-

  Jackson/ Lady bird/ Summer wine/ The girl in Paris/ Sand/ Old Milwaukee/ Leather & Lace/ Bad Cowboy/ Chico/ Sweet thing/ Paris summer


HEINZ - Tribue to Eddie         RGM-insp                         Roll                        troligen inte i lager, FRÅGA!                                             (18)   175:-

  Just like Eddie/ Sorry/ Country boy/ Don´t you knock at my door/ Cut across Shorty/ 20 flight rock/ Rumble in the night/ Tribute to Eddie


CLARENCE “FROGMAN” HENRY – Best                    But I do/ Aint got no home/ Lonely street/ Why can´t you/ Troubles,troubles 150:-


THE HEP STARS - We And Our Cadillac                       emi                         LPn + Bonuslåtar                                                              (20)   95:-

  Cadillac/ Kana kapila/ Tribute to B Holly/ Bird dog/ Summertime blues/ Farmer John/ Donna/ Rockin´ love/ No response/ Bald headed woman


BENNIE HESS – Texas R-A-Billy and Country   Hydra                     från 40-  till 70-talet                                              (30)  150:-

  Bennie Hess Boogie/ Drink, drink, drink/ Jungleland rock/ Wild hog boogie/ Boppin the rock/ Bennie´s Texas blues/ Truck drivin´ man/


BEN HEWITT - You Got Me Shook                                 BCD                      Elvisly                                                                                (21)   165:-

   For Quite A While / I Aint Givin´ Up Nothin´ / Patricia June / You Break Me Up /My Search / Whirlwind Blues / Yesterday´s Dream / I Want


ERSEL HICKEY - Bluebirds Over The Mountain          BCD                                                                                                                 (25)   165:-

   Hangin´ Around / Goin´ Down The Road / Love In Bloom / What Do Yuo Want / You Never Can Tell / The Wedding / You Threw A Dart /


ERSEL HICKEY -  Hangin´ Around at…Heartbreak hotel       Hydra             gammalt å nytt                                               (29)  150:-

  Bluebirds over the mountain/ Hangin´ around/ You threw a dart/  Street car of desire/ Rockabilly dreams/  Heartbreak Hotel


HILLBILLY FIVE – Top Twenty                                     Solna                     se Svenska sidorna                                                                        95:-


CURTIS HOBOCK – Hey Everybody!                              Star-Club               se Star-Club sidorna                                                                   140:-


EDDIE HODGES - I´m Gonna Knock On Your door      Globe            1sta 10 i Topp 1an   Sista exen                                   (21)   150-

  Bandit of my dreams/ Girls/ Ain´t gonna wash for a week/ Rainin´ in my heart/ Halfway/ Mugmates/ I make believe it´s you/


THE HOLLIES – Hits                                                      Bus stop/ Carrie Anne/ Searchin´/ Stop,stop,stop/ Jennifer E.                      125:-


BUDDY HOLLY – Hits     även några andra CD              Peggy Sue/ Rave On/ Maybe Baby/ Think It Over/  That´ll be the day                      125:-


HOMER & JETHRO – Assault the RnRoll Era    Bear F            Komisk RnRoll 1952-64                                                        (31)  165:-

Houn´dawg/ Hart brake motel/ Two tone shoes/ Rock boogie/ At the flop/ 16 tons/ Ballad of Davy Crew-Cut/ Screen door/ Itsy bitsy teenie


THE HONDELLS - Come Ride With Us           ATM                   Utmärkt 1964 US  vokal / instr             (35)    165:-

  Little Honda/ Hot rod high/ The wild one/ Death valley run/ A guy without wheels/ Honda beach party/ Haulin´ Honda/ Rip´s   Bike/

  Black boots and bikes/ Cycle chace/ Speedway/ Honda holiday/ Black denim/ Hondell´s stomp/ Pepsi-Cola Commercial    m flera


JOHNNY  HORTON - Rockin´ Rollin´                             BCD                      Hans rock-låtar                                                                 (20)   165:-

   Honky tonk Man / Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor / Cherokee Boogie / Sugar Coated Baby / The Wild One / Lover´s Rock /I´m Ready If You´re


TAB HUNTER – Young love                                 Teen Sound       Filmstjärna och 50s Teen-sångare                                      (35)  150:-

  99 ways/ Red sails in the sunset/Hey good lookin´/ Black coat/ You´re gonna change/ Wild side of love/ You´re gonna change/

  There´s no fool like an old fool/ Bye bye love/ But I do/ Moonlight bay/ You cheated/ Jealous heart/ After you´ve gone/


BRIAN HYLAND – Hits & Rarities                                  B-mont                                                                                                             (32)   150:-

  Itsy bitsy teenie weenie…/ 4 little heels/ Ginny come lately/ Don´t dilly dilly sally/ Let me belong to you/ Warmed over kisses/ Summer job/









Beskrivning: Beskrivning: Johnny Jano  Beskrivning: Beskrivning: Bob Jaxon  Beskrivning: Beskrivning: jerryJaye 


AUTREY INMAN – Be Bop Baby                                     encore                    50s country (å några Great RABilly-Teenbeat)                 (24)   150:-

  Be Bop Baby/ A doggone lie/ Uh huh honey/ Dreamboat/ Mary Nell/ Pucker up/ Big Sam/ The hard way/ Blue M-day/Back to Dixie


RODDY JACKSONCentral Valley Fireball       Ace                 Kanon vit Specialty Rockare     alla hans insp                 (16)  175:-

Hiccups/ Moose on the loose/ Jukebox baby/ Any old town/ Gloria/ I found a new girl/ Gloria/ Cherry pie/ Whole lotta shakin´/ She said


WANDA JACKSON – Rocks        RnRoll Hitsen            Bear F                    även några andra CD                                                       (35)   165:-                                                                                                

  Let´s have a party/ Mean Mean Man/ Fuyiyama Mama/ There´s A Party goin´ on/ Man we had a party/ Hard headed woman/ Rock your baby/


SONNY JAMES – Rocks                                                    Bear                                                                                                                  (34)   165:-

  Young love/ Apache/ The cat came back/ Uu-huh-Mm/ First date,first love/ Let´s play love/ Kathaleen/ Let´s make up/ Yo Yo/ Pure love/ This..


TOMMY JAMES & The Shondells – Hanky Panky        I´ll go crazy/ Mony,mony/ Good lovin´/ Cleo´s mood/ Shake a tail feather     (23)   150:-


JAN & DEAN - The Complete Early Years                      Sparkle                  tidiga insp     före surfen   Great!                                      (34)   150:-

  Jennie Lee/ Bonnie Lou/ Gas Money/ I love Linda/ Baby talk/ Clementine/ Cindy/ Baggy pants/ Heart n soul/ Midsummer nights dream/ Julie


JAN & DEAN – Surf City / Dead Mans Curve                BGO                      2 LP från 1963 å 1964  på CD      Surftiden                     (24)   150:-

  Surf City/ Honululu Lulu/ Memphis/ Dead man´s curve/ 3-window coupe/ Bucket T/ Rockin´ little roadster/ Linda/ Mighty GTO/ School days


JOHNNY JANO – king of Louisiana Rockabilly   big tone       Great Rockabilly / RnRoll    få ex                                      (21)   150:-

  Havin´ a whole lot of fun/ Rocking n rolling/ RnRoll baby/ High voltage/ Rock me baby/ Some other time/ Stop,look n listen/


BOB JAXON – On a Rockin´ Beach Party                Hydra         Teenbeat RnRoll + Teeny från 1955 – 63                         (22)  150:-

  Beach Party/ I´m hangin´ around/ Me,please me/ Come on down/ Bank Frank/ It´s no lie/ It´s a cruel cruel thing/ Weep Mary weep/


JERRY JAYE - My Girl Josephine                                    Connie                   1967 – 76     GREAT!                                                        (28)   150:-

   Dont Be Cruel / Singing The Blues / Kansas City / Ain´t Got No Home /Five Miles From Home / Pipeliner Blues / Sugar Bee/Honky Tonk Livin


DAMITA JO – I´ll Save The Last Dance For You           Combo                   Kanon 60s tjej   (men få ex)                                               (23)   150:-

  Dance with a dolly/ Do what you want/ I burned your letter/ I´ll be there/ Dance with me Henry/ Mr blues/ Silver dollar/ Crazy arms/ Jambalaya


JIMMY JONES -  Handy Man                                           Cub                                                                                                                  (25)   150:-

   Good Timin´ / A Wondrus Place / You Got It / I Told You So / For You / That´s When I Cried / Ready For Love /I Just Go For You / The Search


LOUIS JORDAN –Rock´n´Roll with                                Choo choo boogie/ Caldonia/ Big Bess/ Saturday night fish try/ Don´t let the s…  150:-


JIMMY JUSTICE – Sings                                                  A little bit of soap/ When my little girl is smiling/ Little lonely one                  (24)   125:-







Beskrivning: Beskrivning: jerrykeller


THE KALIN TWINS - When                                             BCD                                                                                                                 (30)   165:-

   3 O`Clock Thrill / Jumpin´ Jack / Walkin´ To School / Forget Me Not /School Bell Dream / Little Miss Blue / Sweet Sugar Lips/True Love / One


JERRY KELLER – Here Comes Summer             Brill                  1959 - 63  Teeny                                                                       (30)  150:-

  If I had a girl/ Lovable/ My name ain´t Joe/ Time has a way/ American Beauty Rose/ Goodnight pretty girl/ Sixteen going to seventeen /


JOHNNY KIDD – 25 Greatest Hits                      mfp                                                                                                                          (25)        95:-

  Shakin´ all over/ Please don´t touch/ Restless/ A shot of R&Blues/ Always and ever/ You can have her/ You´ve got what it takes/


CAROLE KING – Hits and Rarities                           marg             Utmärktb tjej RnRoll + Pop                                                    (22)  150:-

  It might as well rain until until September/ Oh, Neil/ School bells are ringing/ Baby sittin´/ Short Mort/ Goin´ wild/ Queen of the beach/                            


SID KING - Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight               BCD                      Perkins stil R-A-Billy                                                           (29)  165:-

   Drinkin´ Wine SpoDeO Dee / Crazy Little Heart / Purr Kitty,Purr / Sag,Drag n Fall / Booger Red / Good Rockin´  Baby / Blue Suede Shoes /


BAKER KNIGHT – Baker Knight Story                          Bring my Cadillac back/ High school days/ Big city girls/ Dum dum/ Wishing         150:-                                                                                               


BUDDY KNOX & JIMMY BOWEN – Rocks    Bear F                 RnRoll Klassikers m 52sidigt häfte         (31)  165:-

  BUDDY-Party doll/ Mary Lou/ Hula love/ Rock your little baby/ Lovey dovey/ Devil woman/ Rockabilly walk/ C´mon baby/ Ling ting

  JIMMY BOWEN-I´m stickin´ with you/ My baby´s gone/ Warm up to me baby/ Money honey/ Can she kiss/ Stick with me







Beskrivning: Beskrivning: LittleGerhard_SingsElvis   Beskrivning: Beskrivning: frankieLymon    Beskrivning: Beskrivning: bobLuman  



Paul Simon aka JERRY LANDIS – Work in Progress   Bonus      Outgivet,early demos &outtakes.  21 outgivna        (34)150:-

  Fortune teller cookies/ Just a boy/ One lonely boy/ When you come back to school/ Educated fool/ Teenage blue     med Art G


Paul Simon aka JERRY LANDIS – Vol 2                                                Samma stil                                                                        (34)  150:-

  Lone teen ranger/ Tick tock/ Back seat driver/ Beach blanket baby/Beat love/ One lonely boy/ Sleepy sleepy baby/ Flame/ Every


SLEEPY LA BEEF – Rocks                                               Bear F                    Mest 50s (men även fram till 1979) Great!                       (35)   165:-

   All The Time / Lonely / Little Bit More/ I´m through/ Turn me loose/ Ride On Josephine / Tore Up / Dont Make Me Go / Honey Hush/


SLEEPY LABEEF – Good Rockin´ Boogie                       Star-Club               70tals insp     se STAR-CLUB Sidorna.                                       150:-

   Too Much Monkey Business / Boom Boom / Good Rockin´ Boogie /Boogie Woogie Country Girl / Shotgun Boogie / Matchbox / Blackland Farm


THE LANE BROTHERS – Boppin´ In A Sack  Hydra               50s (mest) Everly Brothers stil.              (29)   150:-

  Lips of wine/Ding dang danglin´/ Uh huh honey/ Lotta lovin´/ Wake up little Susie/ Little brother/ Shoe top clover/ Marianne/


BRENDA LEE -       Hits                                                     Dynamite/ Sweet nothin´s/ Rock the Bop/ Jambalaya/ Kansas City/ Dum dum         125:-


CURTIS LEE - Pretty little angel eyes                         Collect                  Teen RnRoll                                                                    (17)   150:-

  Under the moon of love/ Beverly Jean/ Pledge of love/ Just another fool/ Special love/ Pickin´ up the pieces../ A night at Daddy Gs/


LITTLE GERT LENGSTRAND – Nostalgity     Centhy             2 LP från 1978-79 på CD                                                     (28)  150:-

  Diggety Doggety/ Coorina/ One sided love affair/ MonaLisa/ I go ape/ Got alot of livin´ to do/ Don´t Boogie Woogie/ Don´t

  Wild one/ Paralyzed/ At the hop/ Lotta lovin´/ GREAT (Teenbeat) versioner av klassiker.       m STREAPLERS-medlemmar


JERRY LEE LEWIS – 50s Hits                                         Great balls of fire/ Whole lotta shakin´/ High school confidential/ Bonnie B       :-

                                                                                                                               (även flera andra CD)


JERRY LEE LEWIS – Killer Country                        Mercury                                                                                                          (20)   125:-

  Jack Daniels  old nr 7/ Another place,an time/ Walkin´ the floor over you/ Me and Bobby McGee/ What´s made Milwaukee famous


JERRY LEE LEWIS – Live at Star-Club                   spectrum              Bästa Live RnRoll LPn genom tiderna på CD          (13)   125:-

  Mean woman blues/ High school confidential/ Matchbox/ Great balls od fire/ Lewis Boogie/ Long tall Sally/ Whole lotta shakin´


JERRY LEE LEWIS – Country Songs / Memphis Beat              2 LP från 1965 och 1966 på CD                             (24)                      150:-

  Green green grass of home/ Wolverton Mountain/ North to Alaska/ Detroit City/ Crazy arms/ King of the road/ Seasons of ..

  Memphis Beat/ Drinkin´ wine spo-de-o-dee/ Just because/ Sticks and stones/ LINCOLN LIMOUSINE (om John F Kennedy)


JERRY LEE LEWIS – Sings the Country Music Hall of Fame Hits Vol 1 & 2     2 LP från 1969 på CD               (24)                      150:-

  Jambalaya/ Oh lonesome me/ Heartaches by the number/ He´ll have to go/ Why don´t you love me/ Jackson (m Linda Gail)


SMILEY LEWIS – Down Yonder        Bästa                   Bee´s boogie/ Down the road/ Real gone lover/ Rootin´ and tootin´                         150:-


JOHN LEYTON – Hits                                                        Johnny,remember me/ Tell Laura I love her/ Cupboard love/ Beautiful dreamer        125:-


KATHY LINDEN - That´s What Love Is                     gold                                                                                                                 (34)   150:-

  Goodbye Jimmy Goodbye/ Heartaches at sweet 16/ Billy is my boy/ Jimmy/ Oh Johnny/ Words/ Just a sandy haired boy/ Billy/


LITTLE EVA - Little Eva                                                                                                                                                                                      150:-

   Keep Your Hands Off My Baby / LocoMotion / Down Home / Lets Turkey Trot / Old Smokey Locomotion / Uptown / He is the boy / Where


LITTLE GERHARD - The EP Collection                         Karusell 2CD         50talets svenska Rock-Kung                                              (54)   165:-

  What you´ve done to me/ Wake up little Susie/ No wedding today/ Lotta lovin´/ That´s right/ Bouna Sera/ Peggy Sue/ Rockin´ Ghosts/  My

  darlin´ Rosalie/ The Wizard/ Ginger bread/ Rip it up/ Donna/ My Grandfather´s clock/ Angelic uou/ Clementine/ Ti-Pi-Tin/ Margie/ The big

  beat/ Jukebox baby/ Jung and verliebet/ Baby lover/ Texas lady/ Ma Marie/ Old oaken bucket   How old do you have to be/ A pair of scissors


LITTLE GERHARD – Sings Elvis                                    Riverside               inspelat 2002                                                                     (20)   125:-

  Teddy Bear/ Don´t be cruel/ One night/ All shook up/ His latest flame/ Paralyzed/ Stuck on you/ Kiss me quick/ Moody blue/ Suspicious minds


LITTLE RICHARD – Hits          Specialty insp                 Tutti Frutti/ Long tall Sally/ Keep a knockin´/ Rip it up/ Good golly miss Molly       125:-


LITTLE WILLIE JOHN – Very Best of                           Fever/ All around the world/ Talk to me/ Leave my kitten alone/ I´m stick..(25)       150:-                                                                                               


TRINI LOPEZ - Teenage Love Songs                               Sparkle                  Före Hitsen      Utmärkt  Teenbeat  RnRoll                       (30)   150:-

  The right to rock/ Love me tonight/ Jeanie Marie/ Yes You do/ Rock on/ My runaway heart/ Dont treat me this way/ Here comes Sally/ Dont


DICK LORY – Catty Town                                                Globe                                                                                                               (23)   150:-

  Cool it baby/ My ballroom baby/ Crazy little Daisy/ Handsome guy/ Crazy alligator/ Jeannie´s bikini/ The pain is here/ Crazy arms


JOHN D LOUDERMILK - Sittin´ in The Balcony           BCD                      50s                                                                                     (23)   165:-

   Teenage Queen / Susie´s House / Yo Yo / Lover´s Lane / Goin´ Away To School /  Midnight Bus / Red Headed Stranger / A Plus In Love / Year


JOHN D LOUDERMILK - Blue Train                              BCD                      60s                                                                                     (26)   165-

   Language of Love / Mr Jones / Angela Jones / The Bully of The Beach/ The Great Snowman / Darling Jane/ Callin´ Dr Casey / Bad News/ Big D


ROBIN LUKE - Susie Darling                                            BCD                                                                                                                 (31)  165:-

   Everlovin´ / Five Minutes More / You Can´t Stop Me From Dreaming / Chicka Chicka Honey / Strollin´ Blues / Well,Oh Well / Sugar / Poor Me


BOB LUMAN – Rocks                                                     Bear F                                                                                                             (36)    165:-

  Red Hot/ All night long/ Red Cadillac../ Make up your mind baby/ Buttercup/ Let´s think about living/ Oh Boy/ Wild eyed woman/


BOB LUMAN - Can´t Take the Country From the Boy     col               1962-69     få ex kvar  alla hans 60s country hits    (30)   150:-

  You´re everything/ Belonging to you/ The fool/ Big river Rose/ I´m gonna write a song/ I like your kind of love/ Too hot to dance/

  Fire engine red/ Go on home boy/ Five miles from home/ It´s a sin/ Poor boy blues/ Sally was a good ol girl  i lager igen men få ex


FRANKIE LYMON - 25 Greatest Hits                              emi                                                                                                                               125:-

  Why do fools f../ Juvenile delinquent/ Goody Goody/ Teenage love/ My Girl/ Diana/ Jailhouse rock/ Footsteps/ Buzz buzz/ I want you to be..


LEWIS LYMON & The Teenchords Meet THE KODAKS      Col               Frankie Lymons bror, samma stil                                               150:-

   I´m So Happy / Lydia / Honey,Honey / Please Tell The Angels / I´m Not Too Young../ Falling In Love / Your Last Chance/Too Young / Dance








Beskrivning: Beskrivning: janisMartin Beskrivning: Beskrivning: Carl M Rocks                


WARNER MACK – Rockin´ the Country                   Combo                Utmärkt RnRoll &Country 1957 – 66                      (31)  150:-

Roc-A-Chica/ Someone,somewhere/ Is it wrong/ Falling in love/ Baby squeese me/ That´s my hearts desire/ Prison of love/

First chance I get/ Memory mountain/ Fireball mail/ When my blue moon/ Walk on by/ The bridge washed out/ Thanks a lot


GENE MALTAIS – Gang War                                      Hydra                   inkl alt / outgivna låtar                                                (20)   150:-

  The raging sea/ Crazy baby/ The bug/ Rock and roll beat/ Voodo woman/ Little girl/ Rockabilly beat/ My woman/ Lovemaking/


BARRY MANN - Who Put The Bomp                              Marg                      Utmärkt early 60s Teen (Beat)                                          (25)   150:-

   Sweet  Little You / Warpaint / Footsteps / Little Miss USA / Happy Birthday Broken Heart / Countin´ Teardrops / Bless You / Love True Love


CARL MANN – Rocks                                                     Bear F                   OBS att  hans box ej längre finns att köpa              (35)    165:-

  MonaLisa/ South of the border/ Rockin´ love/ Pretend/ I´m coming home/ Kansas City/ Blueberry hill/ Ubangi stomp/ Ain´t..


MANFRED MANN – Pretty Flamingo/ Five faces of       Coll                        2 LP från 1965 å 66 på CD                                               (22)   150:-


THE MARCELS – Blue Moon        Bästa                          Great GroupSound!                                                                                         (25)   150:-

   Blue Moon / Heartaches / Crazy Bells / My Melancholy Baby / Merry Twistmas / You Are My Sunshine / Footprints In The Sand/ Summertime


MARTHA & The Vandellas – Dancing in the Street       Heat wave/ A love like years/ Quicksand/ Wild one/ Honey chile                   (17)   125:-


JANIS MARTIN - The Female Elvis                                 BCD                      Kompletta insp 1956-60    Great 50s tjej RnR                   (30)   165:-

   My Boy Elvis / Drugstore RnRoll / Love And Kisses / Crackerjack / Bang Bang / Ooby Dooby / Barefoot Baby / Little Bit / Billy Boy / Cry Gtr


SKEETS McDONALD –Heartbreakin´ Mama – Gonna shake this shack                                                                                       (33)    165:-

  Southland boogie/ Tattto0ed lady/ Heartbreakin´ mama/ You oughta see Grandma´ rock/ Hi diddle dee/ Ft Worth jail/ Baby wait/


CLYDE McPHATTER – Greatest                                     Plaza                      1959- 62                                                                            (32)   150:-

  Lover Please/ Such A Night / Ta Ta / High school social/ Twice As Nice / What am I living for/ I Ain´t Givin´ Up Nothin´/ You´re for me


MICKEY & SYLVIA – Love is strange             Col         No good lover/ Love will make you fail in school/ There ought to be a law    (18)   150:- 


NED MILLER - From A Jack To A King                         BCD                      Do What You Do Do Well/ Invisable Tears/ Dusty Gtr  (31)     165:-


ROGER MILLER - King Of The Road                             Dang Me/ Chug A Lug/ England swings/ Engine engine nr 9/ Do wacka       (29)   165:-


MILLIE - My Boy Lollipop                                                 Combo                                                                                                             (32)   150:- 

  Sweet William / Sugar Dandy/ He´s Mine/ Tom Hark/ Be my guest/ Let the 4 winds blow/ Bloodshot eyes/ Bring it on home to me/ He´s mine


SAL MINEO –   Best                                                           Start movin´/ Make believe baby/ Party time/ Cuttin´ in/ Little pigeon/                 150:-


GUY MITCHELL - Heartaches By The Number             BCD                      Crazy With Love/ Singing The Blues/ Rockabilly             (26)   165:-


MARILYN MONROE – Marilyn Monroe                        Diamonds are a girl´s best friend/ Heat Wave/ My heart belongs to daddy                125:-


CHRIS MONTEZ – The Hits                                             Let´s dance/ Some kinda fun/ Rocking blues/ I ran/ My baby loves to dance        150:-


MOON MULLICAN -  Moon´s Rock                                BCD                                                                                                                 (32)   165:-

   Jenny Lee / Sweet Rockin´ Music / I Was Sorta Wonderin´/My Baby´s Gone/ That´s Me/Every Which-A-way / I´ll Sail My Ship Al. / Colinda





RICKY NELSON -  Rocks      RnR Hitsen                       Bear F                                                                                                              (33)   165:-                                                                                                

  Hello Mary Lou/ Stood up/ If you can´t rock me/ Shirley Lee/ Waitin´ in school/ It´s late/ Mighty good/ Travelin´ man/B e Bop Baby/ Down the..                                                                                                        :


TERRY NOLAND - Hypnotized                                        BCD                                                                                                                 (28)   165  :-

   Ten Little Woman / Don´t Do Me This Way / Oh Judy / There Was A Fungus Among Us / Patty Baby/Teenage Teardrops/Oh, Baby Look At Me

   Sugar Drop / Everyone But One / Puppy Love / Forever Lo ving You / The World´s A Rockin´ / Crazy Dream / One Sweet Kiss / My Teenage H.








Beskrivning: Beskrivning: johnnyoKeefe 


JOHNNY O´KEEFE - Rockin´ with johnny                spin  2CD             Australiens Rock-kung  ´The Wild One´     få ex       (42)   165:-

  You hit the wrong note,Billy Goat/ Over the mountain/ The wild one/ I´m still alive/ So tough/ That´ll be allright/ You excite me/ 

  That´ll be allright/ I aint gonna do it/ Peek-a-boo/ Swanee river/ Shake baby shake/ Flip flop n fly/ Diana/ Whole lotta shakin/Aint

   that a shame/ Little bitty pretty one/ Six o´clock rock/ Rock time/ Roll over Beethoven/ Save my soul  THE DEE JAYS-Twistin´


JOHNNY O´KEEFE - The Birth of Australian RnRoll          3CD       Hits, Ballads and Rarities   ett fåtal dubbleringar (75)   195:-

#The wild one/ Swanee river/ I aint gonna do it/ So tough/ Shout/ She´s my baby/ Jubilee/ Right now/ Shake baby shake/ Rock time

  Sing (and tell the blues)/ The sun´s gonna shine tomorrow/ High rollin´ man/ Move baby move/ Don´t you know/ High rollin´ man

#I thank you/ She wears my ring/ Since I met you baby/ My wish came true/ Save the last dance for me/ I´m counting on you/ Steady

  Over the mountain/ Since I met you baby/ On the road/ My wish came true/ Hey girl/ Just a closer walk with thee/ Will you still...

#Lawdy miss Clawdy/ Whole lotta shakin´/ Good luck charm/ Don´t be cruel/ I´movin´ on/ Mountain of love/ Wear my ring/  Diana/

  Yes indeed I do/ Little bitty pretty one/ I´m in love again/ Early in the morning/ Ain´t that a shame/ Brown eyed handsome man/


ROY ORBISON & SONNY JAMES - The RCA Sessions       BCD                                                                                                       (19)   165:-

   Almost 18 / The Bug / I´ll Never Tell / Jolie / Paper Boy / Sweet And Innocent / Seems To Me      SONNY JAMES-Apache / Magnetism/Young

   Love / No Lana / Listen To My Heart / Hey Little Ducky / Innocent Angel / Broken Wings / The Day´s Not Over Yet / Time´s Running Backw.


ROY ORBISON – Hits                                                        Only The Lonely/ Oh,Pretty Woman/ Lana/ Blue Bayou/ Dream baby                      125:-


JOHNNY OTIS –    (Rock-låtarna)                                    Hum ding a ling/ Good golly/ Crazy country hop/ Ringaling/ Teleph baby     (24)   150:-


BUCK OWENS – Greatest Hits                                          60tals Hitsen     Great Country                                                                        (30)   125:-

  Love´s gonna lives here/ Loose talk/ Together again/ Under your spell again/ Foolon´ around/ Act naturally/ I´ve got a tiger by the tail/ Buckaroo








Beskrivning: Beskrivning: tracyPendarvis Beskrivning: Beskrivning: kennyparchman


KENNY PARCHMAN – I Feel Like Rockin´                   Hydra                    Great 50s Tennessee R-A-Billy- SUN  (+ 8 från 1975)     (28)   150:-

  You call everybody darling/ Love crazy baby/ Treat me right/ Get it off your mind/ Tennessee Zip/ Honky tonk/ I´m sorry.I´m not sorry/


JIMMY PATTON – Yah! I´m Movin´                               Star-Club               se Star-Club sidorna                                                                   140:-


PAUL & PAULA – Hey Paula                                       black t                                                                                                             (31) 150:-

  Hey Paula/ Flipped over you/ First day back in school/ Young lovers/ School is thru´/ First quarrel/ Gee baby/ Dear Paula


PAUL PEEK - Rockin´ Through The Teenage Years      Eagle                      Ex Blue Cap (Gene Vincents)                                            (30)   150:-

   The Rockaround / Sweet Skinny Jenny / Waikiki Beach / Short Shortnin´ / Olds-Mo-William / Brother In Law / Gee But I Miss That Girl /


TRACEY PENDARVIS - Thousand Guitars                  DeeJaj                                                                                                              (33)   150:-

   It Don´t Pay / One Of These Days / Give Me Lovin´ / Is It Too Late / South Bound Line / Eternally / Girl In My Home Town / Beat It /  Belle

   Suwanne / Philadelphia Filly / I Need Somebody / Scool Days / I Feel A Tear Drop / Crazy Baby / Drift In Dreams / Just Call On Me / Get It /


CARL PERKINS –  Blue Suede Shoes    (50s Sun)          Matchbox/ Boppin´ the blues/ Pink pedal pusher/ Let the jukebox../ Glad all over 150:-


                         -  Rockin´ Record Hop  (Columbia)          Jive after five/ Pointed toe shoes/ Levi jacket/ Lonely heart/ Restless/             (30)   150:-


PHIL PHILIPS – Sea of Love Bear F                 Louisiana sångare    med 9 outgivna                                  (26)   165:-

  Sea of love/ Juella/ Stormy weather/ Verdi Mae/ Weeping willow/ Don´t cry baby/ Unchained melody/ Come back my darling 


WEBB PIERCE – Gonna Shake This Schack Tonight  Bear    1950-59              Country + lite RnR                                (32)   165:-

  High geared daddy/ Heebie jeebie blues/ Hayride boogie/ Why baby why/ Teenage boogie/ Honky tonk song/ I ain´t never


BARBARA PITMAN - Gettin´ Better All The Time        Charly                    Sun / Phillips Int                                                                          150:-

   I Need A Man / Sentimental Fool / Everlasting Love /  Two Young Fools In Love / Eleventh Commanment /  No Matter Who´s To Blame / Just


GENE PITNEY – The Best of                                             Col                                                                                                                   (25)   150:-

  Town without pity/ Liberty Valance/ Louisiana Mama/ Hello Mary Lou (som han skrev)/ Backstage/ Love my life away/ Donna means heartbr.


BOBBY POE - Let´s Have A Ball                                       Eagle                      RnR record girl/ RnR Boogie/ Rock the bop tonight         (23)   150:-


GROOVEY JOE POOVEY - Greatest Grooves        Roll                       Alla original-insp + outgivet                                                175:-

  Move around/ Sweet Louella/ 10 long fingers/ Thrill of love/ Careful baby/ Nursery rock/ You are my sunshine/ Deep ellum rock/


BRIAN POOLE & The Tremeloes – Anthology               Oxford                   Do You Love Me/ Candy Man/ I can dance/ Sp Gonzales (32) 150:-


JOHNNY POWERS - Long Blond Hair                            Norton                                                                                                                (23) 150:-

   Mama Rock / Mean Mistreater / Waitin´ For you / Honey Let´s Go /Treat Me Right / Indeed I Do / Me And My Rhytm Guitar / I´m Walkin´


ELVIS PRESLEY –  Hits                                                    rca                          Finns flera olika CD till olika priser. Uppgifter per telefon!      


JOHNNY PRESTON - Running Bear                               BCD                                                                                                                 (27)  165:-

   Charming Billy / Cradle Of Love / Just A Little Boy Blue / I Want A RnRoll Guitar / A New Baby For Xmas / Feel So Good (Fine) / Chief


LLOYD PRICE – Rocking R&Blues 1957-60                  Combo                   Svart RnRoll & Teenbeat (efter Specialty)                          (29)   150:-

  Personalty/ I´m gonna get married/ Stagger Lee/ Where where you on our wedding day/ Just because/ Boo Hoo/ 3 little pigs/ Yakety yak-bing


LOUIS PRIMA - Just A Gigolo                                                                        Bouna Sera/ Oh Marie/ Pennies from heaven/                   (16)   125:-


DWIGHT “Whitey” PULLEN – Sunglasses After Dark   Hydra                  flera låtar great RnRoll    + country                                  (26)   150:-

  Everybody´s rockin´/ Tight slacks/ Moonshine liquor/ Walk my way back home/ Crazy in love/ Tuscaloosa Lucy/ Teenage bug/ Drinkin´ wine


LEROY PULLINS – I´m a Nut        Bear F                                                                                                              (27)  165:-

Love drops/ I´ve been everywhere/ Knee deep/ I´m killing myself/ Out in the smokehouse/ Tears/ Gipsy Rose and a don´t give..









Beskrivning: Beskrivning: TBofTheRivieras Beskrivning: Beskrivning: therivieras_Stomp Beskrivning: Beskrivning: theroyalShowband 


MARVIN RAINWATER - Whole Lotta Woman            BCD                                                                                                                 (26)   165-

   I Dig You Baby / Whole Lotta Woman / Baby,Don´t Go / Mr Blues / Hot And Cold / Dance Me Daddy / Tough Top Cat / Hard Luck Blues /


JOHNNIE RAY - Cry                                                         BCD                      Yes,Tonight Josephine/Just Walkin´ in The Rain              (31)   165:-


DEAN REED – The Red Elvis                                            Bear                       Amerikansk Teeny (han blev senare Öst-Tysklands Elvis) (18) 165:-

  Our summer romance/ I ain´t got you/ I kissed a queen/ A pair of scissors/ Annabelle/ The search/ Once again/ Pistolero/ Donna,Donna/


DEL REEVES - The Wonderful World                       RC                        Great Rocking Country (lite Luman stil)                   (34)   150:-

  Girl on the Billboard/ My baby loves to RnRoll/ A lover´s question/ Six days on the road/ Big daddy/ Cool drool/ Two teen hearts


GLENN REEVES - Rockin´ Country Style                      encore                    Rockabilly + Country                                                         (18)   150:-

  I´m Johnny on the spot/ Rock-A-Boogie Lou/ Rock around the world/ I ain´t got time to rock/ Betty Bounce/ Rockin´ country style/ Drink w.


JOHNNY RESTIVO – The Shape I´m in                     Teen                                                                                                               (25)   150:-

  I like girls/ Wanna play house/ Look around/ Boy crazy/ Make the love/ Girl scout/ Magic age is 17/ Dr Love/ High school play/


JODY REYNOLDS – Endless Sleep                              Bb 160                                                                                                            (27)   150:-

  Beula Lee/ Tight capris/ Fire of love/ A tear for Jessie/ Daisy Mae/ Slow down/ Golden idol/ Runaway heart/ Caterpillar crawl


RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS - Out Off Our Souls             B-Biter                   You´ve Lost That Lovin´ Feeling/ Unchained Melody      (18)   125:-


CHARLIE RICH – 50s Hits                                               Lonely Weekends / Whirlwind / Rebound / Philadelphia Baby / Break Up / Gonna  150:-


CLIFF RICHARD –                                                            emi                         några olika CD. Fråga per telefon!


JOHNNY RIVERS - Rockin´ Rivers                                 River                      Före Hitsen      Great Teenbeat RnRoll                             (32)   150:-

   That´s RnRoll / Baby Come Back / Long Long Walk / Customary Thing / Little Girl / Dream Doll / It´s So Doggone Lonesome / Fallen Idol  /


JOHNNY RIVERS – At the Whiskey A Go Go / Here we a Go Go again                   2 LP från 1964 på LP             (22)                      150:-

  Memphis/ It won´t happen with me/ Whisket A GoGo/ You can have her/ Maybelline/ Midnight Special/ Hi Heel sneakers/


JOHNNY RIVERS – Rocks the Folk / Meanwhile Back at the Whiskey GoGo     2 LP från 1965 på CD               (24)                      150:-

  Tom Dooley/ Long time man/ Tall oak tree/ Tambourine man/ 7th son/ Un-square dance/ Parchman farm/ Land of  1000 dances/


JOHNNY RIVERS – In Action / Changes           BGO                    2 LP från 1965 och 1966 på CD                             (24)                      150:-

  Mountain of love/ Promised land/ I´m in love again/ Cupid/ Keep-A-Knockin´/ Poor side of town/ Cast your fate to the wind/


THE RIVIERASCalifornia Sun                                                                                                                                                         (24)   150:-

   Danny boy / Let´s Have A Party /Rockin´ Robin / H B Goose Step / Keep A Knockin´ / Oh Boy / When The Saints / Whole Lotta Shakin´ /

   Rip It Up / Let´s Go To Hawaii / Battle Line /Lakewiev Lane / Bug Juice / Church Key / Little Donna/ Twist and shout/ California Sun -65


THE RIVIERAS – Let´s Stomp                                      Norton                  (Samma stil)     outgivna 1964 insp                            (22)   150:-

  Arizona Sun/ Comin´ back home/ Sarah Lee/ Johnny B Goode/ Rosie Lee/ I´ve had it/ Blueberry Hill/ Let´s dance/ Surfin´ fun/ 

  Mama don´t allow/ Peggy Sue/ Do you wanna dance/ Wild weekend/ Money/ I´m lookin´ for someone to love/ Let´s Stomp


MARTY ROBBINS - RnRollin´ Robbins                         BCD                      även Vol 2  och  3  i denna serie                                        (19)   165:-

   That´s All Right / Maybelline / Pretty Mama / Tennessee Toddy / Mean Mama Blues / Singing The Blues /Mr Teardrop / Pain And Misery /


THE ROCKATEENS - Woo Hoo                                  Sparkle                 Mono / Stereo versioner                                               (34)   150-

  Doggone it baby/ Dance to the bop/ That´s my mama/ Twangy/ Janis will rock/ Lotta Boppin´/ Oh,my nerves/ I was born to rock


ROCK-RAGGE - The EP-Collection 1958-60                   emi                         Näst bäst I Sverige ?                                                                    95:-

  Teach you to rock/ Be bop a lula/ Blue jean bop/ Ballroom baby/ Cradle bay/ Jump,giggles n shouts/ Double talkin´ baby/ 2o flight rock/  Mean

  woman blues/ She´s neat/ Cool it baby/ Tear it up/ Leroy/ Twilight time/ Makin´ love/ Jacqueline     Who slapped John/ Only 16/ MonaLisa


THE RONETTES -  Ultimate Collection                           Marg                                                                                                                (29)   150:-

   Be My Baby / Breaking Up / Walkin´ In The Rain / Good Girls / Recipe For love / Baby I Love You / Chapel Of Love / Keep On Dancing /


RONNY & The Daytonas – Beachland                             Surf                                                                                                                  (32)   150:-

  G T O/ Hot rod city/ California bound/ Antique ´32 Studebaker/ Little scrambler/ Tiger A Go-Go/ Sandy/ Surfing in the summertime/ Bucket T


ROYAL SHOWBAND WATERFORD - The Hucklebuck                           efterfrågad grupp                                                              (31)   150:-

   The One-Nighters / Don´t Lose Your Hucklebuck Shoes / I Ran / Fun,Fun,Fun / California Sun  /  Shake,Rattle And Roll  / Kiss Me Quick /

   The Fly / Listen To Me /Liverpool Lou /Love Don´t Need A Reason / Dear Waste Basket / Where Were You On Our Wedding Day / One way


THE ROYAL TEENS - Let´s Rock                                   M P                                                                                                                  (32)   150:-

   Shorts Shorts / Planet Rock Sham Rock / Believe Me / Harvey´s Got A Girlfriend / All Right Baby / Dottie Ann / Hangin´ Around / Little Crick


RAY RUFF - The Buddy Holly Sound                          Hydra                   Holly sound 1959 - 65                                                  (24)   150:-

  I took a liking to you/ Long long poni tail/ Half pint baby/ Umm  oh yeah/ The girlfriend´s car/ Pledge of love/ In dreamland/


BOBBY RYDELL - Biggest Hits                                        F G                                                                                                                   (30)   150:-

   Wild one / Swinging School / Kissin´ Time / Wildwood Days / Ding A ling /Butterfly Baby / Forget Him / Sway / I Dig Girls / Lovin´ Doll /








Beskrivning: Beskrivning: jack_Scott_34 Beskrivning: Beskrivning: ronnieSelf Beskrivning: Beskrivning: geneSummers 


SAMMY SALVO - Sammy Salvo Story                            Eagle                                                                                                                (30)   150:-

  One little baby/ Oh,Julie/ Say Yeah/ She takes sunbaths/ Lovin´ at night/ Wolf boy/ Afraid/ Marble heart/  The Bully of the beach/ Pot of gold


TOMMY SANDS - The Worryin´ Kind                            BCD                                                                                                                 (30)   165-

   Ring My phone / Blue Ribbon Baby / Man Like Wow / Ring A Ding /  Oop Shop / Little Mama /I Ain´t Gettin´ Rid of You / Hey Miss Fannie


JACK  SCOTT – 34 of his biggest hits                              carlton               Min favorit                                                                         (34)   150:-

   What In The World´s Come Over You / Baby she´s gone/ Two timin´ woman/ The way I walk/ Wiggle on out/ Good deal Lucille/ I never felt

   like this/ Found a woman/ Flakey John/ O Little One / Patsy / Baby Baby/ Baby She´s Gone / Leroy/ Geraldine / Midgie/ Go wild little Sadie


JACK SCOTT – Rocks                                                       Bear                       Många dubbleringar men snyggare utgåva                      (26)   165:-

  Leroy/ Greaseball/ Go wild little Sadie/ Midgie/Found a woman/ Grizzely bear/ Fakey John/ Wiggle on out/ Patsy/ Good deal Lucille/ Baby baby


LINDA SCOTT - Ultimate Collection                                Marg                                                                                                                (33)   150:-

   I´ve Told Every Little Star / Starlight,Starbright / Catch A Fallin´ Star / Don´t Bet Money Honey /  When You Wish Upon A Star / I Don´t Know

   Why / A Thousand Stars / I´m Gonna Sit Right Down / Count Every Star / Ain´t That Fun / Yes-Sir-Ree / Three Guesses /Bermuda / Lopsided.


JOHNNY SEAY – Blue Moon of Kentucky                      Bear                       Johnny Cash liknande 1958 – 65                                       (27)   150:-

  My baby walks all over me/ When my blue moon turns to gold again/ All mixed up/ Frankie´s man Johnny/ Ghostriders in the sky/ Stranger/


MACK SELF – Easy to Love                                 Bear F                 The Sun Years +                                                                     (31)  165:-

  Goin´ crazy/ Viberate/ Easy to love/ Mad at you/ Willie Brown/ Lovin´ memories/ Got you on my mind/ Every day/  Interview


RONNIE SELF -  Bop-A-Lena                                           BCD                                                                                                                 (30)   165:-

   Ain´t I´m A Dog / You´re So Right For Me / Date Bait / Big Blon Baby / Rocky Road Blues / Bless My Broken Heart/Big Town/ Houdini / Ugly


THE SHANGRI-LAS – Best of                                          Leader of the pack/ Remember/ Give him a great big kiss/ He cried                (25)   125:-


TROY SHONDELL - The Trance                                      Dunhill                                                                                                             (29)   150:-

   This Time / Goodbye Little Darling / Girl After Girl / Honey Bee / Just Because / Like A Movie / Kissin´ At The Drive-In / Rip It Up / I´ve Got


GARY SHELTON a k a TROY SHONDELL - Kissin´ at The Drive-In       BCD       (inkl 13 outgivna)                                              (24)   165:-

  Honey Bee/ Maybe later,baby/ The great lover/ Be Bop Love/  Walk to the dance/ A prayer and a jukeboxc/ Teenage love call/ My little Carol


 Early SIMON & GARFUNKEL                                        DeeJay                   RnRoll     före hitsen                                                          (27)   150:-

   TOM & JERRY-Hey Schoolgirl / Dancin´ Wild Two Teenagers / Baby Talk / Fighting Mad / Looking At You/ I´m Lonesome JERRY LANDIS-

   The Lone Teen Ranger / Lisa / Ask Me Why / I´m Lonely  TICO & TRIUMPHS-Motorcycle / Wild Flower & Express Train TRUE TAYLOR-


NANCY SINATRA – Best                                                                                m Lee Hazlewood                                                              (24)   150:-

  These boots are made fo walking/ Jackson/ Summer wine/ Lady bird/ Sand/ Some velvet morning/ My elusive dreams/ med D MARTIN-Things


RAY SMITH - Travelin´ With Ray                                    Dunhill                  Sun mm                                                                              (33)   150:-

   So Young / Right Behind You Baby / Little Miss Blue / Put Your Arms Around Me / Rockin´ Bandit / Rockin´ Little Angel / Shake Around /

   Willing And Ready / Robbin The Cradle / I Guess I Better Move Along / Did We Have A Party / Johnny The Hummer / Life Is A Flower / Candy


WARREN SMITH - Classic Recordings                           BCD                      Sun 1956-59                                                                      (31)   165:-

   RnRoll Ruby / Black Jack David / Ubangi Stomp / Miss Froggie / Solong,I´m Gone / Red Cadillac And../ Uranium Rock / Dear John /I Got Love


WARREN SMITH - Call of The Wild                               BCD                      60s Country                                                                       (30)   165:-

   Cave In / A Whole Lot Of Nothin´ / Odds And Ends / I Fall To Pieces / Foolin´ Around / Heartbreak Avenue / Why Baby Why / Blue Smoke  /


THE SPOTNICKS – 40 Vocals                             2CD                     Solna                   Vokala inspelningar   (mest 60s)           (40)  165:-

  Hey good lookin´/ Be Bp A Luöa/ Pick a bale of cotton/ Blue blue day/ Say Mama/ Your cheating heart/ I´m going home/ Who cares/

  Great balls of fire/ One has my name/ Hong Kong blues/All right/ Tijuana Jail/ Memphis T/ Git it/ I gotta bay/ Old man river/ For what ..

  Doctor Feelgood/ Git it/ Blue blue day/ Gentle on my mind/ Take a letter Maria/ Happy silence/ She she little Sheila/ I´m coming home


CLYDE STACY - Pleasant Jamboree                               Eagle                      Hoy Hoy/ Lonely guy/ Solong/ Honky tonk hardwood floor      150:-

   Hoy Hoy / Summertime Blues / Lonely Guy / So Young / Dream Boy / Sittin´ Down Cryin´ /  I´ll Try / You´re Satisfied / Honky Tonk Hardwood


ANDY STARR - Dig Them Squeajy Shoes                      BCD                      Rockabilly/country                                                             (27)   165:-

   Rockin´ Reelin´ Country Style / RnRollin´ Stone / I Wanna Go South / She´s Going Jessie / No Room For Your Kind / Round And Round / Do


TOMMY STEELE – 50s Hits mm fr Decca                                              Englands RnRoll Kung                                                 


APRIL STEVENS - Teach Me Tiger                                 Marg                      + insp med NINO TEMPO                                                (30)   150:-


CONNIE STEVENS –Sixteen Reasons                     Teen                      US 60s tjej                                                                  (34)   150:-

  Little sisters/ Too young to go steady/ Make believe lover/ Just one kiss/ Hey good lookin´/ Let´s do it/ Hot rod rock


GENE SUMMERS - Rockaboogie Shake                    Roller C                Kanon RnRoll mest (inkl några outgivna)                          175:-

  School of RnRoll/ Nervous/ Straight skirt/ Gotta lotta that/ I´ll never be lonely / Twixteen/ Someone, somewhere/ Alabama Shake/

  Dance/ Just because/ Fancy Dan/ Almost 12 o´clock/Broken dreams/ Baby are you kiddin´/ Domino/ RnR Ruby/ Cool baby/ Leroy

                                                                                                Även en COLLECTOR CD (denna i lager) med liknande / samma spår (30) 150:-


KENNETH SWANSTRÖM – Gonna Rockin´ Tonight   Star-Club               se Star-Club sidorna                                                                   140:-


SWINGING BLUE JEANS - 25 Greatest Hits                 emi                                                                                                                               95:-

   The Hippy Hippy Shake / Shakin´ All Over / Shake,Rattle n Roll / Good Golly  m Molly / Crazy ´Bout My Baby / You´re No Good /  Don´t...







VERNON TAYLOR - There´s Only one                           Eagle                      Sun m m                                                                             (29)   150:-

   Your Lovin´ Man / Breeze / Today Is A Blue Day / Mystery Train / This Kind Of Love / Sweet And Easy To Love /  Losing Game / I´ve Got The


RUFUS THOMAS – The Sun Years, Plus                    Bear                      His Rhytm&Blues Recordings 1949 – 56                  (29)    165:-

  Beer bottle boogie/ Crazy about you baby/ Bear Cat/ Walkin´ in the rain/ Tiger man (King of the jungle)/ Double Trouble/


HANK THOMPSON – Gonna Shake This Schack Tonight  Bear     1952-64                                                                                   (33)  165:-

  No help wanted/ Red skin girl/ Rockin´ in the Congo/ Rovin´ gambler/ Lost John/ A six pack to go/ Shotgun boogie/               


HAYDEN THOMPSON – The Sun Years plus   Bear   Från Sun-tiden 1954-62 inkl 8 outgivna/alt versione                                r(35)  165:-

  Love my baby/ Rock-A-Billy gal/ Fairlane Rock/ Blues blues blues/Oh Mama/Don´t you worry/ Call me Shorty/ Kansas City/ Goin steady/

  Your true love/ I wanna get home/ Tom Thumb/ Dream love/ This old Windy City/ Queen Bee/ Pardon


JOHNNY TILLOTSON – Golden Classics                       Col                                                                                                                   (18)   125:-

  Poetry in motion/ It keeps right on a-hurtin´/ Send me the pillow/ You can never stop me loving you/ Cutie pie/ Talk back tremblin´ lips/


THE TOKENS -  The Lion Sleeps Tonight                       B-Biter                   Hear The Bells/ B´wa Nina / Wimoweh/ Speedo               (18)   125:-


THE TOKENS – More Hot Rod Rarities                  Teen Sound        Drag / Surf                                       (33)  150:-

  Let´s go to the drag strip/ Little deuce cuopee/ Two cars/ Hot rod Suzie/ My candy apple Vette/ 409/ Drag City/ Little snow white c.


BOBBY LEE TRAMMELL - You Mostest Girl               BCD                                                                                                                 (25)   165:-

   Shirley Lee / I Sure Do Love You Baby / Uh Oh / My Susie Jane / Martha Jane / New Dance In France / Long Tall Sally / I Tried / When The S.


BOBBY LEE TRAMMELL – Arkansas Twist                Bb                                                                                                                    (30)   150:-

  Hi ho silver/ Open up your heart/ Come on/ Been a walking/ Sally twist/ Arkansas stomp/ It´s all your fault/ Betty Jean/ Toolie Froolie/ Mary A


THE TRASHMEN - Surfin´ Bird                                       Bird dance beat/ King of the surf/ Bird bath/ Kuk/ A-bone/ On the move/       (26)   150:-


THE TRENIERS – Go! Go! Go!                                        Proper                    50s Haley stil                                                                     (26)   150:-

  It rocks! It rolls! It swings!/ Hey! Sister Lucy/ Ooh,looka there/ My convertible Cadillac/ Rockin´ on Sunday night/ Rockin´ is our business


ERNEST TUBB – Thirty Days  (Gonna shake this schack)   Bear F                       40-50 tals (Honky Tonk) Country          (30)  165:-                                                            


JOE TURNER - Jumpin´                                                    Shake,rattle n roll/ Corrine Corrina/ Flip,flop n fly/ Honey hush/ TV Mama / 150:-


CONWAY TWITTY –Rocks                                             BCD                      Great 50s&early 60s RnRoll                                             (30)   165:-

  MonaLisa/ Shake it up/ Teasin´/ Danny Boy/ Hey miss Ruby/ I vibrate/ She´s mine/ Lonely blue boy/ Platinum High School/ Such a night/


KIP TYLER – Ooh Yeah Baby!!!                                  Hydra                   1957-65                                                                           (27)   150:-

  Red lips and green eyes/ Vagabond Mama/ Wail Man Wail/ Summer love/ Jungle hop/ Rumble rock/ On the flipside/ Hello mr D J













RITCHIE VALENS – Best of                                             Ace                                                                                                                             150:-

  Come on let´s go/ La Bamba/  Donna/ Malaguena/ Ooh! My head/ Bluebirds over the mountain/ Hurry up/ Dooby dooby wah/ Bony Moronie 


THE VALIANTS - This Is The Nite      R&Blues              Frieda,Frieda/ Good golly miss Molly/ Honey love/ Blue jeans n pony tail     (28)   150:-


JERRY WALLACE – Very best of                                  Collect                     50s / early 60s Hits (Teen) mm                                       (24)  150:-

  Primrose Lane/ Little miss tease/ Ruby red wine/ Helpless/ With this ring/ Mr Lonely/ Even the bad times are good/ Jealusy/ In the misty m..


WANDERLEA - Antalogia                                                 atb     Brasliansk 60s tjej,  på portugisiska    My Boy Lollipop  mm               (25)   125:-


LEROY VAN DYKE - The Auctioneer                             BCD                      50s                                                                                     (15)   165:-

   Leather Jacket / I´m Movin´ On / Heartbreak Cannonball / Chicken Chack Boogie / One Heart / Honky Tonk song / Poor Boy / Everytime I Ask


LEROY VAN DYKE - Walk On By                                  BCD                      60s                                                                                     (30)   165:-

   If A Woman Answers / Big Man In A Big House / Dim Dark Corner / Heartaches By The Number / Sugartime / Party Doll / Faded Love/ Black


BOBBY VEE - Best     (+ några andra CD)                       The night has a 1000 eyes/ Rubber ball/ Take good care of my baby/ Sharing you  95:-


                     - Down The Line       1996 insp.                    Roll     B Holly låtar  Down the line/Rave on/ Holly hop/ Look at me/              (18) 175:-


MARY WELLS – My Guy                  Charly                     Bye bye baby/ Old love/ Your old standby/ Laughing boy/ I´ll be available    (20)   125:-


ONIE WHEELER - Onie´s Bop                                         BCD                                                                                                                 (31)   165:-

   Jump Right Out of This Jukebox / Tell ´em Off / I Wanna Hold My Baby / A Booger Gonna Getcha /  Going Back To The City / Steppin´ Out /


MACK VICKERY – Live!               Bear F                    Live at the Alabama Woman´s Prison  1970 (+ MEAT MAN)            (13)    165:-

  Life turned her that way/ A woman who walks on the wild side/ Cryin´ time/ Hound dog/ Alabama woman´s prison  blues/


MARTY WILDE – Best of                                                  spect                      UK  RnRoll  1957-62                                                         (24)   125:-

  A teenager in love/ Sea of love/ Endless sleep/ Bad boy/ Danny/ Wild Cat/ Dream lover/ Put me down/ Johnny Rocco/ Rubber ball/ Little girl


GENE VINCENT - Cruisin´                                               2 CD                      (Best of)                      + några andra CD                         (54)   165:-

  Be Bop A Lula/ Race with the devil/ Blue Jean bop/ Say Mama/ Bop Street/ Cat man/ Rocky road blues/ Git it/ Pink Thunderbird/ Cat Man/


GENE VINCENT – The Lost Dallas Session                Roll                         1957 – 58 demos m m                                                         (21)    175:-

  My love/ Hey Mama/ Lonesome boy/ In my dreams/ Lotta lovin´/ Blue Jean bop/Lady bug/ Whole lotta shakin´/ On my mind/ on my mind/ Git it


GENE VINCENT – Blue ´Gene´ Bop                        Rockstar               UK 1960-65 Live insp fr BBC-radio                             (39)  150:-

  Say Mama/ Be-Bop-A-Lula/ Rocky road blues/ Wild Cat/ My heart/Mr Loneliness/ Blue Jean Bop/ Long tall Sally/ Rip it up/ Dance to

  the Bop/ Pretty girls ev-wh   mest outgivet…m M  Wildes WILDCATS, The OUTLAWS m fl  + intervju fr Radio Luxemburg 1959


BOBBY VINTON - Ultimate Collection                      BV                        Mr Lonely/ Roses are red/Miss America/ Blue v     (31)   150-


JERRY WOODARD – Who´s Gonna Rock My Baby      Classics        US RnRoll                                                                        (19)   150:-

  Six long weeks/ Speedway rock/ Downbeat/ Long tall Texan/ Don´t make me lonely/ Woe is me/ Blue broken heart/ Boat of love/


MALCOLM YELVINGTON – It´s Me, Baby             Bear                      The Sun Years +.   (50s R-A-Billy m många alt)       (28)   165:-

  Rockin´ with my baby/ Drinkin´ wine spoo-de-o-dee/Yakety yak/ Gonna have myself a ball/ Just rolling along/ I´ve got the blues/


RUSTY YORK – Rocks                                                    Bear                                                                                                                (28)   165:-

  Sugaree/ Shake ´em up,baby/ Sadie Mae/ Sweet love/ Tore up over you/ Margaret Ann/ The girl can´t help it/ Great balls of fire/


FARON YOUNG – Hi-Tone Poppa                               Bear                      Gonna Shake This Schack Tonight                            (32)   165:-

  Goin´ steady/ Rosalie is gonna get married/ I can´t dance/ Hot rod shotgun boogie/ Live fast, love hard, die young/ Honey stop/